1983 Donruss Magnum P.I.

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  1   It was Saturday morning and I had planned to lie  
  2   "Magnum," he said, "just because it's the weeken  
  3   I crawled out of bed and took a quick shower...s  
  4   Since it was Saturday, I decided to take my own  
  5   One of the joys of being a famous detective is t  
  6   When I arrived at Higgins' he was outside practi  
  7   "Before we get started on our next case, I want  
  8   Exhausted, I flopped in a chair at Higgins' desk  
  9   "Well, it seems there are some crooks down at th  
  10   "Higgins, you amaze me. How do you know about th  
  11   "Well, Magnum, to be perfectly honest with you,  
  12   I think I'll get on my boat and paddle over ther  
  13   I was half way across the harbor when I heard Hi  
  14   When I arrived at the docks, I looked everywhere  
  15   Guess I had better call Higgins, so I can find o  


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