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Last Login:   2/1/2023
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From:   Monument, Colorado United States
Collection:   19,964 cards



Goals by priority:

Collect 1400 unique Tony Gwynn cards with a focus on 1982-2001 cards. (1359/1400) 12-10-22

Complete 2 master sets of 87 Topps baseball. 6 more cards needed.  1-10-21

Acquiring Albuquerque Dukes Minor League baseball team sets from 1985-1994.

Minor league baseball all years.  I don't have much of this on my want list but I really like this stuff so if you need to fill out a trade let me know what to put on my want list so you can add it. 

Finish 93 Ultra baseball series 2.

Collect all ProCards minor league cards from 1989-1990.

Collect 1000 unique Tony Gwynn cards from years 1982-2001 with a focus on 80's cards. COMPLETE  (1000/1000) 1-28-21

       I am still uploading the majority of my trade list but I finally have all of my Tony Gwynn cards listed.  I am willing to trade Gwynn cards from my collection but only for older Gwynn cards.

I am also interested in any cheap late 80's-early 90's complete baseball sets.





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