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Cleveland Browns cards



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Vintage (all sports), michael jordan, jim brown, julius erving, walter payton, bo jackson, frank thomas, joe montana, jerry rice, ken griffey jr, muhammad ali /cassius clay, zion williamson, vince carter, luka doncic 

when all you have is a hammer.. everything looks like a nail


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Trading for ONLY cards I need.  I will consider misprints and others not listed here.   Nebraska Cornhusker Football players.    Will buy if the price is right.

Not trading/selling any of my PC cards.

Selling cheap:   you name the cards and a fair price. I'm easy to work with.   I like getting cards to people for their PC.   

Like a lot of us here I have a lot of cards not listed.   Will try to list more players when asked to.

All sets that are listed here are for sale/trade.

Mainly doing PWE.

Jim Budler

512 Mt. Evans St.

Longmont, CO.  80504



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12/5/23 Update: I will likely be pausing trading until the beginning of the new year to allow me time to reorganize my collection.  I have over 50,000 cards to put away in sets.  Please save you trades until that time. Thanks.

I’ve been collecting cards for over 47 years and have over 502,000 unique cards in my main collection, including some nice vintage stuff.  I collect older cards of the four major sports but lately I've been expanding to some more recent sets.  I'm primarily a Set Builder and I’m looking for other like-minded set builders to trade with.   I’ve accumulated tons of extra cards that I would like to trade away with almost 250,000 cards in my current For Trade list.  Big trades don't bother me. I have a huge Want List, so hopefully you have something I need.  Feel free to make me an offer. 

For Canadian Traders: It's expensive for me to trade across the border.  Going forward I would like to limit cross border trades to two (2) PWEs. That's about 54 standard-size cards.  Thanks.

For Anyone Outside US/Canada: The increased postal rates have made it impossible for me to trade outside North America cheaply.  So going forward I will have to decline trades from outside US/Canada.  Sorry about that.

Update on Donruss/Leaf * Variations and Upper Deck Holo Variations:
I can't guaranty the junk wax era Donruss/Leaf cards and the UD holo variations are listed with the correct variation.  Going forward I will no longer check the variations on these cards.  If you want these cards regardless of the variations, feel free to request them in the trade.  Howver, If you want a specific variation of these cards, I'm no longer your guy - please don't put them in the trade request.  For all other cards that have variations, I will contniue to check and make sure you get the correct one.

Note on Vintage Cards:
I have over 6,000 vintage cards listed for trade (I consider vintage to be 1977 or earlier).  For each card I've noted a condition grade and if you check closer, a note on each regarding any condition issues (be sure to select the correct one if multiple cards are shown).  Please note that I'm by no means a professional grader and if you're hyper-sensitive on card condition, please message me first and I'd be happy talk about it.  In exchange for these cards I have three priorities:

  • 1) similar vintage cards that I need (any sport)
  • 2) inserts for my 90s sets that I need (any sport)
  • 3) or non-junk era base cards that i need as a last resort (any sport)

Note on Card ConditionA card noted as Pr, Fr, Gd, or GdVg will have some obvious condition issues such as creasing, corner wear, or marks.  I would consider them place holders in a collection at best (I've listed them because some people do want place holders).  A VG card will usually be a clean card with some corner wear or a centering issue.  For me, VG would be the bare minimum for my personal collection.  EX will be nice sharp card and VgEx will be something just between VG and Ex, still a nice card with a small issue that prevents it from being EX.  NM in vintage is a tough find.

Set collectors of the world.. UNITE !!!


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Steelers and 2006 Playoff Prestige Inserts

HS football season has started again. So trades will be off until Nov. as coaching takes up all my free time.



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Broncos, Football in general, 1 0f 1's and autographs

If you're going to be dumb, you better be tough


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Michigan Wolverines (all sports), Detroit Tigers, Griffey/Gwynn/Maddux/Ripken
#1 collector of Rich Hill!

*Cards in my collection are not available for sale or trade, only those on my For Sale/Trade list are available in deals*



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12/4/2023 - Updated my PC lists, so there will be a mass of Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente & Corbin Burnes cards available for sale/trade here soon.  As I mention below, my want list is quite narrow, so I am more than willing to sell cards if we don't match up for a trade.  


Came across tcdb.com towards the end of 2019, and I have now completed over 1,400 transactions, with over 22,000 cards changing hands!  Love everything about this site.  I have met so many cool people from all over the Country, and even a few from Canada and beyond. (Just completed a trade to Finland, as a matter of fact).

Stole this from another member, but......my goal is to have zero cards in my For Sale/Trade List.  So keep the proposals comin'!

(I know my Want List is relatively small, so I am certainly willing to Sell cards if we don't have enough matches to work out a trade)

My PC list is as follows (with TCDB rankings as of 9/28/2023):

NBA: Giannis (5), Dirk Nowitzki (4), and Tim Duncan (2).  

NFL: Sterling Sharpe (3), and Don Majkowski (2)

MLB: Aaron Ashby (1), Robin Yount (8), Tony Gwynn (6), Hal Morris (3), Mark Grace (7), Ethan Small (1), Pat Listach (1) and Mark Langston (1)

WWE: Lita (4)

UFC: Conor McGregor (4)

Non-Sport: Eddie Vedder, Judah Friedlander, Big Jay Oakerson, The Brothers Osborne (TJ & John), Rob Riggle, Bert Kreischer, Tom Segura, Charlie Berens, Post Malone and Brody Stevens

Although I currently live in Florida, I was born in Milwaukee.....hence my obsession with Wisconsin sports teams.  Ha.

Please check out my For Sale/Trade list, and feel free to message me or send me trade proposals any time.....let's see what we can get done!  (I don't necessarily trade based on "book value", but rather the value to me, so please feel free to counter if I propose a trade that you feel is unfair.  I also have no rules about "insert for insert" or any of that nonsense, so don't be shy to shoot me a proposal)  

When all is said and done, be sure more is done than said.


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Always trading never buying

Currently collecting all things Rockies, Nuggets, Broncos and Avalanche 

Sets trying finish.

2000-01 Topps basketball

2000 01 Bowman basketball 

1976 Topps baseball

2019 Topps S1 and S2

2020 Topps series 1

2021 Topps S2





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Mark McGwire

Complete Sets

Trades will be mailed out on Mondays and Fridays. 

If you cannot stand behind our soldiers, please feel free to stand in front of them.


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Location:   Seattle, Washington, United States

I collect Charles Woodson cards.




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Location:   United States

Former University of Iowa Hawkeyes: all sports (with main focus on football) and oddball products

Oakland Raider fan with an emphasis on 1980's - 90's players cards. Howie Long and Tim Brown especially.



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Location:   Iowa, United States

Baseball: Complete Sets, Topps Base and Archives, New York Yankees.
Football: Topps 1969-1974 & 1972 Sunoco
Basketball: Topps 1969-1972
Hockey: Topps 1972-73: (I only need 10 cards from this set, with 55 cards for trade)


  1. pre-1960 Topps baseball
  2. 1960-1969 Topps baseball inserts (base set)
  3. 1995-2009 Topps baseball inserts (base set)
  4. Everything else

If you don't have anything on my wantlist, try offering some of these:

  • New York Yankees: any card not in my collection
  • Complete Baseball Sets: any complete baseball set I don't have in my collection. I like the junk-era small sets and Topps mail-in sets.

Please be willing to verify or send images of VARS offered in trade.

Just guidelines, not absolutes. I prefer the following:

  • Trade within the same sport. Baseball for Baseball. Football for Football.



Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world. - Babe Ruth

Ken Kinsey

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Location:   Anderson, SC, United States

I'm a collector, not an investor. Looking to complete Topps sets, wax pack and pack inserts, from 1952-1995. I have another side collection concentrating on major-brand (non-Topps) issues of Chicago Cubs players, 1981-2017.

Trades only, please.

PWE's welcome!

Your "dumpers" would have a happy home here - I'm not too picky about condition, but would be accommodating if you are.

I used to cry because I had no shoes ... then I met a man who had no feet.


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The #1 collector of Dallas Cowboy cards (12,400+) on tcdb.com as of November 12, 2021 (my wife is so proud of me, said no card collector ever) ... Thanks to all that have traded with me. I look forward to more trades to take this collection to completion (132,000 more)!!

Dallas Cowboy cards and memorabilia.

Other items I collect:

  • Dirk Nowitzki (284)
  • Luka Doncic (81)
  • Syracuse Orangemen Basketball (11)
  • Steele Walker (7) 


Tip: Include the transaction ID number inside the package to help your trade partner identify the trade.

Coaching is making men do what they don't want, so they can become what they want to be - Tom Landry


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Location:   Michigan, United States

I mail on Wednesdays!

Tom Brady collector on TCDB

#3 Charles Woodson collector on TCDB

My main priorities of my collection are Michigan alum, regardless of the uniform.  I will take ANY card I dont already have of ANY Michigan alum in ANY sport.


TOM BRADY: I have recently added Tom Brady cards to my “ for trade list”.  These cards are for trade ONLY for Tom Brady cards I don’t already have!




Will trade for ANY Brady I don’t already have!


I also enjoy putting sets together.

No trade is too small.

Hail to the Victors!


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Location:   LeMars, IA, United States

CURRENTLY NOT TRADING, JUST TOO BUSY WITH WORK BUT HOPEFULLY THIS WINTER I CAN GET BACK INTO IT. Set builder for baseball, football, and basketball. PC Jerry Rice, Steve Young, and Iowa players. I am going to cut back on trading star players for common set fillers, even if the trade is equal number of cards, so don't be offended if you propose one and I decline it. If anyone wants to swap duplicate or starter sets send me a message and I can get you a list of my extra sets. I do most trades in a PWE unless it gets into a higher value trade, if you want them sent a different way you have to let me know when proposing or accepting the trade. Sometimes I turn trading off if I get busy with work and don't feel like I'm able to respond to trades in a timely manner. If trading is off, you can send me a message if you see something you want as long as you're not worried about it taking me four or five days to get my end put together.



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Location:   Medina , NY, United States

Collecting Wish List 

  1. Jerry Rice (#7 on site)
  2. Shaq 
  3. Mike Alstott 
  4. Andrew McCutchen 
  5. Bernie Kosar 
  6. Ozzie Newsome 
  7. Jeremy Shockey 

I ship PWE unless asked or needed.

Unable to work on trades Sun/Mon/Tue due to work. FYI



“I’m your huckleberry”


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Location:   Hendersonville, Tn, United States

I enjoy collecting football and baseball sets all major manufactures Topps, Fleer, Leaf, Upper Deck, Score (that all I can think of right now) 1970's to present, 

I have also started a collection of my favorite NHL team the Nashville Predators.

Set building is my major goal condition is secondary. I do not mind a small crease or a rounded corner if a card is needed to complete a set. 

I do not grade cards but I will let you know if a card has an obvious flaw before I accept the trade. 

I do not mind PWE trades. I always ship in bubble mailers and with tracking if the budget permits. That is my personal preference I do not require or ask it to be yours.

Temporarily away I hope to be back shortly


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Location:   Gordo, AL, United States




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Location:   Florida, United States

My collecting started in the 1950's and has grown through many ups and downs.  I became discouraged in 1980 when all the card manufacturing companies started creating numerous sets and subsets with so many variations.  The New York Yankees have been my collecting interest.  As a young boy, it was my goal to collect every card issued for a Yankee player.  Much like my stamp collection that I inherited from my grandfather, I knew that some items would be out of my price range yet never was there a time when the volume of the collection became a question.

When I attempted to pick up my sports card collection in the 1990's, I was struck by the people who were speculators in the sports card buying side of the collecting.  Those who stop in a card shop, purchased a hobby box manufacturer's brand, opened the packages, removed only the cards listing in the Beckett monthly pricing magazine as value cards, and left the remaining cards on the counter.

Recently, returning to all the sports cards I have accumulated over the years, I discovered a yearning to reduce my collecting to an enjoyable level and try to do something with all the other cards.  Searching the internet lead me to Trading Card Database.  I signed into the program and was very pleasantly surprised by the database.  I am a new user of the database and still learning.

My collecting interests are as follows:
Baseball: New York Yankees - Topps base set {all years}
Football: Jacksonville Jaguars - Cards of all manufacturing brands {1995 thru present}

I will consider trades for cards of either team.

Thank you for viewing my profile and hope we can create a trade!!!



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Location:   CA, United States

Selling entire collection. All cards guaranteed to be in excellent-near mint condition. No creases. No noticeable scratches. Very few have a soft corner.  Offers / counter offers welcomed. As for the variations in 1990 Donruss I will send whichever one I have without regards to variations. If you want to know about a particular card ask and I will check.

Also I have about 30 unopened packs of 1990 Donruss for sale. $1 ea, 3 pks- $2, 5 pks- $3


To all those who have purchased cards from me- 

Thank you for all the advice, support, and patience!



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Location:   United States

Curating a collection of basketball cards with referees in the background. Attempting to 1) acquire two copies (one base and one parallel if available) of every basketball card with a referee's face visible and 2) identify each referee.

Love P.W.E. trades. ***Warning*** am a ssslllooowww processor and transactions may take a long time because I do most of trade work over the weekend.

Happy collecting :)

- Randy

PS Started a Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis side PC.

2022-23 card goals: 1) upload all 21-22 G-League base scans to the site, 2) complete a transaction with macca3232 (completed in November), 3) trade more cards than received


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Location:   Portland, OR, United States




  1. Kansas City Royals, George Brett (for details see #ForeverRoyals, my post in the team forum)
  2. Kansas City Monarchs, Jackie Robinson, Buck O'Neil, and any Negro League *
  3. AL stars, especially players who spend most or all of their career in AL
  4. Hall of Famers and eligible Hall of Famers 
  5. Secondary allegiances: Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox
  6. Niche: Players with eyeglasses
  7. Portland, Oregon minor-league teams (Beavers, Mavericks)
  8. Oregon State Beavers MLB drafted players

*New goal, starting 2020, to build a collection from scratch #BlackLivesMatter


  • Topps, Bowman, O-Pee-Chee, Allen & Ginter, Donruss Diamond Kings, some fancy Panini
  • Specialty: Local sponsor cards for KC Royals and above-mentioned AL stars

Why I collect

Love of baseball, love for the cards. I like to carefully view and read my cards. Touching the cards takes me back and I enjoy time spent sifting through and curating cards. It's also fun to trade through the mail. I put my collection in 3-ring binders and vinyl pages. 

Thank you, TCDB

As I grow in collecting I find my appreciation and affection for this site also rises. Whoever the founders and operators of Trading Card Database are, thank you. I would like to see TCDB.com carry on as a great space and community for collectors. 



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Location:   Fort Smith, AR, United States






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Location:   Starke, FL, United States

All Sports Cards & Memorbilia and some other Cards

Don't put off what you can do today, tomorrow is not Promised


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Location:   United States

​​​Hello Transactions off till January? currently sick.

I might trade to Canada 🇨🇦 EU, Israel and other countries but it would need to be something unique.

Out of the USA? Trades must be 15 or less cards

I usually never "Buy"

webull free stocks always fun  https://a.webull.com/3xbteTm5xpjvQo91sJ

Listing 1000's and 1000's of cards to trade. I also prefer trades be 5-15 cards so postage is better spent. There is exceptions ofc but  you know.. Posted (11-17-2022)

WhatsNot Promo Get $10 Bucks to buy cards here > https://whatnot.com/invite/junkcardmillionaire after your 1st purchase with whatsnot

I like and am listing Pokemon, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey and others,

I also like comic cards, (All mine are missing) I like soceer, snowboarding, golf, racing surfing, and skateboarding cards. 

Trades must be worth trading as postage, gas and time waiting at postage line adds up quick :)

I Send out Mail Now ONLY  once a week sometimes twice. But it's possible it may be two weeks depending on when it goes thru.

Also I don't always go by Values on here or ebay. Questions feel free to ask. : )

I will usually counter on trades sent. so prepare for real market values being sent back.

If it is on my trade list, it does not mean I need it. I don't make sets usually :) But it might be there from a former trade or a card I might take if it helps a resonable trade.

I expect cards from 1980 forward mint to near mint. corners sharp no print defects I also demand no creases and gum stains on the back. I won't send a card with gum stains or creases so I expect the same respect.

If your feedback is 0 or very low and the trade is high value you agree to send first.

I reserve the right only if needed to swap cards for other cards on a person's want list if a card cannot be located. 


Trades must be worth Trading as Postage adds up quick


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Location:   Lafayette, CO, United States

I work nights so some trades may take a little longer to do.
Mondays seem to be the best days for trading. Sorry everyone for being slow on my trades, my wife is having some medical treatments and things have been a little hectic, please be patient and I will address the trades when I can. I try to pull by sports, football, baseball, basketball.   

  • Detroit Tigers,
  • San Francisco 49ers 
  • Colorado Rockies 
  • Denver Broncos
  • LA Lakers
  • Denver Nuggets


  • Alan Trammell
  • Todd Helton
  • Scott Rolen
  • Joe Montana
  • John Stockton
  • Nick Van Exel
  • Eddie Jones
  • Jerry Rice
  • Pat Garrity
  • Cecil Fielder
  • Wally Joyner
  • Terry Steinbach
  • Errict Rhett
  • Natrone Means
  • William Floyd
  • Christian Laettner
  • Chris Webber
  • Kirk Gibson
  • Al Kaline
  • Lance Parrish
  • Matt Williams
  • Steve Young
  • Don Beebe
  • Payton Manning
  • Dwight Clark
  • Alex English
  • Walter Davis
  • Will Clark
  • Marquis Grissom
  • Howard Johnson
  • Lou Whitaker
  • Jack Morris
  • Dave Parker
  • Jim Rice
  • Ronnie Lott
  • Haywood Jeffries
  • James Lofton
  • Glenn Robinson
  • Michael Finley
  • Derrick Alexander
  • Napoleon Kaufman
  • Rick Mirer
  • Jake Plummer
  • Mike Alstott
  • Glen Rice
  • Jamal Mashburn


Member Since:   9/23/2023


Member Since:   12/1/2012
Location:   New York, United States

Priority of my want lists:
1 - Any and all Phillies cards (almost anything not in my collection is a "want")
2 - Various set ventures (baseball - 1972 Topps, 2016 Topps Chrome, Archives, Heritage sets, then hockey sets)
3 - Baseball HOFers (1980s)
4 - Baseball HOFers (1970s)
5 - Baseball HOFers (1990s)
6 - Baseball HOFers (other decades)

If there are any other categories of want lists, they would fall between set completion and HOFers.

I added approx. 90,000 cards available for trade in early 2023.

[The next section has been updated on 10/25/2023]

Note: Currently transactions are OFF.

When I have transaction requests turned on, trade proposals will be handled in the order in which they are received. I am continuing to take it slow because I don't have the time or patience to take on too many trades at once. Additionally, I have found that it makes it easier on both sides because the cards are known to be available. And please, when we do trade, please make it so that the postage to/from your location to mine makes a trade worthwhile for both of us. Thank you.

Please also note that I am very much open to selling in addition to trading. If you see stuff you want and don't have anything in return, that's okay. We'll work out a deal that will be fair for both of us, not just me (and not just you, please). (The listings over at the SwamiLee account are in my possession and I am also selling those. The only sport left there is baseball.)

More years in the hobby than I care to admit. More roles in the hobby than most.


Member Since:   10/16/2017
Location:   Parker, Colorado, United States

****Please note, I'm not trading any hockey from my FS/Trade list until further notice! I'm revamping my hockey collection and until this is done, I'm not sure what I am keeping or getting rid of.**** 

November 2023 - Trade Values - I am back to using Beckett to look at card values for trade equality. 

Willing to trade to Canada again. I am though not accepting any responsibility for any losses, etc. once I drop my envelope in the mailbox. Trader beware!

October 2023 - Nothing against any of my Canadian traders but I am no longer trading to Canada due to issues with Canada Post and the USPS destroying envelopes causing loss of cards, cards needing to be resent, issues with postage, etc. It's too much folks. 

To pull, package and ship cards, only to have one of the postal systems destroy the package makes it a fruitless endeavor. It's a waste of both time and money. 

Sadly, Canadian trades make up most of my trades so this is probably the beginning of the end of my trading days.  I will probably beginning selling off most of my collection starting in 2024. It's been a fun ride but thats the way I'm heading right now. 

****1990-91 Upper Deck Hockey VAR's on my For Sale/Trade list - Highly unlikely that I have any of the oddball VAR's. These cards were entered mainly as placeholders meaning I do have one version of a given card but probably not the version you need. If time permits, I may be open to checking VAR versions but it's not something that I enjoy doing nor high on my list of things to do. ****

September 2023 - Continuing to focus on collecting one card of anyone who is the four Hall of Fame's. I'm over 90% complete on Baseball and Football. Basketball is lagging far behind. Haven't updated Hockey but I should be in good shape there as well. 


For anyone close to Denver, I have a large amount of trading supplies that need to find a new home. I have BCW card houses, 5000 and 3200 count boxes and a host of smaller boxes (800, 660, 550, 400, 300, 200 and 100). The latter is a mixture of used and new Collect-Save-Protect or BCW brand. 

Disclaimer on PWE trades

I'm hearing of, and personally experiencing, more and more issues with PWE trades. Mainly postal machines destroying/bending envelopes or envelopes arriving and the cards being missing. I have not seen issues like this in my prior 1100+ PWE trades. That being said, I will continue to send 25 cards or less PWE but once the envelope is dropped in the mailbox, I'm no longer responsible for damage/issues after that point. I'm not sending replacement cards or funds if there's damage once the USPS has my/your envelope or your cards are lost in the mail.

I'm very close to no longer writing "Non-Machinable" on my PWE envelopes. This doesn't seem like a makes a difference to the USPS and the financial costs for doing this quickly add up. 

I hate to take a hard stance on this but short of stopping trading (or doing larger, bubble envelope trades), I have no other options. I'm spending too much time and money on postage to send replacement cards, when the issue arises, to make trading worth it.

Happy to do larger trades (30+ cards) in bubble envelopes.

What I'm collecting for:

1)I'm primarily an Upper Deck flagship hockey collector. I'm working on completing a few remaining base sets and then chasing Young Guns and insert cards. 

2)I'm also collecting RC's (when possible) of all NBA/NHL/NFL/MLB players who have been inducted into their respective Hall of Fames. Also collecting non-players cards as well if they are in the HOF. Basically if the person is in the Hall of Fame for their sport, I'm hunting their RC or if it's a non-player, some type of card for them.

3)Finally, I'm collecting Baseball/Hockey and to a lesser extent, Football sets, of the 1970's/1980's. 

Card condition:

If your cards look like they have been manhandled, I'm not interested in them for my collection. No creases, rounded corners or teeth marks. 

Buying cards:

I've had several folks approach me about buying cards..I will rarely be interested in buying from someone and, odds are, I will reach out to you first..

Trade size:

Make it worth our time..

PWE packaging:

I am no longer using cardboard protection in my PWE trades. Historically, I've done 100's of trades with cards just in 9 pocket pages and then placed in envelopes and have had zero issues. After some issues I have seen lately with including cardboard in my PWE trades, I'm no longer spending the extra money, and time, just to have cardboard protection in an envelope. 


Please make sure you have proper postage on whatever you are sending me. Seems to be half the envelopes I get are short on postage. Minimal postage on a PWE envelope is $1.03.

Canada trades:

Has between 9 and 25 cards or less. I can't afford to send big trades unless there's additional cards/value to compensate. Trades less than 9 or so cards don't make a lot of sense either from a cost standpoint.



Member Since:   6/18/2019
Location:   Alamo, Tennessee, United States

Southern Illinois University Salukis

Green Bay Packers

Tennessee Titans

Athletes from west Tennessee (exc. Memphis)

“I can only explain it to you, I can’t understand it for you.”


Member Since:   9/5/2023


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