1992 Pacific

Rookie Cards

67 record(s)

  72   Vinson Smith RC   Dallas Cowboys
  114   Bo Orlando RC   Houston Oilers
  132   Brian Baldinger RC   Indianapolis Colts
  196   Ben Coates RC   New England Patriots
  275   Steve Hendrickson RC   San Diego Chargers
  277   Steve Bono RC   San Francisco 49ers
  320   Amp Lee PRP, RC   Florida State Seminoles
  321   Terrell Buckley PRP, RC   Florida State Seminoles
  322   Tommy Vardell PRP, RC   Stanford Cardinal
  323   Ricardo McDonald PRP, RC   Pittsburgh Panthers
  324   Joe Bowden PRP, RC   Oklahoma Sooners
  325   Darryl Williams PRP, RC   Miami Hurricanes
  326   Carlos Huerta PRP, RC   Miami Hurricanes
  327   Patrick Rowe PRP, RC   San Diego State Aztecs
  328   Siran Stacy PRP, RC   Alabama Crimson Tide
  329   Dexter McNabb PRP, RC   Florida Gators
  330   Willie Clay PRP, RC   Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
  333   Ken Tippins RC   Atlanta Falcons
  339   Pat Chaffey RC   Atlanta Falcons
  341   Jamie Dukes RC   Atlanta Falcons
  349   Gary Baldinger RC   Buffalo Bills
  367   Alonzo Mitz RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  379   Todd Philcox RC   Cleveland Browns
  390   Manny Hendrix RC   Dallas Cowboys
  442   Quintus McDonald RC   Indianapolis Colts
  444   Mark Herrmann RC   Indianapolis Colts
  445   John Baylor RC   Indianapolis Colts
  454   Bill Jones RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  459   Jayice Pearson RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  463   Fred Jones RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  465   Sam Graddy RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  485   Robert Bailey RC   Los Angeles Rams
  491   Michael McGruder RC   Miami Dolphins
  496   Greg Baty RC   Miami Dolphins
  512   Michael Timpson RC   New England Patriots
  519   Marion Hobby RC   New England Patriots
  521   Mickey Washington RC   New England Patriots
  535   Fred McAfee RC   New Orleans Saints
  542   Bobby Abrams RC   New York Giants
  555   Louie Aguiar RC   New York Jets
  556   Troy Johnson RC   New York Jets
  557   Troy Taylor RC   New York Jets
  558   Pat Kelly RC   New York Jets
  571   Jock Jones RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  572   Craig Patterson RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  579   Michael Zordich RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  582   Vernice Smith RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  591   Rick Strom RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  593   Leroy Thompson RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  604   Craig McEwen RC   San Diego Chargers
  617   Darrick Brilz RC   Seattle Seahawks
  630   Marty Carter RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  635   Tom McHale RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  637   Robert Hardy RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  643   Clarence Vaughn RC   Washington Redskins
  649   Chris Mims PRP, RC   Tennessee Volunteers
  650   George Williams PRP, RC   Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  651   Ed Cunningham PRP, RC   Washington Huskies
  652   Tony Smith PRP, RC   Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  653   Will Furrer PRP, RC   Virginia Tech Hokies
  654   Matt Elliott PRP, RC   Michigan Wolverines
  655   Mike Mooney PRP, RC   Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
  656   Eddie Blake PRP, RC   Auburn Tigers
  657   Leon Searcy PRP, RC   Miami Hurricanes
  658   Kevin Turner PRP, RC   Alabama Crimson Tide
  659   Keith Hamilton PRP, RC   Pittsburgh Panthers
  660   Alan Haller PRP, RC   Michigan State Spartans


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