1990 Publications International Trivia Stickers


  • These stickers were sold as part of a kit with a sticker book. The set came in 18 sheets of 36 stickers each -- which is probably what dictated the size of the set, and led to the random stickers of baseball equipment being tacked onto the end.

    Sometime you might see "uncut panels" of these cards of a single player with two stickers. The stickers were arranged alphabetically on the sheets, so an "uncut panel" really just means the two stickers of that player were cut from the sheet, but left together. The sticker book was arranged by teams, and it is from there that is where the numbering is derived. There were also All-Star stickers and Rising Star stickers. The only way to tell which is which when a player has an AS and a regular card is that the special cards were portrait shots, while the regular stickers were all action shots.


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