1961 Topps

Rookie Cards

61 record(s)

  11   Johnny Morris RC   Chicago Bears
  25   Buzz Guy RC   Dallas Cowboys
  26   Jack Patera RC   Dallas Cowboys
  27   Tom Franckhauser RC, UER   Dallas Cowboys
  30   Dan Lewis RC   Detroit Lions
  31   Nick Pietrosante RC   Detroit Lions
  32   Gail Cogdill RC   Detroit Lions
  43   Boyd Dowler RC   Green Bay Packers
  45   Henry Jordan RC   Green Bay Packers
  59   John Brodie RC   San Francisco 49ers
  80   Clancy Osborne RC   Minnesota Vikings
  82   Frank Youso RC   Minnesota Vikings
  83   Don Joyce RC   Minnesota Vikings
  84   Ed Culpepper RC   Minnesota Vikings
  100   Jim McCusker RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  107   Buddy Dial RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  108   Jimmy Orr RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  114   John Roach RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  115   Sam Etcheverry RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  118   Sonny Randle RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  128   Vince Promuto RC   Washington Redskins
  130   John Paluck RC   Washington Redskins
  139   Johnny Robinson RC   Dallas Texans
  140   Cotton Davidson RC   Dallas Texans
  141   Dave Smith RC   Houston Oilers
  142   Bill Groman RC   Houston Oilers
  143   Rich Michael RC   Houston Oilers
  144   Mike Dukes RC   Houston Oilers
  147   Dennit Morris RC   Houston Oilers
  150   Don Maynard RC   New York Titans
  151   Art Powell RC   New York Titans
  153   Bob Mischak RC   New York Titans
  156   Roger Donnahoo RC   New York Titans
  157   Laverne Torczon RC   Buffalo Bills
  158   Archie Matsos RC   Buffalo Bills
  160   Wray Carlton RC   Buffalo Bills
  161   Rich McCabe RC   Buffalo Bills
  162   Ken Rice RC   Buffalo Bills
  163   Art Baker RC   Buffalo Bills
  165   Mack Yoho RC   Buffalo Bills
  171   Ernie Wright RC   San Diego Chargers
  172   Ron Nery RC   San Diego Chargers
  173   Dave Kocourek RC   San Diego Chargers
  174   Jim Colclough RC   Boston Patriots
  176   Billy Lott RC   Boston Patriots
  178   Ross O'Hanley RC   Boston Patriots
  179   Walt Cudzik RC   Boston Patriots
  180   Charley Leo RC   Boston Patriots
  182   Jim Otto RC   Oakland Raiders
  183   Eddie Macon RC   Oakland Raiders
  184   Dick Christy RC   Oakland Raiders
  185   Alan Miller RC   Oakland Raiders
  186   Tom Flores RC   Oakland Raiders
  187   Joe Cannavino RC   Oakland Raiders
  188   Don Manoukian RC   Oakland Raiders
  189   Bob Coolbaugh RC   Oakland Raiders
  190   Lionel Taylor RC   Denver Broncos
  192   Goose Gonsoulin RC   Denver Broncos
  194   Gene Mingo RC   Denver Broncos
  195   Eldon Danenhauer RC   Denver Broncos
  197   Dave Rolle RC   Denver Broncos


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