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I keep up with the Topps and Donruss base baseball sets. 

I also enjoy collecting oddball baseball sets.  My current focus is on the following:

  • Starting Line Up cards (not the figures)
  • Sponsored teams sets like Mother's, Police, Fire Safety, Coke, etc.
  • Updating my Hostess box panel cards (individuals)

Always looking for Frank Thomas, Carlton Fisk & Ernie Banks that I do not have.


CARD CONDITION: I have removed all recent cards that are not NRMT or better from my inventory.  ExMt or better from 80's or earlier.  Anything less than ExMt will be specified and discussed before mailing.  In turn, I ask that you do not send me anything that does not meet these criteria. 

POSTAGE: Keep it thin to keep it cheap.  If you insist on sending in a bubble mailer, the postage starts at $3.80 because it will be to thick to meet minimum specifications.  Consider splitting larger orders into separate envelopes.  Three $1 letters is still less than than one $3.80 bubble mailer. Many here put cards in a 9 pocket page.  Each sleeve can hold up to 3 cards.  Fold the top row down over the middle and the bottom row up over that.  Tape this to a thin piece of cardboard from a cereal or kleenex box.  This can fit in a #10 envelope.  Add a regular stamp for the first ounce and a 15 cent stamp for each ounce over that.  Plus another 15 cent stamp for rigid content.  Write NON-MACHINABLE on the envelope.  Sending 9 cards usually cost 85 cents, 18 cards for $1 and 27 cards for $1.15.

Quote:   In it for the fun.





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