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Hello,  My name is Michael and I am an addict.  It's been 6 days since I ripped open a pack of baseball cards and I'm not doing very well.  I know Topps released 2021 Bowman Draft last week but I have not bought any boxes.  My local card store owner must be wondering if I'm okay.


1.  Complete the 1972 Topps Baseball set I started when I was ten.  

2.  Get as many 2021 Topps Heritage Chrome cards as I can.   I hope to have all the purple, blue sparkle, chrome, chrome refractor, and red, someday.  Maybe I'll have a few of the black or gold ones.

3.  Collect M Yankees:  Murcer, Munson, Mantle, and Mattingly - w/ a nod to Mariano Rivera and Merek Jeter.    

4.  Trade my non-Yankee autographed cards for similar valued Yankee autographed cards.  

5.  Sell the best card I have:  The one and only 2021 Topps Chrome 1986 Mike Trout autographed SuperFractor, which I pulled out of a blaster box.  If you know anyone willing to cough up $10k for it, let me know.  Until then I'm in no hurry to part with it.



"I'll grow up... as soon as I've got the complete Topps 1972 baseball card set." Me





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