1978 Topps

Rookie Cards

97 record(s)

  7   Joe Pisarcik RC   New York Giants
  8   Skip Thomas RC   Oakland Raiders
  18   Terry Nelson RC   Los Angeles Rams
  22   A.J. Duhe RC   Miami Dolphins
  26   David Hill RC   Detroit Lions
  32   Robin Earl RC   Chicago Bears
  42   Gary Green RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  48   Mike Washington RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  54   Gary Shirk RC   New York Giants
  57   Mario Clark RC   Buffalo Bills
  63   Johnny Rodgers RC   San Diego Chargers
  66   Fred Steinfort RC   Atlanta Falcons
  74   Billy Brooks RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  92   Tom Hicks RC   Chicago Bears
  96   Norris Thomas RC   Miami Dolphins
  97   Gary Barbaro RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  101   Abdul Salaam RC   New York Jets
  102   Marv Kellum RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  113   Tony Peters RC   Cleveland Browns
  116   Steve Nelson RC   New England Patriots
  122   Rolf Benirschke RC   San Diego Chargers
  123   Haskel Stanback RC   Atlanta Falcons
  126   Rick Kane RC   Detroit Lions
  139   Jimmy Robinson RC   New York Giants
  141   Marvin Powell RC   New York Jets
  144   Rob Lytle RC   Denver Broncos
  146   Morris Owens RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  152   Mike Williams RC   San Diego Chargers
  158   Raymond Clayborn RC   New England Patriots
  169   Neal Colzie RC   Oakland Raiders
  176   Willie Parker RC   Buffalo Bills
  178   Horace King RC   Detroit Lions
  184   Larry Poole RC   Cleveland Browns
  186   Chuck Ramsey RC   New York Jets
  202   Larry Gordon RC   Miami Dolphins
  206   Scott Dierking RC   New York Jets
  211   Bucky Dilts RC   Denver Broncos
  213   Thomas Henderson RC   Dallas Cowboys
  216   Keith Krepfle RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  217   Fred Dean RC   San Diego Chargers
  219   Don Testerman RC   Seattle Seahawks
  222   Ken Sanders RC   Detroit Lions
  227   Ed Taylor RC   New York Jets
  228   Emery Moorehead RC   New York Giants
  229   Reggie Williams RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  231   Randy Cross RC   San Francisco 49ers
  240   Tom Jackson AP, RC   Denver Broncos
  247   Larry Keller RC   New York Jets
  249   Bo Harris RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  266   Chuck Crist RC   New Orleans Saints
  268   Dave Logan RC   Cleveland Browns
  287   Joe Klecko RC   New York Jets
  288   Oliver Davis RC   Cleveland Browns
  292   Mike Hogan RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  294   Jack Novak RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  297   Danny Buggs RC   Washington Redskins
  298   Ted Albrecht RC   Chicago Bears
  304   Tony Reed RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  306   Clarence Duren RC   San Diego Chargers
  311   Johnny Perkins RC   New York Giants
  312   Rafael Septien RC   Los Angeles Rams
  313   Terry Beeson RC   Seattle Seahawks
  315   Tony Dorsett RC   Dallas Cowboys
  318   Dan Peiffer RC   Chicago Bears
  320   John Stallworth RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  325   Ed Simonini RC   Baltimore Colts
  327   Wesley Walker RC   New York Jets
  352   Bobby Hammond RC   New York Giants
  353   Dave Mays RC   Cleveland Browns
  360   Louie Kelcher RC   San Diego Chargers
  361   Stanley Morgan RC   New England Patriots
  362   Bruce Harper RC   New York Jets
  369   Merv Krakau RC   Buffalo Bills
  371   Bennie Cunningham RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  374   Eddie Edwards RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  387   Joe Washington RC   San Diego Chargers
  389   James Hunter RC   Detroit Lions
  391   Jim Allen RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  395   Gary Burley RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  402   Artimus Parker RC   New York Jets
  404   Herman Edwards RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  411   Jim Smith RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  412   Bill Bryant RC   New York Giants
  418   Derrel Luce RC   Baltimore Colts
  420   Louis Wright RC   Denver Broncos
  423   Alfred Jenkins RC   Atlanta Falcons
  428   John Sanders RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  432   Jerry Golsteyn RC   New York Giants
  434   Pete Johnson RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  447   Wilbur Summers RC   Detroit Lions
  454   Dick Ambrose RC   Cleveland Browns
  466   Bob Baumhower RC   Miami Dolphins
  471   Roland Hooks RC   Buffalo Bills
  479   Glen Walker RC   Los Angeles Rams
  484   David Lewis RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  487   Eddie Payton RC   Detroit Lions
  497   Gary Fencik RC   Chicago Bears


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