1994 American Archives Origins of Baseball

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  1   Abner Doubleday  
  2   Doubleday Field  
  3   Rounders 1744  
  4   Early Baseball 700 AD  
  5   The Knickerbockers   New York Knickerbockers
  6   Alexander Cartwright  
  7   Baseball in the 1850's  
  8   Social Clubs  
  9   Brooklyn Eckfords   Brooklyn Eckfords
  10   New England Baseball  


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User Comments

Mar 27, 2016 - 12:25PM

...a really cool-looking and informative set. I think it should have actually been titled, "Origins of Baseball 1839-1899" instead of "Origins of Baseball 1744-1899". The set only includes a single card depicting a game of rounders in 1744 and then jumps to Abner Doubleday in 1839 through 1899. The set also included a card depicting baseball in 700 A.D., but it wasn't named "Origins of Baseball 700 A.D.-1899".

Edited on: May 3, 2016 - 9:54AM


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