2018 Rittenhouse Star Trek Deep Space Nine Heroes & Villains

Total Cards: 100

Rating: TBA
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Release Date: 3-21-2018

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  1   Captain Benjamin Sisko  
  2   Odo  
  3   Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax  
  4   Lt. Ezri Dax  
  5   Lt. Commander Worf  
  6   Jake Sisko  
  7   Chief Miles O’Brien  
  8   Quark  
  9   Doctor Julian Bashir  
  10   Colonel Kira Nerys  
  11   Gul Dukat  
  12   Vedek Bareil Antos  
  13   Jennifer Sisko  
  14   Damar  
  15   Keiko O’Brien  


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