2002 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects

Rookie Cards

134 record(s)

  BDP1   Clint Everts RC   Montreal Expos
  BDP2   Fred Lewis RC   San Francisco Giants
  BDP3   Jon Broxton RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  BDP4   Jason Anderson RC   New York Yankees
  BDP5   Mike Eusebio RC   Cincinnati Reds
  BDP6   Zack Greinke RC   Kansas City Royals
  BDP7   Joe Blanton RC   Oakland Athletics
  BDP8   Sergio Santos RC   Arizona Diamondbacks
  BDP9   Jason Cooper RC   Cleveland Indians
  BDP10   Delwyn Young RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  BDP11   Jeremy Hermida RC   Florida Marlins
  BDP12   Dan Ortmeier RC   San Francisco Giants
  BDP13   Kevin Jepsen RC   Anaheim Angels
  BDP14   Russ Adams RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  BDP15   Mike Nixon RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  BDP16   Nick Swisher RC   Oakland Athletics
  BDP17   Cole Hamels RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  BDP18   Brian Dopirak RC   Chicago Cubs
  BDP19   James Loney RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  BDP20   Denard Span RC   Minnesota Twins
  BDP21   Billy Petrick RC   Chicago Cubs
  BDP22   Jared Doyle RC   Arizona Diamondbacks
  BDP23   Jeff Francoeur RC   Atlanta Braves
  BDP24   Nick Bourgeois RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  BDP25   Matt Cain RC   San Francisco Giants
  BDP26   John McCurdy RC   Oakland Athletics
  BDP27   Mark Kiger RC   Oakland Athletics
  BDP28   Bill Murphy RC   Oakland Athletics
  BDP29   Matt Craig RC   Chicago Cubs
  BDP30   Mike Megrew RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  BDP31   Ben Crockett RC   Colorado Rockies
  BDP32   Luke Hagerty RC   Chicago Cubs
  BDP33   Matt Whitney RC   Cleveland Indians
  BDP34   Dan Meyer RC   Atlanta Braves
  BDP35   Jeremy Brown RC   Oakland Athletics
  BDP36   Doug Johnson RC   Colorado Rockies
  BDP37   Steve Obenchain RC   Oakland Athletics
  BDP38   Matt Clanton RC   Chicago Cubs
  BDP39   Mark Teahen RC   Oakland Athletics
  BDP40   Tom Carrow RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  BDP41   Micah Schilling RC   Cleveland Indians
  BDP42   Blair Johnson RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  BDP43   Jason Pridie RC   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  BDP44   Joey Votto RC   Cincinnati Reds
  BDP45   Taber Lee RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  BDP46   Adam Peterson RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  BDP47   Adam Donachie RC   Kansas City Royals
  BDP48   Josh Murray RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  BDP49   Brent Clevlen RC   Detroit Tigers
  BDP50   Chad Pleiness RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  BDP51   Zach Hammes RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  BDP52   Chris Snyder RC   Arizona Diamondbacks
  BDP53   Chris Smith RC   Boston Red Sox
  BDP54   Justin Maureau RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  BDP55   Dave Bush RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  BDP56   Tim Gilhooly RC   Baltimore Orioles
  BDP57   Blair Barbier RC   Chicago Cubs
  BDP58   Zack Segovia RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  BDP59   Jeremy Reed RC   Chicago White Sox
  BDP60   Matt Pender RC   Detroit Tigers
  BDP61   Eric Thomas RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  BDP62   Justin Jones RC   Chicago Cubs
  BDP63   Brian Slocum RC   Cleveland Indians
  BDP64   Larry Broadway RC   Montreal Expos
  BDP65   Bo Flowers RC   Detroit Tigers
  BDP66   Scott White RC   Boston Red Sox
  BDP67   Steve Stanley RC   Oakland Athletics
  BDP68   Alex Merricks RC   Minnesota Twins
  BDP69   Josh Womack RC   Seattle Mariners
  BDP70   Dave Jensen RC   Kansas City Royals
  BDP71   Curtis Granderson RC   Detroit Tigers
  BDP72   Pat Osborn RC   Cleveland Indians
  BDP73   Nic Carter RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  BDP74   Mitch Talbot RC   Houston Astros
  BDP75   Don Murphy RC   Kansas City Royals
  BDP76   Val Majewski RC   Baltimore Orioles
  BDP77   Javy Rodriguez RC   Anaheim Angels
  BDP78   Fernando Pacheco RC   Cleveland Indians
  BDP79   Steve Russell RC   Atlanta Braves
  BDP80   Jon Slack RC   New York Mets
  BDP81   John Baker RC   Oakland Athletics
  BDP82   Aaron Coonrod RC   San Diego Padres
  BDP83   Josh Johnson RC   Florida Marlins
  BDP84   Jake Blalock RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  BDP85   Alex Hart RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  BDP86   Wes Bankston RC   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  BDP87   Josh Rupe RC   Chicago White Sox
  BDP88   Dan Cevette RC   Cleveland Indians
  BDP89   Kiel Fisher RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  BDP90   Alan Rick RC   Chicago Cubs
  BDP91   Charlie Morton RC   Atlanta Braves
  BDP92   Chad Spann RC   Boston Red Sox
  BDP93   Kyle Boyer RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  BDP94   Bob Malek RC   New York Mets
  BDP95   Ryan Rodriguez RC   Chicago White Sox
  BDP96   Jordan Renz RC   Anaheim Angels
  BDP97   Randy Frye RC   Seattle Mariners
  BDP98   Rich Hill RC   Chicago Cubs
  BDP99   B.J. Upton RC   Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  BDP100   Dan Christensen RC   Kansas City Royals


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