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**I recently added all my extra Twins cards, 1961-1980, to my trade list.  These cards range from very nice to very poor condition.  If you are interested in trading for any of these cards, I will describe them as best I can before I accept a transaction proposal, and I'll be happy to text or email you a picture of the card(s) you are requesting.**

After 8 years on the site, I finally decided to expand my profile.  As my user name suggests, I am a collector of all things Minnesota Twins, and Kirby Puckett is the top player I collect.  Whenever I pick up a Twins card, the hunt is on to complete that Twins team set.  I currently have well over 4,000 Twins team sets, cataloged in 50 binders, while several hundred more team sets are a work in progress.  It is a great feeling finishing off a team set, finding that last card that sometimes took years to locate.

A note about trading:  Even though they may show up on my wantlist (I try to delete them whenever I see them), I am generally not interested in all the variations (dot or not dot, one or two asterisks, Copyright D or E, etc.), unless they are Puckett cards.

I am currently ranked #1 in TCDB for Twins cards.. My top ten Twins cards are (with current TCDB ranking):

  • 1.  Kirby Puckett (4th)
  • 2.  Joe Mauer (4th)
  • 3.  Torii Hunter (3rd)
  • 4.  Harmon Killebrew (2nd)
  • 5.  Justiin Morneau (5th)
  • 6.  Byron Buxton (1st)
  • 7.  Chuck Knoblauch (2nd)
  • 8.  Rod Carew (3rd)
  • 9.  Miguel Sano (1st)
  • 10.  Kent Hrbek (3rd)
  • 34.  Tony Oliva (1st)  I added Tony because he was my favorite player growing up.   What a thrill it was to see him go into the HOF!  I see him every year at spring training.  What a great gentleman and ambassador for the game!
  • I also dabble in Vikings cards, but now that they have disappointed me again, I'll probably ease off but feel free to offer me any Vikings cards I don't have.

"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." -- Jackie Robinson





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