1989 Score

Rookie Cards

52 record(s)

  13   Jeff Pico RC   Chicago Cubs
  104   Chris Sabo RC   Cincinnati Reds
  142   Rich Renteria RC   Seattle Mariners
  168   Don Heinkel RC   Detroit Tigers
  185   Bryan Harvey RC, UER   California Angels
  198   Pat Borders RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  231   Luis Alicea RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  237   Craig Biggio RC   Houston Astros
  319   Mike Macfarlane RC   Kansas City Royals
  346   Nelson Santovenia RC   Montreal Expos
  455   Dave Gallagher RC   Chicago White Sox
  459   Doug Jennings RC   Oakland Athletics
  462   Jack Armstrong RC   Cincinnati Reds
  465   Todd Burns RC   Oakland Athletics
  512   Jeff Bittiger RC   Chicago White Sox
  528   Mike Schooler RC   Seattle Mariners
  534   John Costello RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  548   Ricky Jordan RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  563   Brady Anderson RC   Baltimore Orioles
  566   Terry Clark RC   California Angels
  571   Oswald Peraza RC   Baltimore Orioles
  573   Jose Bautista RC   Baltimore Orioles
  576   Mark Parent RC   San Diego Padres
  595   Paul Gibson VAR, RC   Detroit Tigers
  595   Paul Gibson VAR, RC   Detroit Tigers
  604   Gary Varsho RC   Chicago Cubs
  605   Terry Blocker RC   Atlanta Braves
  616   John Smoltz RC   Atlanta Braves
  618   Rob Dibble RC   Cincinnati Reds
  621   Doug Dascenzo RP, RC   Chicago Cubs
  622   Bill Brennan RP, RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  623   Carlos Quintana RP, RC   Boston Red Sox
  624   Mike Harkey RP, RC, UER   Chicago Cubs
  625   Gary Sheffield RP, RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  628   Charlie Hayes RP, RC, UER   San Francisco Giants
  629   Felix Jose RP, RC, UER   Oakland Athletics
  630   Sandy Alomar RP, RC, UER   San Diego Padres
  631   Derek Lilliquist RP, RC   Atlanta Braves
  634   Tom Gordon RP, RC, UER   Kansas City Royals
  635   Ramon Martinez RP, RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  636   Craig Worthington RP, RC   Baltimore Orioles
  638   Chad Kreuter RP, RC   Texas Rangers
  640   Van Snider RP, RC   Cincinnati Reds
  641   Lance Blankenship RP, RC   Oakland Athletics
  642   Dwight Smith RP, RC, UER   Chicago Cubs
  644   Jerald Clark RP, RC   San Diego Padres
  645   Randy Johnson RP, RC   Montreal Expos
  646   Norm Charlton RP, RC   Cincinnati Reds
  648   Luis De Los Santos RP, RC   Kansas City Royals
  649   Tim Jones RP, RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  650   Dave West RP, RC, UER   New York Mets
  651   Bob Milacki RP, RC   Baltimore Orioles


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