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BASEBALL: San Diego Padres, HOFers, MVPs, CYs, ROYs and other baseball legends, as well as baseball players from Mexico.

I collect for fun, so none of my cards are professionally graded, but all of them are at least in very good (or better) condition. I'd also like to get cards in at least very good condition, so please let me know if any of the cards you're offering are not in good shape (bends or creases, severe corner wear, or major scratches), as I probably won't want them in my collection. Ask for details if interested in the condition of the cards I offer, I'll do my best to disclose any significant issues with the cards before accepting a trade.

I'm not an expert, I make trade offers in good faith, and try to reach equal value, so if my offer doesn't look good to you, let me know, I'm always happy to make a deal. 

I'll send the cards via PWE unless we agree otherwise; Due to recent issues with USPS, I'm now choosing to take the envelopes directly to the post office to make sure they're processed properly, so it may take me 1 or 2 days to ship, and I can only ship on weekdays. I'll do my best to communicate when making a deal.

Sorry, the cards in "My Collection" are not for sale/trade.



My Autographed Cards by pianojazzman
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