2004 DeAgostini Scooby-Doo! World of Mystery

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  • Card #59 of the Asia set "Shogun at Nijo Castle - Japan" is the only card with stats exceeding 100, having a spread of 50/370/250/140. This is most likely the result of a misprint rather than a deliberate action as a mere 101 would be enough to beat all other cards in the set. If interpreted as a 50/101/101/101 card, it become the best card in the game but it is remains beatable thanks to the 50 "Size" stat. A more reasonable interpretation, that would put the card in line with the rest of the set, would be the 50/37/25/14 spread.
  • Card #37 in the Asia set is titled: "Scooby at Mount Kilabala - Borneo". In reality there is no mountain called Kilabala in Borneo or anywhere in the world for that matter. The mountain most likely misspelled in this card is Mount Kinabalu in Borneo.
  • Excluding the Shogun, Card #46 in the Europe set "Daphne at The Northern Lights - Norway" is the only card with 100 in more than 1 stat, having 100 "Size" and "Age". This paired with the almost perfect 99 in "Beauty" and the more than average 76 in Spookiness make the card the best or the second best (depending on one's interpretation of the Shogun) card in the game.
  • Card #38 of the Africa Set "Daphne at A Masai Village - Kenya" with a stat spread of 3/6/19/12 is by far the worst card in the game. There are only 35 other cards (of the 273 total location cards) with corresponding stats lower than hers. In data terms, this card can only win 36 of the 1092 possible duels or 3,3% of all duels. To put that into perspective the second worse card Europe #5 - "Fred at Fort Knox - USA" wins 124 of the 1092 possible duels or 11.4%, while the best card Europe #46 - "Daphne at The Northern Lights - Norway" wins 989 of the 1092 or 90.6% of all match-ups.

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May 5, 2020 - 10:31AM

I've been collecting these cards in 2006 and I was surpried to find put that in my country (Russia) the Europe 1/77 card is different. Instead of "Fred at the Bastille - France" we had "Fred at Mariinsky Theathre - Russia". It has the same stats and The Bastille one, however.


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