2017 C2Cigars TCDB Business Card

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  BC-00   Title & Checklist CL  
  BC-AB   avsbruins65  
  BC-AD   Admin MGR  
  BC-BK   Billy Kingsley  
  BC-C2   C2Cigars  
  BC-CK   captkirk42  
  BC-JO   jayoneill  
  BC-ND   NJDevils  
  BC-R5   rmpaq5  

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Mar 9, 2019 - 12:20PM

The idea for this set came about in a forum thread about business cards. I suggested business cards that looked like baseball cards.

Well, that planted the seed in my creative mind. I then set out to see if it was possible to make my own baseball cards on my home printer. First, I had to find cardstock that would work in my printer. I found some very inexpensive artists watercolor stock. There was a lot of setting up and test printing involved to get the fronts and backs to align. Then I used the Custom Card tool on Topps' website to create the card templates. Most of the cards were simply photos, but a few I got creative with photoshopping (Admin, rmpaq5, and Vvvergeer). Other graphic elements I had to design were the two TCDB logos and card number baseball. I designed the C2Cigars "smoking cigar" logo in 1996 when the C2Cigars Club was founded. The most laborious part was cutting all the cards by hand with a straight-edge and utility knife.

The cards were packaged in glassine (wax) envelopes that I sealed with wax. So they were literally released in "wax packs".

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by ranfordfan
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by ranfordfan
Billy n Cap ?!?!?!28Dec 12, 2017 7:21 PM
by IfbBirdsCards

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