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Father and son combining junk wax with a new age of collecting.  Base cards still matter and so does the love of the hobby.  We love the White Sox, Chicago Bears, Bo Jackson, Frank Thomas, Carlton Fisk, Robin Ventura, Jim Abbott, Rickey Henderson, and Jackie Robinson.

My son is trying to collect the following sets:

2019 Score Football Base Set

2019 Donruss Football Base Set

1993 Topps Baseball (Looking for a Jeter that is GD/VG so he can afford it for his set)

2020 Topps Base Set and Update Base Set

Current White Sox player cards. (Eloy, TA, Giolito, Yoan, Yaz, etc)

Jackie Robinson reprints (his idol)

Jim Abbott (he fell in love with Jim's inspirational story)

Shoei Ohtani - what kid doesn't love this guy?!?

1991 Donruss Baseball - Recently completed thanks to trades via TCDB!

I am trying to collect:

I recently completed a PC project collecting all major production base cards for Frank Thomas (Sox only) Carlton Fisk and Bo Jackson spanning their playing career.  I PC Frank Thomas, Carlton Fisk, Bo Jackson, Robin Ventura, and other JWE stars like Rickey Henderson, Harold Baines,  Ozzie Guillen, Jose Canseco, Eric Davis, etc...

I PC the Chicago Bears with a focus on members of the 1985 Bears picking up cards spanning their careers.  I have a few other Football Favorites like Larry Allen, Devin Hester, and other random stars from the past.

Thanks to TCDB I was able to obtain my holy grail card - 72 Topps Pudge Fisk RC!

in the process of finishing:  

1991 Topps Baseball Set

Thanks to TCDB I've recently completed the following sets:

1988 Score Baseball, 1990 Score Baseball, 1990 Donruss Baseball, 1990 Upper Deck Baseball, 1991 Upper Deck Baseball, 1990 Topps Baseball, 1987 Topps Baseball, 1992 Topps Baseball and 1988 Topps Baseball


Hall of Famers and MLB Stars  are correctly identified with the correct VAR (INC, INC DOT, etc)

1989 Donruss All VAR's are updated (INC, INC DOT, etc.)

1990 Donrusss ALL VAR's are updated (INC and INC DOT)

1991 Donruss ALL VAR"s are updated (INC AND INC DOT)

1992 Donruss - All VAR's are updated (INC, INC DOT, etc.)

1992 Leaf/Leaf Gold - All VAR's are updated (INC, INC DOT, etc.)





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