1988 Topps

Rookie Cards

83 record(s)

  18   Al Leiter RC, FS, ERR   New York Yankees
  18   Al Leiter RC, FS, COR   New York Yankees
  19   Mark Davidson RC   Minnesota Twins
  42   Bill Landrum RC   Cincinnati Reds
  57   Tim Crews RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  61   Mark Knudson RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  64   Ken Caminiti RC   Houston Astros
  69   Mike Hart RC   Baltimore Orioles
  82   Darrel Akerfelds RC   Cleveland Indians
  89   Gary Thurman RC   Kansas City Royals
  91   Joey Cora RC   San Diego Padres
  94   Chuck Jackson RC   Houston Astros
  96   Todd Benzinger RC   Boston Red Sox
  98   Rene Gonzales RC   Baltimore Orioles
  106   Jim Walewander RC   Detroit Tigers
  117   James Steels RC   San Diego Padres
  119   Robbie Wine RC   Houston Astros
  144   Don Gordon RC   Cleveland Indians
  146   Donell Nixon RC   Seattle Mariners
  152   Jody Reed RC   Boston Red Sox
  159   Brad Arnsberg RC   New York Yankees
  166   Rick Rodriguez RC   Oakland Athletics
  169   Ross Jones RC   Kansas City Royals
  172   Lloyd McClendon RC   Cincinnati Reds
  189   Wes Gardner RC   Boston Red Sox
  199   Dave Meads RC   Houston Astros
  205   Nelson Liriano RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  207   John Mitchell RC   New York Mets
  238   Luis Polonia RC   Oakland Athletics
  246   Mike Campbell FS, RC   Seattle Mariners
  264   Les Straker RC   Minnesota Twins
  267   Billy Bean RC   Detroit Tigers
  269   Ellis Burks RC, ASR   Boston Red Sox
  286   Chuck Crim RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  293   Doug Jones RC   Cleveland Indians
  309   Bill Long RC   Chicago White Sox
  322   Vicente Palacios RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  352   Billy Ripken RC   Baltimore Orioles
  372   Matt Williams RC   San Francisco Giants
  376   Bill Wilkinson RC   Seattle Mariners
  377   Sam Horn RC   Boston Red Sox
  378   Todd Frohwirth RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  380   Joe Magrane RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  382   Keith Miller RC   New York Mets
  417   Mark Ciardi RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  423   John Smiley RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  433   Bill Pecota RC   Kansas City Royals
  437   Fred Manrique RC   Chicago White Sox
  438   Rob Ducey RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  442   Tom Bolton RC   Boston Red Sox
  447   Jeff Montgomery RC   Cincinnati Reds
  449   Jeff Robinson RC   Detroit Tigers
  455   Shawn Hillegas RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  483   Rod Booker RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  486   Pat Keedy RC   Chicago White Sox
  494   Wally Ritchie RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  503   Junior Noboa RC   Cleveland Indians
  522   Bob Patterson RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  533   John Farrell RC   Cleveland Indians
  542   Paul Noce RC   Chicago Cubs
  556   Stan Clarke RC   Seattle Mariners
  559   Ken Williams RC   Chicago White Sox
  566   Charlie O'Brien RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  571   Mark Williamson RC   Baltimore Orioles
  576   Tommy Hinzo RC   Cleveland Indians
  582   Mike Henneman RC   Detroit Tigers
  588   Jeff Parrett RC   Montreal Expos
  627   Joe Boever RC   Atlanta Braves
  633   Barry Lyons RC   New York Mets
  637   Jay Bell RC   Cleveland Indians
  643   Rocky Childress RC   Houston Astros
  645   Matt Nokes RC, ASR   Detroit Tigers
  649   DeWayne Buice RC   California Angels
  651   Mike Jackson RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  672   John Davis RC   Kansas City Royals
  689   Tom Pagnozzi RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  694   Eric Nolte RC   San Diego Padres
  746   Gene Larkin RC   Minnesota Twins
  758   Eddie Williams RC   Cleveland Indians
  767   Jose Lind RC, FS   Pittsburgh Pirates
  779   Tom Glavine RC   Atlanta Braves
  781   Keith Hughes RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  782   Jeff Ballard RC   Baltimore Orioles


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