2003 Score

Rookie Cards

56 record(s)

24 Nick Luchey RC Green Bay Packers
276 Carson Palmer ROO, RC Cincinnati Bengals
277 Byron Leftwich ROO, RC Jacksonville Jaguars
278 Kyle Boller ROO, RC Baltimore Ravens
279 Chris Simms ROO, RC Tampa Bay Buccaneers
280 Dave Ragone ROO, RC Houston Texans
281 Rex Grossman ROO, RC Chicago Bears
282 Brian St. Pierre ROO, RC Pittsburgh Steelers
283 Larry Johnson ROO, RC Kansas City Chiefs
284 Lee Suggs ROO, RC Cleveland Browns
285 Justin Fargas ROO, RC Oakland Raiders
286 Onterrio Smith ROO, RC Minnesota Vikings
287 Willis McGahee ROO, RC Buffalo Bills
288 Chris Brown ROO, RC Tennessee Titans
289 Musa Smith ROO, RC Baltimore Ravens
290 Artose Pinner ROO, RC Detroit Lions
291 Cecil Sapp ROO, RC Denver Broncos
292 Derek Watson ROO, RC, SSP New England Patriots
293 LaBrandon Toefield ROO, RC Jacksonville Jaguars
294 Charles Rogers ROO, RC Detroit Lions
295 Andre Johnson ROO, RC Houston Texans
296 Taylor Jacobs ROO, RC Washington Redskins
297 Bryant Johnson ROO, RC Arizona Cardinals
298 Kelley Washington ROO, RC Cincinnati Bengals
299 Brandon Lloyd ROO, RC San Francisco 49ers
300 Justin Gage ROO, RC Chicago Bears
301 Tyrone Calico ROO, RC Tennessee Titans
302 Kevin Curtis ROO, RC St. Louis Rams
303 Sam Aiken ROO, RC Buffalo Bills
304 Doug Gabriel ROO, RC Oakland Raiders
305 Talman Gardner ROO, RC New Orleans Saints
306 Jason Witten ROO, RC Dallas Cowboys
307 Mike Pinkard ROO, RC Kansas City Chiefs
308 Teyo Johnson ROO, RC Oakland Raiders
309 Bennie Joppru ROO, RC Houston Texans
310 Dallas Clark ROO, RC Indianapolis Colts
311 Terrell Suggs ROO, RC Baltimore Ravens
312 Chris Kelsay ROO, RC Buffalo Bills
313 Jerome McDougle ROO, RC Philadelphia Eagles
314 Andrew Williams ROO, RC San Francisco 49ers
315 Michael Haynes ROO, RC Chicago Bears
316 Jimmy Kennedy ROO, RC St. Louis Rams
317 Kevin Williams ROO, RC Minnesota Vikings
318 Ken Dorsey ROO, RC San Francisco 49ers
319 William Joseph ROO, RC New York Giants
320 Kenny Peterson ROO, RC Green Bay Packers
321 Rien Long ROO, RC Tennessee Titans
322 Boss Bailey ROO, RC Detroit Lions
323 E.J. Henderson ROO, RC, SSP Minnesota Vikings
324 Terence Newman ROO, RC Dallas Cowboys
325 Marcus Trufant ROO, RC Seattle Seahawks
326 Andre Woolfolk ROO, RC Tennessee Titans
327 Dennis Weathersby ROO, RC Cincinnati Bengals
328 Eugene Wilson ROO, RC, SSP New England Patriots
329 Mike Doss ROO, RC Indianapolis Colts
330 Rashean Mathis ROO, RC Jacksonville Jaguars


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