2003 Donruss Champions

Rookie Cards

29 record(s)

  276   Craig Brazell RC   New York Mets
  277   Terrmel Sledge RC   Montreal Expos
  278   Ryan Cameron RC   Colorado Rockies
  279   Clint Barmes RC   Colorado Rockies
  281   Todd Wellemeyer RC   Chicago Cubs
  282   Jon Leicester RC   Chicago Cubs
  283   Brandon Webb RC   Arizona Diamondbacks
  284   Tim Olson RC   Arizona Diamondbacks
  285   Matt Kata RC   Arizona Diamondbacks
  286   Robby Hammock RC   Arizona Diamondbacks
  287   Pete LaForest RC   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  288   Nook Logan RC   Detroit Tigers
  289   Prentice Redman RC   New York Mets
  290   Joe Valentine RC   Oakland Athletics
  291   Jose Contreras RC   New York Yankees
  292   Josh Stewart RC   Chicago White Sox
  293   Mike Nicolas RC   San Diego Padres
  297   Mike Hessman RC   Atlanta Braves
  298   Buddy Hernandez RC   Oakland Athletics
  299   Shane Victorino RC   San Diego Padres
  301   Hideki Matsui RC   New York Yankees
  302   Ryan Wagner RC   Cincinnati Reds
  303   Adam Loewen RC   Baltimore Orioles
  304   Chien-Ming Wang RC   New York Yankees
  305   Hong-Chih Kuo RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  306   Delmon Young RC   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  307   Dan Haren RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  308   Rickie Weeks RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  309   Ramon Nivar RC   Texas Rangers


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