2001-02 E-X

Total Cards: 130

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2001-02 E-X

Rookie Cards

30 record(s)

101 Kedrick Brown ROO, RC, SN1750 Boston Celtics
102 Joseph Forte ROO, RC, SN1750 Boston Celtics
103 Joe Johnson ROO, RC, SN1250 Boston Celtics
104 Kirk Haston ROO, RC, SN1750 Charlotte Hornets
105 Tyson Chandler ROO, RC, SN750 Chicago Bulls
106 Eddy Curry ROO, RC, SN1250 Chicago Bulls
107 DeSagana Diop ROO, RC, SN1750 Cleveland Cavaliers
108 Trenton Hassell ROO, RC, SN1250 Chicago Bulls
109 Zeljko Rebraca ROO, RC, SN1250 Detroit Pistons
110 Rodney White ROO, RC, SN1750 Detroit Pistons
111 Troy Murphy ROO, RC, SN1250 Golden State Warriors
112 Jason Richardson ROO, RC, SN750 Golden State Warriors
113 Eddie Griffin ROO, RC, SN750 Houston Rockets
114 Terence Morris ROO, RC, SN1750 Houston Rockets
115 Oscar Torres ROO, RC Houston Rockets
116 Jamaal Tinsley ROO, RC Indiana Pacers
117 Pau Gasol ROO, RC Memphis Grizzlies
118 Shane Battier ROO, RC Memphis Grizzlies
119 Brandon Armstrong ROO, RC New Jersey Nets
120 Richard Jefferson ROO, RC, SN750 New Jersey Nets
121 Steven Hunter ROO, RC, SN1250 Orlando Magic
122 Samuel Dalembert ROO, RC, SN1750 Philadelphia 76ers
123 Zach Randolph ROO, RC, SN1250 Portland Trail Blazers
124 Gerald Wallace ROO, RC, SN1750 Sacramento Kings
125 Tony Parker ROO, RC San Antonio Spurs
126 Vladimir Radmanovic ROO, RC Seattle SuperSonics
127 Michael Bradley ROO, RC Toronto Raptors
128 Jarron Collins ROO, RC, SN1750 Utah Jazz
129 Andrei Kirilenko ROO, RC, SN750 Utah Jazz
130 Kwame Brown ROO, RC Washington Wizards


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