1992 Upper Deck

Total Cards: 620

Rating: 7.2 (46 votes)
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Notes: Distributed as a first series (#1-400) and Series II (#401-620)


  1   Star Rookie Checklist (Edgar Bennett / Terrell Buckley / Dexter McNabb) SR, CL
Star Rookie Checklist: 2-29
  Green Bay Packers
  2   Edgar Bennett SR, RC   Green Bay Packers
  3   Eddie Blake SR, RC   Miami Dolphins
  4   Brian Bollinger SR, RC   San Francisco 49ers
  5   Joe Bowden SR, RC   Houston Oilers
  6   Terrell Buckley SR, RC   Green Bay Packers
  7   Willie Clay SR, RC   Detroit Lions
  8   Ed Cunningham SR, RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  9   Matt Darby SR, RC   Buffalo Bills
  10   Will Furrer SR, RC   Chicago Bears


  • The Game Breakers hologram set is marked differently from the rest of the cards: All cards have the Upper Deck 1992 label on each card. The hologram cards have Upper Deck 92-93.
  • Several notable players that missed most or all of the 1991 season due to injury were included in the "Hi" series instead, including #560 Joe Montana, #561 Phil Simms, #586 Bruce Smith and #608 Randall Cunningham.

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