1983 Topps

Hall of Famers

98 record(s)

  2   Rickey Henderson RB   Oakland Athletics
  20   Carlton Fisk   Chicago White Sox
  21   Orioles Batting & Pitching Leaders/Checklist TL, CL   Baltimore Orioles
  21   Orioles Batting & Pitching Leaders/Checklist TL, CL   Baltimore Orioles
  30   Jim Rice   Boston Red Sox
  35   Rollie Fingers   Milwaukee Brewers
  36   Rollie Fingers SV   Oakland Athletics / Milwaukee Brewers
  51   Cubs Batting & Pitching Leaders/Checklist TL, CL   Chicago Cubs
  60   Johnny Bench   Cincinnati Reds
  61   Johnny Bench SV   Cincinnati Reds
  65   Jack Morris   Detroit Tigers
  70   Steve Carlton   Philadelphia Phillies
  71   Steve Carlton SV   St. Louis Cardinals / Philadelphia Phillies
  83   Ryne Sandberg RC   Chicago Cubs
  95   Alan Trammell   Detroit Tigers
  126   Joe Torre MGR   Atlanta Braves
  145   Don Sutton   Milwaukee Brewers
  146   Don Sutton SV   Los Angeles Dodgers / Milwaukee Brewers
  150   Bruce Sutter   St. Louis Cardinals
  151   Bruce Sutter SV   Chicago Cubs / St. Louis Cardinals
  163   Cal Ripken   Baltimore Orioles
  171   Giants Team Leaders - Joe Morgan / Bill Laskey TL, CL   San Francisco Giants
  177   Harold Baines   Chicago White Sox
  180   Rickey Henderson   Oakland Athletics
  186   Whitey Herzog MGR   St. Louis Cardinals
  200   Rod Carew   California Angels
  201   Rod Carew SV   Minnesota Twins / California Angels
  216   Tony LaRussa MGR   Chicago White Sox
  229   Phillies Team Leaders - Bo Diaz / Steve Carlton TL, CL   Philadelphia Phillies
  230   Fergie Jenkins   Chicago Cubs
  231   Fergie Jenkins SV   Philadelphia Phillies / Chicago Cubs
  240   Rich Gossage   New York Yankees
  241   Rich Gossage SV   Chicago White Sox / New York Yankees
  270   Dennis Eckersley   Boston Red Sox
  280   Bert Blyleven   Cleveland Indians
  300   Mike Schmidt   Philadelphia Phillies
  301   Mike Schmidt SV   Philadelphia Phillies
  306   Tom Lasorda MGR   Los Angeles Dodgers
  321   Brewers Team Leaders - Robin Yount / Pete Vuckovich TL, CL   Milwaukee Brewers
  350   Robin Yount   Milwaukee Brewers
  360   Nolan Ryan   Houston Astros
  361   Nolan Ryan SV   New York Mets / Houston Astros
  366   Dick Williams MGR   San Diego Padres
  370   Gary Carter   Montreal Expos
  381   Red Sox Team Leaders - Jim Rice / Bob Stanley TL, CL   Boston Red Sox
  386   Rod Carew AS   California Angels
  388   George Brett AS   Kansas City Royals
  389   Robin Yount AS   Milwaukee Brewers
  390   Reggie Jackson AS   California Angels
  391   Rickey Henderson AS   Oakland Athletics
  393   Carlton Fisk AS   Chicago White Sox
  399   Mike Schmidt AS   Philadelphia Phillies
  402   Andre Dawson AS   Montreal Expos
  403   Tim Raines AS   Montreal Expos
  404   Gary Carter AS   Montreal Expos
  406   Steve Carlton AS, UER   Philadelphia Phillies
  407   Bruce Sutter AS   St. Louis Cardinals
  410   Phil Niekro   Atlanta Braves
  411   Phil Niekro SV   Milwaukee Braves / Atlanta Braves
  426   Earl Weaver MGR   Baltimore Orioles
  450   Ted Simmons   Milwaukee Brewers
  451   Ted Simmons SV   St. Louis Cardinals / Milwaukee Brewers
  463   Gaylord Perry   Seattle Mariners
  464   Gaylord Perry SV   San Francisco Giants / Seattle Mariners
  482   Tony Gwynn RC, UER   San Diego Padres
  490   Jim Palmer   Baltimore Orioles
  491   Jim Palmer SV   Baltimore Orioles
  498   Wade Boggs RC   Boston Red Sox
  500   Reggie Jackson   California Angels
  501   Reggie Jackson SV   Kansas City Athletics / California Angels
  502   Braves Team Leaders - Dale Murphy / Phil Niekro TL, CL   Atlanta Braves
  530   Eddie Murray   Baltimore Orioles
  531   Athletics Team Leaders - Rickey Henderson / Rick Langford TL, CL   Oakland Athletics
  540   Ozzie Smith   St. Louis Cardinals
  550   Carl Yastrzemski   Boston Red Sox
  551   Carl Yastrzemski SV   Boston Red Sox
  576   Frank Robinson MGR   San Francisco Giants
  580   Tom Seaver   Cincinnati Reds
  581   Tom Seaver SV   New York Mets / Cincinnati Reds
  595   Tim Raines   Montreal Expos
  600   George Brett   Kansas City Royals
  603   Joe Morgan   San Francisco Giants
  604   Joe Morgan SV   Houston Colt .45's / San Francisco Giants
  606   Bobby Cox MGR   Toronto Blue Jays
  630   Paul Molitor   Milwaukee Brewers
  651   Rod Carew / Mike Witt TL, CL   California Angels
  666   Sparky Anderson MGR   Detroit Tigers
  680   Andre Dawson   Montreal Expos
  699   Lee Smith   Chicago Cubs
  702   Reggie Jackson / Gorman Thomas / Dave Kingman LL   California Angels / Milwaukee Brewers / New York Mets
  704   1982 Stolen Base Leaders - Rickey Henderson / Tim Raines LL   Oakland Athletics / Montreal Expos
  704   1982 Stolen Base Leaders - Rickey Henderson / Tim Raines LL   Oakland Athletics / Montreal Expos
  705   1982 Victory Leaders - LaMarr Hoyt / Steve Carlton LL   Chicago White Sox / Philadelphia Phillies
  706   1982 Strikeout Leaders - Floyd Bannister / Steve Carlton LL   Seattle Mariners / Philadelphia Phillies
  708   Dan Quisenberry / Bruce Sutter LL   Kansas City Royals / St. Louis Cardinals
  715   Tony Perez   Boston Red Sox
  716   Tony Perez SV   Cincinnati Reds / Boston Red Sox
  770   Dave Winfield   New York Yankees


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