1999 Topps

Rookie Cards

29 record(s)

  88   La'Roi Glover RC   New Orleans Saints
  94   Lorenzo Bromell RC   Miami Dolphins
  329   Ricky Williams DRP, RC   New Orleans Saints
  330   Daunte Culpepper DRP, RC   Minnesota Vikings
  331   Chris Claiborne DRP, RC   Detroit Lions
  332   Amos Zereoue DRP, RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  333   Chris McAlister DRP, RC   Baltimore Ravens
  334   Kevin Faulk DRP, RC   New England Patriots
  335   James Johnson DRP, RC   Miami Dolphins
  336   Mike Cloud DRP, RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  337   Jevon Kearse DRP, RC   Tennessee Titans
  338   Akili Smith DRP, RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  339   Edgerrin James DRP, RC   Indianapolis Colts
  340   Cecil Collins DRP, RC   Miami Dolphins
  341   Donovan McNabb DRP, RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  342   Kevin Johnson DRP, RC   Cleveland Browns
  343   Torry Holt DRP, RC   St. Louis Rams
  344   Rob Konrad DRP, RC   Miami Dolphins
  345   Tim Couch DRP, RC   Cleveland Browns
  346   David Boston DRP, RC   Arizona Cardinals
  347   Karsten Bailey DRP, RC   Seattle Seahawks
  348   Troy Edwards DRP, RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  349   Sedrick Irvin DRP, RC   Detroit Lions
  350   Shaun King DRP, RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  351   Peerless Price DRP, RC   Buffalo Bills
  352   Brock Huard DRP, RC   Seattle Seahawks
  353   Cade McNown DRP, RC   Chicago Bears
  354   Champ Bailey DRP, RC   Washington Redskins
  355   D'Wayne Bates DRP, RC   Chicago Bears


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