2021 Topps Heritage

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Release Date: March 26, 2021

Release Notes: Distributed in two series (#1-500, production code #CMP043546) and High Number (#501-725, production code #CMP046779). Cards have a design similar to 1972 Topps. #216 was distributed in High Number pa... more

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  1   World Series Champions (Los Angeles Dodgers) TC, WS   Los Angeles Dodgers
  2   Max Muncy   Los Angeles Dodgers
  3   Raisel Iglesias   Cincinnati Reds
  4   Ty Buttrey   Los Angeles Angels
  5   Mets 2021 Rookie Stars (David Peterson / Andres Gimenez) RS, RC   New York Mets
  6   Adam Wainwright   St. Louis Cardinals
  7   Brandon Belt   San Francisco Giants
  8   Rio Ruiz   Baltimore Orioles
  9   Miguel Rojas   Miami Marlins
  10   Miguel Rojas IA
Puzzle piece B2 on back; see Comments
  Miami Marlins


  • The World Series subset does not include a card for Game 3.
  • Variation insert odds:

    "Action" = 1:52 Hobby packs

    "Alternate" = 1:17605 Hobby packs, 1:17772 Retail packs, 1:4470 Hanger boxes

    "Error" = 1:7361 Hobby packs, 1:7354 Retail packs, 1:1915 Hanger boxes

    "Missing Stars" = 1:3072 Hobby packs, 1:3076 Retail packs, 1:789 Hanger boxes

    "Nickname" = 1:3681 Hobby packs, 1:3692 Retail packs, 1:945 Hanger boxes

    "Team Color" = 1:312 Hobby packs
  • High Number Series variation insert odds:

    "Action" = 1:60 Hobby packs

    "City" = 1:7329 Hobby packs, 1:17326 Retail packs

    "Error" = 1:3071 Hobby packs, 1:3070 Retail packs

    "Missing Stars" = 1:1281 Hobby packs, 1:1282 Retail packs

    "Nickname" = 1:1537 Hobby packs, 1:1538 Retail packs

    "Team Color" = 1:361 Hobby packs
  • Topps production codes:

    #CMP043546 = First series base card
    #CMP043562 = SP
    #CMP043580 = SP Error
    #CMP043581 = SP Missing Stars
    #CMP043582 = SP Alternate
    #CMP043583 = SP Action
    #CMP043584 = SP Team Color
    #CMP044096 = SP Nickname
    #CMP046779 = High Number base card
    #CMP046787 = High Number SP
    #CMP046801 = High Number SP Error
    #CMP046802 = High Number SP Missing Stars
    #CMP046803 = High Number SP City
    #CMP046804 = High Number SP Action
    #CMP046805 = High Number SP Team Color
    #CMP046806 = High Number SP Nickname

User Comments

Dec 22, 2021 - 10:36PM

First of all, I just have to say how insanely ridiculous the odds on the variations are. Secondly, I’m curious why so few of the RC’s actually get labeled as such? I don’t understand the inconsistency or I guess just the choice behind the selectivity.

Dec 17, 2021 - 7:35PM

I love the '72 Topps set/design and it's gimmicks ('In Action', 'Boyhood Photos', 'Traded', and even the Trophy cards). It's great that Topps brought back the 'In Action' cards for 2021 Heritage. However, it's not so great that Topps didn't put 'In Action' cards in Heritage High Number (for some reason, the puzzles on the back add to the fun).

Nov 2, 2021 - 8:10AM

2021 Puzzles

Edited on: Nov 2, 2021 - 8:11AM


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