1993 Donruss

Rookie Cards

34 record(s)

  10   Rafael Bournigal RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  30   Bobby Ayala RC   Cincinnati Reds
  44   Eric Wedge RR, RC   Boston Red Sox
  48   Dan Walters RC   San Diego Padres
  53   Shawn Barton RC   Seattle Mariners
  76   Larry Carter RC   San Francisco Giants
  110   J.T. Snow RR, RC   New York Yankees
  113   Roger Pavlik RC   Texas Rangers
  147   Eddie Pierce RC   Kansas City Royals
  160   Jeff Hartsock RC   Chicago Cubs
  161   Tom Quinlan RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  162   Tim Pugh RC   Cincinnati Reds
  183   Mike Raczka RC   Oakland Athletics
  265   Richie Lewis RC, UER   Baltimore Orioles
  266   Pat Gomez RC   Atlanta Braves
  329   Hilly Hathaway RC   California Angels
  332   Keith Shepherd RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  341   Jim Tatum RR, RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  342   Todd Haney RC   Montreal Expos
  345   Sterling Hitchcock RC   New York Yankees
  363   Domingo Martinez RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  375   Steve Reed RR, RC   San Francisco Giants
  383   Ken Ryan RC   Boston Red Sox
  418   Doug Brocail RC   San Diego Padres
  440   Tim Laker RR, RC   Montreal Expos
  539   Fernando Ramsey RR, RC   Chicago Cubs
  569   Buddy Groom RC   Detroit Tigers
  572   Rene Arocha RR, RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  616   Pete Young RC   Montreal Expos
  620   Todd Pratt RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  628   Jim Pena RC   San Francisco Giants
  706   David Hulse RC   Texas Rangers
  744   Rob Natal ED, RC   Florida Marlins
  784   John Johnstone RC, ED   Florida Marlins


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