1974 Topps


  • A factory set available exclusively through the J.C. Penney catalog was available for the 1974 cards. A factory set would not be made available again by Topps until 1985.
  • Fran Healy's card #238 (action photo) includes Thurman Munson sliding into home.
  • The Jerry Reuss card (#116) photo was taken seconds after the photo on his card from the 1973 Topps set (#446). The only difference is the color and logos have been airbrushed on the 1974 card.
  • In card #171, Eduardo Rodriguez is either warming up or intentionally walking Deron Johnson in the bottom of the 7th inning in Oakland on 8/18/73. Bert Campaneris was on third at the time. The A's won 6-3. Reggie Jackson hit #30.
  • Topps Traded cards were randomly inserted into all late-run 1974 Topps packs, and the card number for each player is the same as that player's regular card, only appended with a "T".
  • The entire Topps Traded insert set was included with the J.C. Penny's catalog-exclusive factory set; this factory set was the first time Topps made an entire set available for purchase as a unit.
  • This set contains an infamous Topps blunder when they assumed the San Diego Padres were moving to Washington, D.C. and began producing Padres cards with a team name of "Washington Nat'l Lea.". A late sale to McDonald's founder Ray Kroc kept the team in San Diego, so Topps had to reprint those cards with the Padres name. Any Padres cards produced after #400 weren't affected, so the Dave Winfield rookie (#456) does not have a "Washington" version.
  • "Topps All-Star Rookie" trophies weren't included on the cards of the 1973 winners: Bob Boone (C), Gary Thomasson (1B), Dave Lopes (2B), Dan Driessen (3B), Jerry Terrell (SS), Gary Matthews (OF), Johnny Grubb (OF), Rich Coggins (OF), Steve Rogers (RHP), Randy Jones (LHP).
  • Card backs of the All-Star cards form a picture of Bobby Bonds, the previous season's Mid-Summer Classic MVP.


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