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From:   Romeo, MI, United States

Pre- 1980 Astros and Altuve.  Pre-1977 Baseball; Ty Cobb and Detroit Tigers in general. Catchers in gear and multi-bat cards are my favorite mini-collections. Only adding pre-1974 cards to these collections now. I'm not trading cards found in my collection. I hope to add cards available for trade some day but currently there are none. 

Quote:   Using TCDB to track my wantlists and record my collection. Years from now, I may even trade here!


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From:   Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Major PCs:

-Taylor Fedun

-Alex Galchenyuk

-Marco Scandella

-Nathan Beaulieu

-David Desharnais

-Cale Fleury

-David Perron

Minor PCs:

-Jake Debrusk

-Cody Glass

-Marc-Andre Fleury


Billy Kingsley

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From:   New York, United States

NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Star Wars, History, Military, DC Comics, Olympics, whatever interests me

Current project is trying to get at least one card of everyone to ever get one for NBA, NHL and NASCAR. Also working on getting at least one example of every set ever for the above sports. (Wantlists on Cardboard History)

At the moment, attempting to dial back on the hobbies so I can fulfill my lifelong dream of classic car ownership.

I have some health problems that make it challenging for me to get to my trade stash. It makes me a slow trader as there are some days when I'm simply in too much pain to access the boxes. My health problems are not transferable so you do not need to fear catching anything from trading with me.

Quote:   I only trade duplicates, but I've got thousands of them.


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Collects:   Michigan Wolverines, Detroit Tigers, Griffey/Gwynn/Maddux/Ripken


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From:   Portland, OR, United States

St. Louis Cardinals, Portland Trail Blazers, Oregon Ducks



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From:   Watson, Sask, Canada
Collects:   Rockies, Redskins, Bruins and Sacramento Kings


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From:   HOPEWELL JCT, NY, United States
Quote:   "Let's go out there and play like some mad dogs"- Lawrence Taylor


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