1984 Topps

Rookie Cards

86 record(s)

  11   Raul Allegre RC   Baltimore Colts
  13   Ray Donaldson RC   Baltimore Colts
  15   Chris Hinton PB, RC   Baltimore Colts
  16   Vernon Maxwell RC   Baltimore Colts
  29   Booker Moore RC   Buffalo Bills
  41   Ray Horton RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  53   Bob Golic RC   Cleveland Browns
  62   Barney Chavous RC   Denver Broncos
  63   John Elway RC   Denver Broncos
  68   Zack Thomas RC, UER   Denver Broncos
  71   Sammy Winder RC   Denver Broncos
  77   Steve Brown RC   Houston Oilers
  78   Chris Dressel RC   Houston Oilers
  80   Florian Kempf RC   Houston Oilers
  82   Tim Smith RC   Houston Oilers
  83   Willie Tullis RC   Houston Oilers
  85   Mike Bell RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  89   Deron Cherry PB, RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  103   Malcolm Barnwell RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  111   Howie Long PB, RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  113   Vann McElroy PB, RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  118   Doug Betters PB, RC   Miami Dolphins
  120   Mark Duper PB, RC   Miami Dolphins
  122   William Judson RC   Miami Dolphins
  123   Dan Marino PB, UER, RC   Miami Dolphins
  127   Reggie Roby RC   Miami Dolphins
  129   Dwight Stephenson PB, RC   Miami Dolphins
  135   Bob Cryder RC   New England Patriots
  138   Brian Holloway PB, RC   New England Patriots
  141   Rick Sanford RC   New England Patriots
  142   Mosi Tatupu RC   New England Patriots
  143   Andre Tippett RC   New England Patriots
  156   Pat Ryan RC   New York Jets
  157   Kirk Springs RC   New York Jets
  160   Walter Abercrombie RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  172   Keith Willis RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  173   Rick Woods RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  177   Maury Buford RC   San Diego Chargers
  182   Linden King RC   San Diego Chargers
  184   Billy Ray Smith RC   San Diego Chargers
  185   Danny Walters RC   San Diego Chargers
  189   Steve August RC   Seattle Seahawks
  195   Dave Krieg RC   Seattle Seahawks
  198   Curt Warner PB, RC   Seattle Seahawks
  211   Stacey Bailey RC   Atlanta Falcons
  214   Ralph Giacomarro RC   Atlanta Falcons
  222   Jim Covert RC   Chicago Bears
  223   Leslie Frazier RC   Chicago Bears
  224   Willie Gault RC   Chicago Bears
  230   Mike Richardson RC   Chicago Bears
  251   Jeff Chadwick RC   Detroit Lions
  252   Garry Cobb RC   Detroit Lions
  256   James Jones RC   Detroit Lions
  257   Bruce McNorton RC   Detroit Lions
  259   Ulysses Norris RC   Detroit Lions
  271   Tim Lewis RC   Green Bay Packers
  278   Jim Collins RC   Los Angeles Rams
  280   Eric Dickerson PB, RC   Los Angeles Rams
  282   George Farmer RC   Los Angeles Rams
  285   John Misko RC   Los Angeles Rams
  286   Jackie Slater PB, RC   Los Angeles Rams
  291   Steve Dils RC   Minnesota Vikings
  295   Darrin Nelson RC   Minnesota Vikings
  297   John Swain RC   Minnesota Vikings
  298   John Turner RC   Minnesota Vikings
  300   Morten Andersen RC   New Orleans Saints
  303   Rickey Jackson PB, RC   New Orleans Saints
  304   Johnnie Poe RC   New Orleans Saints
  307   Jim Wilks RC   New Orleans Saints
  308   Dave Wilson RC   New Orleans Saints
  311   Leon Bright RC   New York Giants
  316   Ali Haji-Sheikh VAR,PB, RC   New York Giants
  328   Michael Haddix RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  333   Mike Quick PB, RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  336   Michael Williams RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  341   David Galloway RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  344   Curtis Greer RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  348   Lionel Washington RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  350   Dwaine Board RC   San Francisco 49ers
  353   Roger Craig RC   San Francisco 49ers
  363   Eric Wright RC   San Francisco 49ers
  365   Gerald Carter RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  368   Michael Morton RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  370   Booker Reese RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  380   Darrell Green RC   Washington Redskins
  381   Russ Grimm PB, RC   Washington Redskins


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