2011 Panini Prime Signatures

Hall of Famers

44 record(s)

  3   Alex Karras SN499   Detroit Lions
  4   Andre Reed SN499   Buffalo Bills
  10   Barry Sanders SN499   Detroit Lions
  11   Bart Starr SN499   Green Bay Packers
  22   Brett Favre SN499   Green Bay Packers
  29   Charley Taylor SN499   Washington Redskins
  30   Charley Trippi SN499   Chicago Cardinals
  31   Charlie Joiner SN499   San Diego Chargers
  36   Cris Carter SN499   Minnesota Vikings
  37   Curtis Martin SN499   New York Jets
  39   Dan Marino SN499   Miami Dolphins
  45   Dave Casper SN499   Oakland Raiders
  49   Deion Sanders SN499   Atlanta Falcons
  62   Emmitt Smith SN499   Dallas Cowboys
  63   Eric Dickerson SN499   Los Angeles Rams
  66   Franco Harris SN499   Pittsburgh Steelers
  68   Gale Sayers SN499   Chicago Bears
  77   Jack Youngblood SN499   Los Angeles Rams
  82   Jan Stenerud SN499   Kansas City Chiefs
  88   Jerome Bettis SN499   Pittsburgh Steelers
  90   Jerry Rice SN499   San Francisco 49ers
  91   Jim Kelly SN499   Buffalo Bills
  96   Joe Greene SN499   Pittsburgh Steelers
  98   Joe Montana SN499   San Francisco 49ers
  99   Joe Namath SN499   New York Jets
  101   John Elway SN499   Denver Broncos
  106   LaDainian Tomlinson SN499   New York Jets
  109   Lem Barney SN499   Detroit Lions
  110   Lenny Moore SN499   Baltimore Colts
  111   Leroy Kelly SN499   Cleveland Browns
  133   Ozzie Newsome SN499   Cleveland Browns
  137   Peyton Manning SN499   Indianapolis Colts
  140   Randy Moss SN499   Minnesota Vikings
  146   Rod Woodson SN499   Pittsburgh Steelers
  149   Ron Mix SN499   San Diego Chargers
  151   Russ Grimm SN499   Washington Redskins
  161   Steve Young SN499   San Francisco 49ers
  162   Terrell Davis SN499   Denver Broncos
  163   Thurman Thomas SN499   Buffalo Bills
  169   Troy Aikman SN499   Dallas Cowboys
  170   Troy Polamalu SN499   Pittsburgh Steelers
  172   Warren Moon SN499   Houston Oilers
  173   Warren Sapp SN499   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  175   Willie Davis SN499   Green Bay Packers


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