1989 Bowman

Rookie Cards

67 record(s)

  1   Oswald Peraza RC   Baltimore Orioles
  3   Jose Bautista RC   Baltimore Orioles
  4   Pete Harnisch RC   Baltimore Orioles
  6   Gregg Olson RC   Baltimore Orioles
  11   Juan Bell RC   Baltimore Orioles
  15   Steve Finley RC   Baltimore Orioles
  18   Brady Anderson RC   Baltimore Orioles
  20   Tom Fischer RC   Boston Red Sox
  24   John Dopson RC   Boston Red Sox
  39   Jim Abbott RC   California Angels
  40   Bryan Harvey RC   California Angels
  60   Jeff Bittiger RC   Chicago White Sox
  65   Robin Ventura RC   Chicago White Sox
  71   Dave Gallagher RC   Chicago White Sox
  73   Charles Nagy RC   Cleveland Indians
  75   Kevin Wickander RC   Cleveland Indians
  77   Mike Walker RC   Cleveland Indians
  87   Mark Lewis RC   Cleveland Indians
  95   Steve Searcy RC   Detroit Tigers
  99   Paul Gibson RC   Detroit Tigers
  102   Rico Brogna RC, UER   Detroit Tigers
  110   Mel Stottlemyre, Jr. RC   Kansas City Royals
  115   Tom Gordon RC, UER   Kansas City Royals
  118   Mike Macfarlane RC   Kansas City Royals
  127   Hugh Walker RC   Kansas City Royals
  142   Gary Sheffield RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  153   Johnny Ard RC   Minnesota Twins
  195   Stan Royer RC   Oakland Athletics
  206   Erik Hanson RC   Seattle Mariners
  211   Tino Martinez RC   Seattle Mariners
  212   Rich Renteria RC   Seattle Mariners
  220   Ken Griffey Jr. RC   Seattle Mariners
  233   Monty Fariss RC   Texas Rangers
  244   Tony Castillo RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  252   Ed Sprague RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  264   Derek Lilliquist RC   Atlanta Braves
  266   John Smoltz RC   Atlanta Braves
  268   Steve Avery RC   Atlanta Braves
  280   Steve Wilson RC   Chicago Cubs
  286   Mike Harkey RC   Chicago Cubs
  289   Ty Griffin RC   Chicago Cubs
  295   Jerome Walton RC   Chicago Cubs
  297   Dwight Smith RC   Chicago Cubs
  305   Rob Dibble RC   Cincinnati Reds
  309   Chris Sabo RC   Cincinnati Reds
  319   Brian Meyer RC   Houston Astros
  332   Willie Ansley RC   Houston Astros
  334   Cameron Drew RC   Houston Astros
  340   Bill Bene RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  357   Brian Holman RC   Montreal Expos
  358   Dave Wainhouse RC   Montreal Expos
  361   Nelson Santovenia RC   Montreal Expos
  373   Wally Whitehurst RC   New York Mets
  378   Dave Proctor RC   New York Mets
  398   Pat Combs RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  401   Ricky Jordan RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  407   Ron Jones RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  412   Scott Medvin RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  420   Austin Manahan RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  427   Don Heinkel RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  430   Brad DuVall RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  433   John Ericks RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  439   Tim Jones RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  448   Andy Benes RC   San Diego Padres
  454   Sandy Alomar, Jr. RC   San Diego Padres
  462   Jerald Clark RC   San Diego Padres
  472   Royce Clayton RC   San Francisco Giants


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