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Release Date: 2-10-2021

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  1a   Fernando Tatis Jr.
BASE: Rounding Base
  San Diego Padres
  1b   Fernando Tatis Jr. SP, VAR
VAR: Sliding
  San Diego Padres
  1c   Fernando Tatis Jr. SSP, VAR
VAR: In Dugout
  San Diego Padres
  2   Roberto Osuna   Houston Astros
  3a   Matt Chapman
BASE: Fielding
  Oakland Athletics
  3b   Matt Chapman SP, VAR
VAR: Standing by bucket
  Oakland Athletics
  4a   David Bote
BASE: Player variation
  Chicago Cubs
  4b   Ernie Banks SP, VAR
VAR: Legend
  Chicago Cubs
  5   Julio Urias   Los Angeles Dodgers
  6   Justus Sheffield   Seattle Mariners


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Feb 11, 2021 - 7:06PM

Series 1
Base Cards end #213
SP Short Print Variations end #230
SSP Super Variations end #231
SSSP Ultra Variations end #232

Hobby Odds
SP - 1:69
SSP - 1:2,049
SSSP - 1:74,986

Jumbo Odds
SP - 1:24
SSP - 1:715
SSSP - 1:27,242

Blaster Odds
SP - 1:79
SSP - 1:2,351
SSSP - 1:87,510

Hanger Odds
SP - 1:17
SSP - 1:492
SSSP - 1:18,510

Edited on: Feb 11, 2021 - 7:14PM

Feb 11, 2021 - 7:01PM

Today, went to my LCS and picked up my one box of Topps 2021 70th year and Topps has not disappointed me yet. The last few years I see more damaged cards not different with this 2021 Topps release. 24 packs in my hobby box and i pulled random base damaged card all on the edges top and bottoms looks like someone used a pliers on the cards but I know this must happened at the factory from those rollers coming off the line still; there quality insurance is poor if Topps thinks this is acceptable at $120 a box coming to $5.00 bucks a pack is mistaken.


Posted by: baseballcardstoreca
Apr 10, 2021 - 9:30PM


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