1991-92 Score Canadian English

Rookie Cards

48 record(s)

  276   Kevin Haller TP, RC   Buffalo Sabres
  277   Dave Gagnon TP, RC   Detroit Red Wings
  280   Patrick Lebeau TP, RC   Montreal Canadiens
  281   Alexander Godynyuk TP, RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  282   Jarrod Skalde TP, RC   New Jersey Devils
  283   Ken Sutton TP, RC   Buffalo Sabres
  284   Sergei Kharin TP, RC   Winnipeg Jets
  285   Andre Racicot TP, RC   Montreal Canadiens
  286   Doug Weight TP, RC   New York Rangers
  287   Kevin Todd TP, RC   New Jersey Devils
  288   Tony Amonte TP, RC   New York Rangers
  289   Kimbi Daniels TP, RC   Philadelphia Flyers
  290   Jeff Daniels TP, RC   Pittsburgh Penguins
  340   Dennis Vaske TP, RC   New York Islanders
  341   Rob Pearson TP, RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  343   John LeClair TP, RC   Montreal Canadiens
  344   Bryan Marchment TP, RC   Winnipeg Jets
  345   Gary Shuchuk TP, RC   Detroit Red Wings
  346   Dominik Hasek TP, RC, UER   Chicago Blackhawks
  347   Michel Picard TP, RC   Hartford Whalers
  348   Corey Millen TP, RC   New York Rangers
  349   Joe Sacco TP, RC   Toronto Maple Leafs
  350   Reggie Savage TP, RC   Washington Capitals
  352   Myles O'Connor TP, RC   New Jersey Devils
  354   Geoff Sanderson TP, RC   Hartford Whalers
  356   Alexei Gusarov TP, RC   Quebec Nordiques
  358   Bob Wilkie TP, RC   Detroit Red Wings
  359   Pat Jablonski TP, RC   St. Louis Blues
  396   Tony Twist RC   Quebec Nordiques
  434   Norm Maciver RC   Edmonton Oilers
  445   Jeff Lazaro RC   Boston Bruins
  446   Brian Glynn RC   Minnesota North Stars
  499   Mike Donnelly RC   Los Angeles Kings
  541   Bill Berg RC   New York Islanders
  603   Brad Jones RC   Philadelphia Flyers
  606   Bryan Marchment RC   Chicago Blackhawks
  621   Nicklas Lidstrom RC, UER   Detroit Red Wings
  627   Russ Romaniuk RC   Winnipeg Jets
  629   Tomas Forslund RC   Calgary Flames
  644   David Bruce RC   San Jose Sharks
  645   Pat MacLeod RC   San Jose Sharks
  647   Ken Hammond RC   San Jose Sharks
  649   Perry Anderson RC   San Jose Sharks
  650   Kevin Evans RC   San Jose Sharks
  651   Mike McHugh RC, UER   San Jose Sharks
  653   Darcy Wakaluk RC   Minnesota North Stars
  658   Ken Priestlay RC   Pittsburgh Penguins
  659   Vladimir Konstantinov RC   Detroit Red Wings


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