1963 Fleer

Rookie Cards

39 record(s)

  1   Larry Garron RC   Boston Patriots
  6   Charles Long RC, SP   Boston Patriots
  7   Bill Neighbors RC   Boston Patriots
  8a   Dick Felt RC   Boston Patriots
  8b   Dick Felt RC, VAR   Boston Patriots
  10   Nick Buoniconti RC   Boston Patriots
  11   Larry Eisenhauer RC   Boston Patriots
  13   Lee Grosscup RC   New York Jets
  16a   Alex Kroll RC   New York Jets
  16b   Alex Kroll RC, VAR   New York Jets
  18   Dainard Paulson RC   New York Jets
  21   Hubert Bobo RC   New York Jets
  23   Cookie Gilchrist RC   Buffalo Bills
  27   Ernie Warlick RC   Buffalo Bills
  30   Booker Edgerson RC   Buffalo Bills
  31   Ray Abruzzese RC   Buffalo Bills
  32a   Mike Stratton RC   Buffalo Bills
  32b   Mike Stratton RC, VAR   Buffalo Bills
  33   Tom Sestak RC   Buffalo Bills
  39   Bob Talamini RC   Houston Oilers
  45   Curtis McClinton RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  47   Len Dawson RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  50   Fred Arbanas RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  57   Clem Daniels RC   Oakland Raiders
  58   Bo Roberson RC, UER   Oakland Raiders
  65   Dalva Allen RC   Oakland Raiders
  66   Chuck McMurtry RC   Oakland Raiders
  67   Gerry McDougall RC   San Diego Chargers
  70   Keith Lincoln RC   San Diego Chargers
  72a   Lance Alworth RC   San Diego Chargers
  72b   Lance Alworth RC, VAR   San Diego Chargers
  74   Charles McNeil RC   San Diego Chargers
  75   Emil Karas RC   San Diego Chargers
  80a   Don Stone RC   Denver Broncos
  80b   Don Stone RC, VAR   Denver Broncos
  81   Bob Scarpitto RC   Denver Broncos
  83   Jerry Tarr RC   Denver Broncos
  86   Jim Fraser RC   Denver Broncos
  87   Charles Gavin RC   Denver Broncos


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