1972 Brooke Bond Prehistoric Animals

Total Cards: 50

Size: 1 7/16"x 2 11/16"

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  1   Eusthenopteron  
  2   Ichthyostega  
  3   Eryops  
  4   Gerrothorax  
  5   Diplocaulus  
  6   Seymouria  
  7   Stenaulorhynchus  
  8   Mosasaurus  
  9   Mandasuchus  
  10   Plateosaurus  
  11   Cetiosaurus  
  12   Brachiosaurus  
  13   Coelophysis  
  14   Ornithomimus  
  15   Deinonychus  


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Dinosaurs to a 6 year old.1Jan 23, 2016 11:18 AM
by switzr1

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