1991 Pacific

Rookie Cards

126 record(s)

  37   Jeff Wright RC   Buffalo Bills
  42   Cap Boso RC   Chicago Bears
  73   Mitchell Price RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  87   John Talley RC   Cleveland Browns
  91   Rob Burnett RC   Cleveland Browns
  128   Andre Townsend RC, ERR   Denver Broncos
  128   Andre Townsend RC, COR   Denver Broncos
  139   George Jamison RC   Detroit Lions
  164   Shawn Patterson RC   Green Bay Packers
  170   Cris Dishman RC, ERR   Houston Oilers
  170   Cris Dishman RC, ERR   Houston Oilers
  170   Cris Dishman RC, COR   Houston Oilers
  221   Dave Szott RC, UER   Kansas City Chiefs
  246   Latin Berry RC   Los Angeles Rams
  266   Mark Dennis RC   Miami Dolphins
  282   Scott Secules RC   Miami Dolphins
  288   Mark Dusbabek RC, UER   Minnesota Vikings
  343   Pat Harlow RC   USC Trojans
  379   Mike Haight RC   New York Jets
  390   Bobby Wilson RC   Michigan State Spartans
  405   Garth Jax RC, UER   Phoenix Cardinals
  412   Moe Gardner RC   Illinois Fighting Illini
  438   Jarrod Bunch RC   Michigan Wolverines
  447   Nate Lewis RC   San Diego Chargers
  461   Johnnie Jackson RC, UER   San Francisco 49ers
  488   Mike Tice RC   Seattle Seahawks
  519   Craig Erickson RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  534   Todd Marinovich RC, UER   USC Trojans
  535   Mike Dumas RC   Houston Oilers
  536   Russell Maryland RC, ERR   Dallas Cowboys
  536   Russell Maryland RC, COR   Dallas Cowboys
  537   Eric Turner RC, UER   Cleveland Browns
  538   Ernie Mills RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  539   Ed King RC   Cleveland Browns
  540   Mike Stonebreaker RC   Chicago Bears
  541   Chris Zorich RC   Chicago Bears
  542   Mike Croel RC, VAR   Denver Broncos
  542   Mike Croel RC, VAR   Denver Broncos
  543   Eric Moten RC   San Diego Chargers
  544   Dan McGwire RC   Seattle Seahawks
  545   Keith Cash RC   Texas Longhorns
  546   Kenny Walker RC, UER   Denver Broncos
  548   Luis Cristobal RC, UER   New York Giants
  549   Stacy Danley RC   Seattle Seahawks
  550   Todd Lyght RC   Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  551   Brett Favre RC   Atlanta Falcons
  552   Mike Pritchard RC   Atlanta Falcons
  555   Erric Pegram RC   Atlanta Falcons
  557   Bruce Pickens RC   Atlanta Falcons
  558   Henry Jones RC   Buffalo Bills
  559   Phil Hansen RC   Buffalo Bills
  561   Stan Thomas RC   Chicago Bears
  563   Anthony Morgan RC   Chicago Bears
  564   Darren Lewis RC   Chicago Bears
  566   Alfred Williams RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  567   Lamar Rogers RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  568   Erik Wilhelm RC, UER   Cincinnati Bengals
  570   Michael Jackson RC   Cleveland Browns
  571   James Jones RC   Cleveland Browns
  573   Dixon Edwards RC   Dallas Cowboys
  574   Darrick Brownlow RC   Dallas Cowboys
  575   Larry Brown RC   Dallas Cowboys
  577   Keith Traylor RC   Denver Broncos
  579   Reggie Johnson RC   Denver Broncos
  580   Herman Moore RC   Detroit Lions
  581   Kelvin Pritchett RC   Detroit Lions
  582   Kevin Scott RC   Detroit Lions
  583   Vinnie Clark RC   Green Bay Packers
  584   Esera Tuaolo RC   Green Bay Packers
  585   Don Davey RC   Green Bay Packers
  586   Blair Kiel RC   Green Bay Packers
  588   Darryll Lewis RC   Houston Oilers
  589   John Flannery RC   Houston Oilers
  590   Kevin Donnalley RC   Houston Oilers
  591   Shane Curry RC   Indianapolis Colts
  592   Mark Vander Poel RC   Indianapolis Colts
  593   Dave McCloughan RC   Indianapolis Colts
  594   Mel Agee RC   Indianapolis Colts
  595   Kerry Cash RC   Indianapolis Colts
  596   Harvey Williams RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  597   Joe Valerio RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  598   Tim Barnett RC, UER   Kansas City Chiefs
  600   Nick Bell RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  603   Mike Jones RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  605   Roman Phifer RC   Los Angeles Rams
  606   David Lang RC   Los Angeles Rams
  607   Aaron Craver RC   Miami Dolphins
  608   Mark Higgs RC   Miami Dolphins
  609   Chris Green RC   Miami Dolphins
  610   Randy Baldwin RC   Minnesota Vikings
  612   Leonard Russell RC   New England Patriots
  613   Jerome Henderson RC   New England Patriots
  614   Scott Zolak RC, UER   New England Patriots
  615   Jon Vaughn RC   New England Patriots
  616   Harry Colon RC   New England Patriots
  617   Wesley Carroll RC   New Orleans Saints
  619   Reginald Jones RC   New Orleans Saints
  621   Kanavis McGhee RC   New York Giants
  622   Ed McCaffrey RC   New York Giants
  623   Browning Nagle RC   New York Jets
  624   Mo Lewis RC   New York Jets
  626   Antone Davis RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  628   Scott Kowalkowski RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  629   Brad Goebel RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  630   William Thomas RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  631   Eric Swann RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  632   Mike Jones RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  633   Aeneas Williams RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  634   Dexter Davis RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  637   Randal Hill RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  638   Jeff Graham RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  640   Adrian Cooper RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  641   Stanley Richard RC   San Diego Chargers
  642   Eric Bieniemy RC   San Diego Chargers
  644   Shawn Jefferson RC   San Diego Chargers
  645   Ted Washington RC   San Francisco 49ers
  646   John Johnson RC   San Francisco 49ers
  648   Doug Thomas RC   Seattle Seahawks
  649   David Daniels RC   Seattle Seahawks
  650   John Kasay RC   Seattle Seahawks
  652   Charles McRae RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  653   Lawrence Dawsey RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  654   Robert Wilson RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  656   Chuck Weatherspoon RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  657   Tim Ryan RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  659   Ricky Ervins RC   Washington Redskins


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