1986 Topps

Rookie Cards

64 record(s)

  12   Jose Uribe RC   San Francisco Giants
  23   Manny Lee RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  44   Lance McCullers RC   San Diego Padres
  53   Len Dykstra RC   New York Mets
  61   Karl Best RC   Seattle Mariners
  102   Joe Orsulak RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  121   Nelson Simmons RC   Detroit Tigers
  127   Jack Howell RC   California Angels
  172   Jerry Reed RC   Cleveland Indians
  174   Brian Snyder RC   Seattle Mariners
  179   Stu Cliburn RC   California Angels
  208   Ramon Romero RC   Cleveland Indians
  211   Ed Wojna RC   San Diego Padres
  218   Randy Hunt RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  222   Craig Gerber RC   California Angels
  236   Frank Eufemia RC   Minnesota Twins
  242   Rich Thompson RC   Cleveland Indians
  254   Ozzie Guillen RC   Chicago White Sox
  258   Tim Burke RC   Montreal Expos
  264   Darren Daulton RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  272   Tim Tolman RC   Houston Astros
  279   Al Pardo RC   Baltimore Orioles
  287   John Christensen RC   New York Mets
  303   Curt Wardle RC   Cleveland Indians
  304   Mike Gallego RC   Oakland Athletics
  313   Joe DeSa RC   Chicago White Sox
  316   Sammy Khalifa RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  347   Teddy Higuera RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  370   Vince Coleman RC, UER   St. Louis Cardinals
  373   Urbano Lugo RC   California Angels
  381   Ray Miller MGR, CL, RC   Minnesota Twins
  382   Ivan Calderon RC   Seattle Mariners
  383   Chris Brown RC   San Francisco Giants
  386   Cecil Fielder RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  393   Chris Pittaro RC   Detroit Tigers
  397   Steve Buechele RC   Texas Rangers
  398   Earnie Riles RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  409   Paul Runge RC   Atlanta Braves
  419   Frank Wills RC   Seattle Mariners
  448   Herm Winningham RC   Montreal Expos
  451   Mark Brown RC   Minnesota Twins
  457   Mickey Tettleton RC   Oakland Athletics
  476   Ron Mathis RC   Houston Astros
  479   Bob Melvin RC   Detroit Tigers
  488   Lou Thornton RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  502   Glen Cook RC   Texas Rangers
  507   Steve Ontiveros RC   Oakland Athletics
  517   Milt Thompson RC   Atlanta Braves
  521   Nate Snell RC   Baltimore Orioles
  529   Marc Sullivan RC   Boston Red Sox
  532   Don Carman RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  534   Jeff Calhoun RC   Houston Astros
  547   Roger McDowell RC   New York Mets
  567   Jeff Barkley RC   Cleveland Indians
  584   Brian Fisher RC   New York Yankees
  599   Rick Aguilera RC   New York Mets
  602   Mariano Duncan RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  628   Kirk McCaskill RC   California Angels
  629   Mitch Webster RC   Montreal Expos
  649   Ronn Reynolds RC   New York Mets
  687   Mike Trujillo RC   Boston Red Sox
  732   Floyd Youmans RC   Montreal Expos
  754   Pat Clements RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  769   Harold Reynolds RC   Seattle Mariners


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