1990 Score

Rookie Cards

95 record(s)

  187   Steve Davis RC   Cleveland Indians
  369   Greg Hibbard RC   Chicago White Sox
  411   Eric Yelding RC   Houston Astros
  528   Dave Johnson RC   Baltimore Orioles
  540   Jeff Wetherby RC   Atlanta Braves
  544   Rick Reed RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  557   Rick Wrona RC   Chicago Cubs
  558   Sammy Sosa RC,UER   Chicago White Sox
  564   Jack Daugherty RC   Texas Rangers
  567   Tony Fossas RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  571   Mike Dyer RC   Minnesota Twins
  572   Kevin Ritz RC   Detroit Tigers
  574   Gary Mielke RC   Texas Rangers
  580   Randy McCament RC   San Francisco Giants
  582   John Orton RC   California Angels
  583   Milt Cuyler RC, ERR   Detroit Tigers
  583   Milt Cuyler RC, COR   Detroit Tigers
  584   Eric Anthony RC   Houston Astros
  585   Greg Vaughn RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  588   Chip Hale RC   Minnesota Twins
  589   John Olerud RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  590   Steve Olin RC   Cleveland Indians
  591   Marquis Grissom RC   Montreal Expos
  592   Moises Alou RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  594   Dean Palmer RC   Texas Rangers
  597   Mike Huff RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  598   Scott Hemond RC   Oakland Athletics
  600   Todd Zeile RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  604   Bobby Rose RC   California Angels
  605   Matt Merullo RC   Chicago White Sox
  606   Kevin Maas RC   New York Yankees
  607   Randy Nosek RC   Detroit Tigers
  608   Billy Bates RC, ERR   Milwaukee Brewers
  608   Billy Bates RC, COR   Milwaukee Brewers
  609   Mike Stanton RC   Atlanta Braves
  610   Goose Gozzo RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  612   Scott Coolbaugh RC   Texas Rangers
  613   Jose Vizcaino RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  614   Greg Smith RC   Chicago Cubs
  615   Jeff Huson RC   Montreal Expos
  616   Mickey Weston RC   Baltimore Orioles
  619   Bernie Williams RC   New York Yankees
  620   Shawn Holman RC   Detroit Tigers
  621   Gary Eave RC   Atlanta Braves
  622   Darrin Fletcher RC, UER   Los Angeles Dodgers
  624   Mike Blowers RC   New York Yankees
  626   Pat Austin RC   Detroit Tigers
  627   Kelly Mann RC   Atlanta Braves
  628   Matt Kinzer RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  629   Chris Hammond RC   Cincinnati Reds
  630   Dean Wilkins RC   Chicago Cubs
  631   Larry Walker RC, UER   Montreal Expos
  632   Blaine Beatty RC   New York Mets
  634   Stan Belinda RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  635   Mike Smith RC   Baltimore Orioles
  637   Juan Gonzalez RC, UER   Texas Rangers
  638   Lenny Webster RC   Minnesota Twins
  639   Mark Gardner RC   Montreal Expos
  640   Tommy Greene RC   Atlanta Braves
  641   Mike Hartley RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  642   Phil Stephenson RC   San Diego Padres
  643   Kevin Mmahat RC   New York Yankees
  644   Ed Whited RC   Atlanta Braves
  647   Paul Sorrento RC   Minnesota Twins
  648   Mike Roesler RC   Cincinnati Reds
  649   Jason Grimsley RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  650   Dave Justice RC   Atlanta Braves
  651   Scott Cooper RC   Boston Red Sox
  653   Mike Munoz RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  654   Jeff Fischer RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  655   Terry Jorgensen RC   Minnesota Twins
  656   George Canale RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  657   Brian DuBois RC   Detroit Tigers
  661   Donald Harris FRDP, RC   Texas Rangers
  662   Paul Coleman FRDP, RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  663   Frank Thomas FRDP, RC   Chicago White Sox
  664   Brent Mayne FRDP, RC   Kansas City Royals
  665   Eddie Zosky FRDP, RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  666   Steve Hosey FRDP, RC   San Francisco Giants
  667   Scott Bryant FRDP, RC   Cincinnati Reds
  668   Tom Goodwin FRDP, RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  669   Cal Eldred FRDP, RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  670   Earl Cunningham FRDP, RC   Chicago Cubs
  671   Alan Zinter FRDP, RC   New York Mets
  672   Chuck Knoblauch FRDP, RC   Minnesota Twins
  673   Kyle Abbott FRDP, RC   California Angels
  674   Roger Salkeld FRDP, RC   Seattle Mariners
  675   Maurice Vaughn FRDP, RC   Boston Red Sox
  676   Keith "Kiki" Jones FRDP, RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  677   Tyler Houston FRDP, RC   Atlanta Braves
  678   Jeff Jackson FRDP, RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  679   Greg Gohr FRDP, RC   Detroit Tigers
  680   Ben McDonald FRDP, RC   Baltimore Orioles
  681   Greg Blosser FRDP, RC   Boston Red Sox
  682   Willie Greene FRDP, RC, UER   Pittsburgh Pirates


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