1989 Score

Rookie Cards

93 record(s)

  8   John Settle RC   Atlanta Falcons
  11   Bubby Brister RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  18   Michael Irvin RC   Dallas Cowboys
  27   Chris Chandler RC   Indianapolis Colts
  28   Tom Newberry RC   Los Angeles Rams
  45   Aaron Cox RC   Los Angeles Rams
  48   Jeff Fuller RC   San Francisco 49ers
  57   Bennie Blades RC   Detroit Lions
  60   Chris Miller RC   Atlanta Falcons
  63   Ickey Woods RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  65   Vaughan Johnson RC   New Orleans Saints
  72   Cris Carter RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  77   Paul Gruber RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  78   Rod Woodson RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  86   Tim Brown RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  89   Tunch Ilkin RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  93   Aundray Bruce RC   Atlanta Falcons
  101   Keith Jackson RC, ERR   Philadelphia Eagles
  101   Keith Jackson RC, COR   Philadelphia Eagles
  105   Mark Rypien RC   Washington Redskins
  109   Bruce Matthews RC   Houston Oilers
  115   Bruce Hill RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  116   Mark May RC   Washington Redskins
  117   Mark Collins RC   New York Giants
  119   Scott Case RC   Atlanta Falcons
  126   Ron Hall RC, ERR   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  126   Ron Hall RC, COR   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  140   Rodney Holman RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  142   Marcus Cotton RC   Atlanta Falcons
  148   Harris Barton RC   San Francisco 49ers
  163   Kyle Clifton RC   New York Jets
  165   Jamie Holland RC   San Diego Chargers
  166   Merril Hoge RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  167   Chris Spielman RC   Detroit Lions
  169   Jerry Ball RC   Detroit Lions
  170   Don Majkowski RC   Green Bay Packers
  176   Brian Blades RC, UER   Seattle Seahawks
  177   Brent Fullwood RC   Green Bay Packers
  178   Anthony Miller RC   San Diego Chargers
  179   Brian Sochia RC   Miami Dolphins
  180   Stephen Baker RC   New York Giants
  184   Steve Sewell RC   Denver Broncos
  187   Randy Grimes RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  188   Mark Carrier RC, ERR   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  188   Mark Carrier RC, COR   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  191   Quinn Early RC   San Diego Chargers
  196   Jim Sweeney RC   New York Jets
  199   Hardy Nickerson RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  200   Steve Beuerlein RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  201   Bruce Armstrong RC   New England Patriots
  204   Mark Ingram RC   New York Giants
  206   Bryan Hinkle RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  211   Thurman Thomas RC   Buffalo Bills
  219   Ken Ruettgers RC   Green Bay Packers
  220   Kevin Ross RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  226   Warren Williams RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  229   Reggie Langhorne RC   Cleveland Browns
  235   Gaston Green RC   Los Angeles Rams
  236   John Stephens RC   New England Patriots
  238   John Taylor RC   San Francisco 49ers
  245   Broderick Thomas RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  246   Deion Sanders RC   Atlanta Falcons
  247   Donnell Woolford RC   Chicago Bears
  248   Wayne Martin RC   New Orleans Saints
  249   David Williams RC   Houston Oilers
  250   Bill Hawkins RC   Los Angeles Rams
  251   Eric Hill RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  252   Burt Grossman RC   San Diego Chargers
  253   Tracy Rocker RC   Washington Redskins
  254   Steve Wisniewski RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  255   Jessie Small RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  256   David Braxton RC   Minnesota Vikings
  257   Barry Sanders RC   Detroit Lions
  258   Derrick Thomas RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  259   Eric Metcalf RC   Cleveland Browns
  260   Keith DeLong RC   San Francisco 49ers
  261   Hart Lee Dykes RC   New England Patriots
  262   Sammie Smith RC   Miami Dolphins
  263   Steve Atwater RC   Denver Broncos
  264   Eric Ball RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  265   Don Beebe RC   Buffalo Bills
  266   Brian Williams RC   New York Giants
  267   Jeff Lageman RC   New York Jets
  268   Tim Worley RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  269   Tony Mandarich RC   Green Bay Packers
  270   Troy Aikman RC   Dallas Cowboys
  271   Andy Heck RC   Seattle Seahawks
  272   Andre Rison RC   Indianapolis Colts
  276   Rodney Carter RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  289   Carl Lee AP, RC   Minnesota Vikings
  290   Scott Norwood AP, RC   Buffalo Bills
  316   Eric Thomas SB, RC, ERR   Cincinnati Bengals
  316   Eric Thomas SB, RC, COR   Cincinnati Bengals


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