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I mostly just trade inserts for cards I want, but I am always trying to fill out my base sets as well. Mostly just interested in baseball, won't say no to any St. Louis stuff from any years, so feel free to ask. There are too many sets for me to include in my wantlist, but if we have Cardinals stuff fnot on my want list rom any year, just let me know and we can work something out. I always try to make sure that my trades are as fair as possible.


I work 12 hour shifts, so I might not be able to get around to packging stuff or offering counters immediatly, but I will always let you know if I am interested.


Cardinals players I am most interested in:

Mark McGwire (A's cards too!)

Yadier Molina

Lou Brock

Bob Gibson

Albert Pujols (Cardinals primarily, but I'm willing to make a trade for Angels stuff)

Quote:   The two most important things in life: good friends and a strong bullpen. - Bob Lemon





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