1954 Topps

Rookie Cards

68 record(s)

  11   Paul Smith RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  25   Harvey Kuenn RC   Detroit Tigers
  52   Vic Power RC, UER   Philadelphia Athletics
  67   Jim Willis RC   Chicago Cubs
  74   Bill Taylor RC   New York Giants
  75   Fred Haney MGR, RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  78   Ted Kazanski RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  81   Dave Hoskins RC   Cleveland Indians
  84   Dick Cole RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  85   Bob Turley RC   Baltimore Orioles
  94   Ernie Banks RC   Chicago Cubs
  97   Jerry Lane RC   Washington Senators
  103   Jim Lemon RC   Cleveland Indians
  108   Thornton Kipper RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  112   Bill Renna RC   Philadelphia Athletics
  114   Dean Stone RC   Washington Senators
  128   Hank Aaron RC   Milwaukee Braves
  129   Forrest Jacobs RC   Philadelphia Athletics
  131   Reno Bertoia RC   Detroit Tigers
  132   Tom Lasorda RC   Brooklyn Dodgers
  137   Wally Moon RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  141   Joe Jay RC   Milwaukee Braves
  148   Bob Trice RC   Philadelphia Athletics
  151   Alex Grammas RC, UER   St. Louis Cardinals
  152   Mike Blyzka RC   Baltimore Orioles
  154   Mike Fornieles RC   Chicago White Sox
  170   Dusty Rhodes RC   New York Giants
  173   Jack Harshman RC   Chicago White Sox
  174   Tom Qualters RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  175   Frank Leja RC   New York Yankees
  179   Gair Allie RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  181   Mel Roach RC   Milwaukee Braves
  182   Chuck Harmon RC   Cincinnati Redlegs
  188   Dave Jolly RC   Milwaukee Braves
  190   Ray Herbert RC   Detroit Tigers
  191   Dick Schofield RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  194   Bill Sarni RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  195   Billy Consolo RC   Boston Red Sox
  196   Stan Jok RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  201   Al Kaline RC   Detroit Tigers
  202   Bob Purkey RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  204   Angel Scull RC   Washington Senators
  206   Ray Crone RC   Milwaukee Braves
  207   Tom Oliver CO, RC   Baltimore Orioles
  209   Charlie Thompson RC   Brooklyn Dodgers
  210   Bob Buhl RC   Milwaukee Braves
  212   Mickey Micelotta RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  213   John Fitzpatrick CO, RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  214   Arnie Portocarrero RC   Philadelphia Athletics
  217   Paul Schreiber CO, RC   Boston Red Sox
  219   Charlie Kress RC   Detroit Tigers
  220   Ruben Gomez RC   New York Giants
  222   Bill Wilson RC   Chicago White Sox
  224   Dick Weik RC   Detroit Tigers
  225   Don Liddle RC   New York Giants
  226   Jehosie Heard RC   Baltimore Orioles
  227   Buster Mills CO, RC   Boston Red Sox
  229   Bob Talbot RC   Chicago Cubs
  232   Lou Limmer RC   Philadelphia Athletics
  234   Jerry Lynch RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  236   Paul Penson RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  237   Mike Ryba CO, RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  239   Bill Skowron RC, UER   New York Yankees
  241   Bob Miller RC   Detroit Tigers
  242   Curt Roberts RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  243   Ray Blades CO, RC   Chicago Cubs
  244   Leroy Wheat RC   Philadelphia Athletics
  248   Al Smith RC   Cleveland Indians


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