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1993-94 Finest Basketball
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Hey everybody, Jeremy here.

Big time Husker fan as I've grown up and lived in Nebraska my entire life. I'm an alum and will cheer for any sport.

Been a card collector since a wee child. Took a 15 year hiatus in college and post-college and getting back into it collecting my childhood favorites. Boy have things changed! I'll dabble in some new cards as well if they aren't all gone at the local retailers. Thus, I have newer cards for trade as well.

My goal: is to help you complete your sets and/or collect your favorite players or teams. I only have 1-5% of my collection logged into TCDB thus far, so most likely have many more in your want list then what appears. I'm very open and actually prefer trading 100-400 cards for 5-15 cards in return. I understand a number of my want list includes potentially "higher" priced cards ($1-$20+), so if I need to trade 1:10 or 1:20 if you're open to that, I am as well and will ship accordingly. As stated above, I love helping others complete sets as I have a TON of doubles and commons.

I will always send PWE, unless the trade is over 25+ cards, then use a padded envelope.

I enjoy collecting: (ranking week of 3/13 ---> 3/20)
Shaquille O'Neal (#25 ---> #24) (3.7% Complete)
* Ken Griffey Jr. (#49 ---> #49) (2.9% Complete)
* Dan Marino (#21 ---> #21) (3.9% Complete)
* Kobe Bryant (#35 ---> #35) (1.4% Complete)
* Michael Jordan (#139 ---> #139) (2.4% Complete)
* Lebron James (#65 ---> #65) (0.4% Complete)
* Alex Rodriguez (#80 ---> #80) (1.0% Complete)
* Ricky Williams (#10 ---> #10) (3.5% Complete)

Would love to eventually be in the Top 100, even Top 50 in all the above at some point in time.

Always open to fair offers and selling any cards in my FS/FT list, as I have a BUNCH of cards I'm looking to purge as well. As I continue to get back into it, I may grow my wants/needs in completing sets, etc. I accept cards in all conditions, they don't have to be perfect.

Appreciate all considerations and will try to communicate if a card isn't in "gem mint" condition as well, as I do have some that aren't, as I actually traded cards waaaayyyyy before TCDB came along!




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