1993-94 Hoops

Rookie Cards

41 record(s)

127 Derek Strong ROO, RC Milwaukee Bucks
305 Acie Earl ROO, RC Boston Celtics
306 Dino Radja ROO, RC Boston Celtics
307 Scott Burrell ROO, RC Charlotte Hornets
311 Corie Blount ROO, RC Chicago Bulls
313 Toni Kukoc ROO, RC Chicago Bulls
317 Gerald Madkins ROO, RC Cleveland Cavaliers
318 Chris Mills ROO, RC Cleveland Cavaliers
320 Lucious Harris ROO, RC Dallas Mavericks
321 Popeye Jones ROO, RC Dallas Mavericks
323 Jamal Mashburn ROO, RC Dallas Mavericks
324 Darren Morningstar ROO, RC Dallas Mavericks
327 Darnell Mee ROO, RC Denver Nuggets
328 Rodney Rogers ROO, RC Denver Nuggets
332 Allan Houston ROO, RC Detroit Pistons
333 Lindsey Hunter ROO, RC Detroit Pistons
337 Josh Grant ROO, RC Golden State Warriors
341 Chris Webber ROO, RC Golden State Warriors
342 Sam Cassell ROO, RC Houston Rockets
344 Eric Riley ROO, RC Houston Rockets
345 Antonio Davis ROO, RC Indiana Pacers
346 Scott Haskin ROO, RC Indiana Pacers
351 Terry Dehere ROO, RC Los Angeles Clippers
354 George Lynch ROO, RC Los Angeles Lakers
356 Nick Van Exel ROO, RC Los Angeles Lakers
363 Vin Baker ROO, RC Milwaukee Bucks
367 Isaiah Rider ROO, RC Minnesota Timberwolves
369 P.J. Brown ROO, RC New Jersey Nets
374 Rex Walters ROO, RC New Jersey Nets
380 Anfernee Hardaway ROO, RC Orlando Magic
385 Shawn Bradley ROO, RC Philadelphia 76ers
386 Greg Graham ROO, RC Philadelphia 76ers
387 Warren Kidd ROO, RC Philadelphia 76ers
393 Malcolm Mackey ROO, RC Phoenix Suns
398 James Robinson ROO, RC Portland Trail Blazers
401 Bobby Hurley ROO, RC Sacramento Kings
406 Chris Whitney ROO, RC San Antonio Spurs
409 Ervin Johnson ROO, RC Seattle SuperSonics
415 Luther Wright ROO, RC Utah Jazz
416 Calbert Cheaney ROO, RC Washington Bullets
418 Gheorghe Muresan ROO, RC Washington Bullets


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