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Got some fun things to do.<<< Sarcasm

Trading is currently on break till the funs over.  Hope to come back with more trade bait.

See ya on the other side.



Also collect sets.  Check my collection to see current set progress.



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Mostly baseball with some football and basketball.. 

2018 - 2021 Heritage SPs (MLB and MiLB)

Rafael Devers

Topps  Red Sox Gold and other serial numbered parallels

Finishing up 1982 Topps Football

Just started 1981-82 Topps Basketball










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Los Angeles Rams, Angels, Dodgers, Kings, and Lakers - - Roman Gabriel, Deacon Jones, Eric Dickerson, Orel Hershiser, Garret Anderson, Lance Parrish (Walnut High School Class of 1974), Super Bowl and World Series champion Topps team base sets

Quote:   I hate (quarterbacks), hate 'em all. I hate Roman Gabriel and he's on my own team. - Deacon Jones


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set building, you can figure out my sets by browsing my PC

edit 11/29/20 - If you want something from me, but can't find cards to trade, that hit my want list, I will  be happy to try to work something out with Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Adrian Beltre, Christian Yelich, Mookie Betts


Quote:   This is a hobby, when its not fun I'll quit.


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Football:  John Elway and select Broncos rookies

Baseball:  Ryne Sandberg & Trevor Story - small side PC started of Mark McGwire and Bryce Harper.

Basketball:  Chris Mullin & Alex English - small side PC of Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic.

Open to any trades.  I ship in PWE  for smaller deals and will use 9 page for up to 27 cards in PWE.  Will ship bubble mailer if larger trade.

Quote:   Come what may and love it!


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I have tested positive for covid 19, I will be sending out the rest of everyone stuff as soon as im through with this ordeal. Im so sorry for the trouble, please forgive me. 



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Seattle Mariners Baseball

Quote:   Not currently looking to trade.


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1956 to 2020 Topps base sets. I prefer modern cards in NM condition and vintage cards in VgEx or better, unless otherwise specified.

4/4/2021 Update:  Finished sets (thanks to all at TCDB!): 1976, 1978 through 2000, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2019, 2020. 

I'm in remission with esophageal cancer, learning how to use my 'new plumbing' after an esophagectomy and gallbladder removal, several discectomies and spinal fusion surgery, etc, etc., and my wife is fighting Stage four lung cancer. Thank God for this hobby!!

Quick note on the "." vs no "." and "*" vs "**": I have given up on these types of variations and left them as they are after the variations have been clarified. Therefore, if you need a specific variation, and only that variation, please let me know that prior to any trades so I can make sure I have what you want.



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As of 5/1/2020, I will be back to trading after a full 2 year hiatus.  I will be reaching out to those of you who have proposed trades or sent messages over these last 2 years.  Sorry for being unresponsive.  I have recently updated my collection interests and added my inventory. Feel free to shoot me a message or an offer.  Those who have vintage hits to my wantlist get priority

I mainly collect Football, Basketball, and Soccer.

I also collect master sets of Raiders, Browns, Packers, Toledo Rockets, Columbus Crew, and Latino NFL players.

My sons collect Pokemon cards, and I have added their tradeables and wants herein.

I would also trade for T206 cards, but only with Principe de Gales backs.




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  • Any trade less than 12 cards will be sent in a PWE unless otherwise specified.


  • Please try to limit trading to USA only.
    • (Exceptions for Rare or a Large amount of cards)


  • Happy to make big and small trades.


Set Builder (Trying to Finish)

  1. 1989 Upper Deck (Griffey Jr.)
  2. 1985 Topps
  3. 2012 Topps Mini (1987)
  4. 1987 Donruss Opening Day
  5. 1987 Topps Traded
  6. 2017 Topps - 1987 Topps Baseball
  7. 2017 Topps Chrome - 1987 Topps Baseball (3 more)
  8. 1987 Topps Mini Leaders (10 more)
  9. 1994 Donruss Special Edition Gold (4 more)
  10. 1988 Donruss Baseball's Best
  11. 2014 Bowman Platinum Cutting Edge Stars
  12. 2016 Bowman
  13. 2018 Stadium Club
  14. 1983 Topps


Completed Sets

  1. 1987 Topps
  2. 1990 Upper Deck
  3. 1992 Ultra


Favorite Players

  1. Rickey Henderson
  2. Mike Greenwell
  3. Dustin Pedroia
    • 2014 Topps Variations
  4. Nomar Garciaparra
  5. Reggie Miller
  6. Barry Sanders
  7. Brandon Lowe

alan nyc

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Happy New Year to all!


2020 was a bummer for the little leaguers.  Got a few games in before COVID blew everything up. Kids never got back on the fields for the rest of the year.  Inventory levels are nice and full, just hope I don't have to wait much longer to dole them out to the kids.  Would like to make a little more headway on completing my vintage sets while waiting to get back on the fields.  So please let me know if you have any of my '69-'76 needs and are ready to trade.

2019 was a wonderful, busy, and fulfilling year here!  In the past, I had to get creative in order to generate interest amongst my various little leaguers.  As most of my inventory consisted of players’ cards from before most of the kids were born.  Thanks to the traders here, I was able to distribute a bountiful amount of cards to the kids last year accompanied by a huge amount of joy!

Would like to give the Altuve/Judge card (18T Update #79) to as many of my Little Leaguers as I can.  It has become one of my favorites, looks just like a pic I have of 2 12-yr olds on one my teams.  It’s a great inspirational cards for the smaller kids.  Similarly, I can use an unlimited supply of Jim Abbott cards. Most every kid has a bad day in the field at some point in a season, practices/games..., so I’ll give them an Abbott card and ask them to look closely at it to tell me what they see (so no portrait poses or cards where it's hard to see he's missing a hand). Have yet to find a kid that isn't amazed!


Slowly transitioning out of football and basketball to focus on baseball.  Primarily building sets from childhood days, working my way back in time. Current primary focus is on completing 1968, 1969, 1973, 1974, 1975 and 1976 Topps baseball sets. I will always consider trading my 80s/90s inventory for modern all-star cards, I give them away to the 5-14 yr old kids on the little league teams I coach here in Hawaii.  But since we don’t have MLB here, the young kids won’t recognize the names unless they’re all-stars or Kolten Wong/Kiner-Talefa/Ohtani(I coached a couple seasons with Kolten/Kean's uncle and Isiah’s dad).  I basically use the tcdb pricing to balance out trades, not due to any preference, but for lack of anything else. I've heard alot of static about others trumpeting COMC, eBay, & Beckett, which is perfectly ok/understandable, but in almost every case, when referring to tcdb their trades come out heavily in their favor(have yet to see one the other way around).  I’m pretty open to all trades, but like trades to be fairly reasonable.  If a trade involves cards with large discrepancies in pricing, please don't be offended.  Point them out, and the trade can be adjusted or cards removed.

For those of you like me with monster boxes of 80’s/90’s, I will trade for multiples of 12-18 of HOFers or team/all-time record holders (as long as I can ask the little leaguers a relevant trivia question so the card can be a reward). Just message me, as I would not list such cards on my wantlist. 

For traders who are missing 1 or 2 cards after accepting a trade, please make an effort to substitute with something similar.

Quote:   For 1971 and earlier, I am looking for EX+, 1970s - EX/MT+, 1980s-modern - NM+. Please let me know what your grade standards are for 1970s and earlier cards.Everything I have listed FT from 1980 to modern is EX/NM+.I have other unlisted 60s/70s in VG/EX.


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Trading will be off until ... ?


2021 GOALS

- 25 "Pay it Forwards" >>>  Pay It Forward forum thread

- No other goals yet



Single stars and star RCs. Red Sox team sets. Topps and Allen & Ginter are my favorites. The Beatles.




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I love to trade! If I send an offer and it's not quite right feel free to counter - I'm sure we can work something out.

Focused on building sets right now.  Sets I'm currently working on:

2000 Metal: 90%
2001 Topps: 100% - finally complete! 
2020 Topps Chrome: 97% - 3 to go
1983 Topps: 82%
1989 Upper Deck : 82%


I ship most things PWE though bigger trades will go in a package. 



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I Collect Twins and few other random players



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I started as a kid collecting in 1974, baseball, football, and basketball cards. I purchased my first packets for $0.10 in 1974 at Zane's Market in Dover, Ohio.  The next year the price jumped to $0.15.  I quickly learned to count by 15s that year.  I sold my entire collection in 1989 to get an apartment after graduating from college.  I regret it to this day.  I have been rebuilding my collection over the last 25 years thanks to a very encouraging wife.  I collect pre-1990 baseball cards only.   I am nearing my set completions of the 1975 Topps regulars, the 1981 Topps base set, and the 1985 Topps base set.   I am always looking for cards I need. I have thousands of mid 80s doubles plus others. Will trade vintage for vintage but not interested in most cards from last 30 years except some Indians cards. Looking for nice mid grade vintage on trades, min VG/VG+, or  lower grade on some the HOFers pre 1970.  

Complete sets; Topps 1974, 1981, 1982, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 series I, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 series I, 2005, 2007, 1995 Stadium Club

Currently working to complete; Topps 1975, 1973, 1979, 1985

Players that I collect; Omar Vizquel, Jim Thome, Cleveland Indians' team sets, Ken Griffey Jr., HOFers concentrating on pre-1990 players.

Let's trade!!

Quote:   "It's not the size of the dog in the fight. It's the size of the fight in the dog."

Arkansas Traveler

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Would llike to finish these sets as most of them have been languishing for some time (obviously not the 2020 sets). The '98 Showcase Row 0 will be the hardest to finish off as the 5 remaining cards I need are #'d to 250. I am still working on my Arkansas Born Players Collection and my Chicago Cubs Collection

I prefer the set fills first over the personal collections for now, but will consider the personal collections as I do not have any football, basketball or racing sets I am working on at the moment and I know I haven't made the sets a focus in the time I have been on here to this point. I also realize that not everyone does just baseball or any other sport either, hence why I will consider the personal collection stuff. I may end up working on '13 Topps Chrome Football and '20 Topps A&G Minis at some point.

Working on these baseball sets:

1998 Flair Showcase Row 1

1998 Flair Showcase Row 0

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen - Mini Gypsy Queen Back

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen - Mini Straight Cut Back

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen - Mini

2014 Topps Gypsy Queen

2014 Topps Gypsy Queen - Mini

2020 Topps Allen & Ginter

2020 Stadium Club

Thank you for your help with these sets.

Sorry, but no more PWE trades.



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Cleveland Browns cards



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Student Equipment Intern at the University of West Florida - 2019 NCAA D2 Football National Champions

Army West Point fan

I collect 2015 Score Football, 2016 Donruss Football, Tom Brady, all Philadelphia Eagles Cards from 2019-2020, Army West Point, New England Retired/Honored Numbers (MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, NCAA...), and a bunch of other stuff.



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Offers welcome! Always looking to add to my RC collection. Building Astros team sets. PWE preferred.



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Cubs and Bears sets are my ultimate goal.  Please do not send Cubs or Bears cards lower than EX-MT.  I may be willing to accept cards in lesser condition from other teams, but please let me know in your message.

I am open to selling any card, except for those in the Cubs and Bears collections. I am most interested in cards and don't always scrutinize for value.  However, if I do consider values, I like to use Sportlots and eBay asking prices for card values.  Cards are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them.

I have done my best to list the conditions per the PSA grading scale if I consider them less than EX-MT.  I do not profess to be proficient at grading.  If I think a card is less than EX-MT and it is not marked as such, I will do my best to let you know in the message.

All reasonable offers will be considered.  The larger the trade, the better, but I will do PWEs up to 27 as well.

Please note, whether I make the proposal or if you do, wait until you receive my cards before sending out yours.  If you are dissatisfied with the condition of cards you receive and wish to hold back any cards, I completely understand.  Just let me know if you do.  If you accept an offer from me, I will strive to ship within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking a look.

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I mainly collect Mets but also have my favorite PC to add to. My wants, traders and collection is by far not all listed yet. If you see cards that you would like to trade for, send a proposal with what you want to trade for. Then I can both look at your list of traders and list of wants to add to the trade. Until all is listed that may be the best way to see what we both have to fatten the trade. I will do PWE as you can get about 12-15 cards no probelm but prefer larger trades to offset the postage. Don't let the prefer discourage you as most here have been PWE. 

I do collect certain sets or subsets with some not on my want lists yet. I do check every day but do not have time to actually trade every day. I will do my best to answer and upload all of my lists as time allows. 

Looking to finish a second 1985 Topps set. This will be actioned off to raise money for my local little league. Funraisers could not be held last year so I am trying something to get a few more bucks going their way.

Trying to complete the 1974 Topps set. Looking for EX or better. Thanks to all that have helped already. Another set is the 2015 Topps Heritage. Only need SP's now and they seem hard to come by.


I will be listing my basketball, football and hockey cards soon. I do not collect so will trade for baseball or sell. If looking to buy, shot me a message with what you need and what you are willing to pay for it. Please be reasonable. 



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Pittsburgh Pirates, Jack Wilson



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From:   Texas, United States
  • Indianapolis 500/IndyCar
  • James Bond autographs
  • former WVU Mountaineers
  • Topps buybacks
  • Charles Barkley, Jason WIlliams, Bob Sura
  • Fort Worth & Galveston baseball
  • T36
  • T37
  • T206
  • T210 Fort Worth, Galveston, Dallas and Birmingham
Quote:   currently on trade hiatus...I need to regroup and reorganize


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Topps , Heritage , Archives sets 1970 up to date



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PC Orel Hershiser, Heath Bell, Deion Sanders and Jim McMahon. Collect Cubs team sets as well. Condition is important to me. I do not want any modern cards that are not at least NRMT/MT for modern cards. For me this means back to 1980. 

ATTENTION!!! Taking a short break from trading. 



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MLB, NHL, LA Dodgers, LA Kings


No trade is too small. I typically like to trade similar quality and quantity. Generally speaking, quantity for quality trades will be declined.


**PWE** If we're making a trade and we both feel it would be best to mail in a bubble mailer, that's fine. If that's not something agreed upon before shipment, it will be a PWE coming from my end.


**My wantlist is a mess right now and I apologize for that. A lot of stuff on there that I already have. Working on getting it updated.


I generally try to get to the post office one weekday each week. But, due to the nature of the demands of my work schedule, trades will mainly be mailed out either Saturday/Sunday.



Quote:   Junk Wax. Junk Wax as far as the eye can see.


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Baseball and Hockey. Trying to complete sets in Hockey and Baseball from my childhood...Also collecting modern day sets..No trade too small or too big.....

As always, you can counter any trade I propose....I just want a fair trade for both parties...

Also collect Philadelphia Flyers cards and Pittsburgh Pirates cards. 

Right now, I am ONLY trading within the USA and Canada....

Happy 2021 and Happy Trading.....TOM.....




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Set Building and New York Mets

All trades under 12 cards are shipped PWE unless we discuss differently. 

I have a 1 year old so I apologize for any slow response time in sending or just answering a trade proposal. I will respond to everyone. 


Birds of Baltimore

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Baseball & Football. All brands and years.

Quote:   So many trades so little time.


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*Current Players:  Mike Trout, Luis Arraez, and Rookies
*Past Players:  Barry Bonds, Jeff Bagwell, Joe Mauer, Kirby Puckett, Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez, Justin Morneau, Lew Ford, Minnesota Twins from 2001-current, Mike Boddicker




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From:   ASTON, PA, United States

ASTON, PA  19014-1214

Looking to build PHILLIES team sets, Complete Topps and Topps Heritage Sets. made trades from cards to a trade of 800 cards. I will trade with members in Canada & Austrailia, even worldwide.


Quote:   “[Baseball] breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops.


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From:   Lansing, Michigan, United States

I've been collecting since 1984.  My mom graduated high school with Andre Dawson

I like to add quotes to trades, hope you all enjoy them!

I am a big Tigers fan, main collection is Miguel Cabrera.

Looking for:

Mike Trout

Ronald Acuna Jr.

Juan Soto

Bo Bichette


2019 Topps Heritage - 1970 Cloth Stickers




**Mainly only interested in PWE trades up to 12 cards**

Love the card collecting community on here too, so helpful, honest and generous!



Top 20 collector of Miguel Cabrera cards - currently #16 as of  3/11/21

Top 10 colllector of Bo Bichette cards - currently #1 as of 4/8/21

Top 10 collector of Juan Soto cards - currently #7 as of 4/8/21

Top 20 collector of Ronald Acuna Jr. - currently #17 as of  4/8/21

Quote:   “When I was coming up, I just wanted to play baseball and I’m doing what I love to do most. How can I feel pressure doing what I love to do?” – Miguel Cabrera


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From:   Texas, United States

1.Ivan Rodriguez

2. Jeff Bagwell

3. Nolan Arenado

4. Kelly Shoppach and Brad Hawpe

Looking to add an Auto card from each member of the Texas Rangers HOF. They would need to be wearing a rangers uniform.



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From:   Huntsville, AL, United States


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Hall of Famers and LA Dodgers

Current Lakers and Rams

Own many more cards not in database



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Hello - 


Big dodger fan, working on baseball cards right now and some interest in Basketball. Looking to move my non-sports cards. I will be adding more very soon. Also have lots of Soccer cards to get rid off.





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From:   United States

Brewers Panini cards, Topps and Topps Heritage Brewers team sets, Brewers autographs, and anything else Brewers that catches my eye!


I do not distinguish between * or **, . Or no .





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From:   Port Charlotte, FL, United States

Bernie Williams - Main NFT Collection 

Aaron Judge - Main NFT Collection

Core 4 (Rivera, Jeter, Posada, Pettitte) - Will except these cards in a trade & will be willing to let any of these go for Bernie Williams or Aaron Judge. **I do not buy Core 4 players**

WIl Consider other Yankees but least likely to accept

**Please NO cards without team logo**

***Also will consider crypto-currency as payment if you want to buy***

Quote:   Bern, baby, Bern! - John Sterling


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From:   Fort Wayne, IN, United States


BASEBALL:  San Francisco Giants

  • Filling out team sets.  I might have the world's most complete collection of 1980's era Giants cards.  It's probably worth at least $8.  Put together a Twitter page:  @OldGiantsCards.

FOOTBALL:  San Francisco 49ers

  • I gifted my football collection to my 9-year old son.  We're slowly adding cards in together.  He'd love to trade for any/all 49ers.  His favorite players are Garoppolo, Bosa, Kittle, as well as old timers like Rice, Montana, and Craig.

SOCCER:  Liverpool FC/Croatian players

  • Don't have a lot of soccer right now, but it's turned into a real passion of mine.  Thought it might be fun to pick up some Reds.  YNWA!

BASKETBALL:  Croatian players

  • Recognizing our family's roots, my son and I decided to try and collect a rookie card from every Croatian player who has played in the NBA.  


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From:   United States

* Boston Red Sox (PC:David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia)
* Boston Bruins (PC:Patrice Bergeron)
* Artists Sets:  Mike Noren's Gummy Arts

* Hallowed 3: Bobby Orr, Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson

* Non-Sport Sets: Topps American Heritage Presidents, UD Presidential Predictors.

Always prefer trading over selling. Priority to players above and Boston teams.



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From:   Plainville, CT, United States

Allen & Ginter Master sets; A&G originals; PC - John Smoltz, Acuna, Albies, Freeman and Sean Newcomb; intriguing Atlanta Braves cards



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From:   Alexandria, VA, United States

Vintage Pittsburgh, 1979-80 Topps / OPC hockey, Pirates and WNBA autographs, oddballs, basketball players from Pittsburgh, players I like

Quote:   “Privilege is the right to remain silent when others can’t.” ― Richie Norton


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From:   LONGMONT, CO, United States

Nebraska football cards (any/all) That I need



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From:   Savannah, GA
Collects:   Atlanta, Milwaukee and Boston Braves, mostly Topps, Stadium Club, 90s junk and parallels


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From:   Falls Church, VA / Central Bridge, NY, United States


2021 Goal:
  ☐ rid the world of asinine * ** . and invisible light spectrum
Mainly Collect:
  • Oakland Raiders, 1960-2003
  • New York Mets, 1962-1994
  • Buffalo Sabres
  • Syracuse alumni, NFL & NBA

Quote:   TRADING TEMPORARILY ON HOLD . . . . . . . What do I consider a serious injury? If you're dead, that's serious.~Jim Otto


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From:   United States

I collect some of everything. Top focus are Cleveland Indians, Cavs, and Browns along with the Columbus Blue Jackets and Crew and Kasey Kahne.

I've figured out where my issues with trading has come from. I work at Amazon and my busy time and therefore the times I fail at trading are around Prime and the Holidays. I get back to working on everything about 2 weeks after these. I will keep this in mind this year and make sure I do not accept trades at that time of the year going forward. I'm working on fixing my trading reputation on this site. Thanks for the understanding and I will keep working on this. 

I'm also in the process of reorganizing all my doubles so that it's easier and faster to get trades together. This will be a year long process as I'm still going through a mountain of boxes that I haven't catalogued. 



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From:   Foresthill, CA, United States


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From:   Oregon, United States


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From:   United States


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From:   Saint Louis, Missouri, United States

Trying to complete Topps sets, basic set and traded/updated, from 1957 to present. Don't really look for mint cards in the sets before 1987. Also trying to collect one example of every card that Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan have been on. I do my best to make the trades even on both sides. I keep adding more cards for trade as I go through my collection. 

Life long Mets fan living in Saint Louis, MO. 

PLEASE NOTE ---- If your mailing address is in Canada, It will take a bit longer for it to get to you. I have to go directly to the post office and at times it is difficult to have something mailed to Canada. 


Quote:   "Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today." - Ernest Hemingway


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From:   Columbus , Ohio, United States

Just looking to trade, not buy.

Only trading PWE to Canada.


Primarily a set builder.

Flagship sets 1980 - present.

Currently really focusing on the Stadium Club sets.

Also building these sets:

  • 1995 Collector's Choice SE
  • 2004 Topps Cracker Jack
  • 2016 Heritage Chrome 
  • Diamond Kings subsets

Player collections: Chipper Jones, Freddie Freeman, Joey Votto.

Basketball (no basketball to trade but hoping to trade baseball for basketball)
Cards featuring players in Ohio State uniform. Rookie cards of players drafted from Ohio State. Any Larry Bird cards.


Quote:   I love to trade. If you see something you want on my trade list just send an offer, I’m always willing to make a trade work.


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From:   United States


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From:   Rochester, NY, United States

My collection is relatively small - I try to not to pick up stuff I don't necessarily need. If anything I'm trying to downsize a bit. However, if you find something on my tradelist you could use, here are my collecting priorities, in rough order:

1) my three primary player collections: Kevin McReynolds, Keith Hernandez, Pete Harnisch. Those are, admittedly, really hard to hit because I've got almost every major release from those guys.

2) autographs from everyone who's played for the Mets. Again, hard to hit because the majority of the guys I need either don't have certified autos, are old/deceased, or both. However, they don't need to be in a Mets uniform, which opens up the pool a bit. My need list:

Those are the big two; knowing that those are hard to hit, though and knowing that I just really enjoy trading, here are other things that catch my eye:

3) Mets parallels, but specifically parallels from guys who I really like. :) Dom Smith, Mookie Wilson, Wilmer Flores, and David Wright, mostly, with deGrom, Gooden, Piazza, and Sid Fernandez as other options. It's a moving target - sometimes it's just a feel thing. Don't need base, don't need inserts, necessarily, unless they're particularly eye catching.

4) Modern base flagship cards of classic players. The Topps SP variations, basically, of the Clementes and Aarons and Jackie Robinsons and such.

5) Oversized cards. I've always loved the 5x7 cards, ever since the mid-80s "Super" sets. They're boxtoppers now, so they're harder to find, and it kind of ties in with #4 a bit, because I really love what Topps has done the last three years with my three favorite sets ever: 1983-1985 Topps.

6) G-VG-EX condition vintage. I don't need anything mint. Just love to have some older stuff in my collection. I'm actively looking to downsize a bit, so taking a handful of modern base/low-end inserts off my hands in trade for a few VG/EX vintage is cool by me.

I'm generally pretty easy to trade with, I think, but if you're interested in something valuable or vintage, I'd need something valuable or vintage or off my real wantlists. Thanks for looking!



Member Since:   1/31/2016
From:   Michigan, United States

Cards #d 19/75 and #d 01/18, GarbagePail Kids, Aaron Judge, Mike Trout, Bo Jackson, Hank Aaron, Pete Alonso, Shohei Ohtani, Lou Whitaker, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player & Arnold Palmer. Bowling & Golf Autos. And, building sets 1969-Present.

Quote:   Appreciate everyone for the great trades. Currently 12,000+ cards in my For Sale / Trade list. Keep the trade offers coming!


Member Since:   9/24/2018
From:   Lebanon, Ohio, United States

This site has greatly increased my collecting interest. In addition to building Pre-1980 Baseball Sets, any Johnny Bench, Tony Perez & Dave Concepcion cards, I am now starting to build interest in non-sports cards as well. I am open to trade most cards not part of any set I am trying to complete, currently closing in on the following Topps sets:  1972, 1975 & 2018 Allen & Ginter and any other sets which I am close to completing. Interested in A&G cards, inserts and mini cards.



Member Since:   10/31/2016
Collects:   Only looking to sell at this point.


Member Since:   10/11/2016
From:   San Antonio, TX, United States

#1 JJ Watt Collector on TCDB

  • Houston Texans
    • JJ Watt
    • Deshaun Watson
    • DeAndre Hopkins
  • Houston Rockets
    • Hakeem Olajuwon
    • Clyde Drexler
    • Sir Charles Barkley 
    • James Harden
    • Russell Westbrook 
  • Houston Astros
    • Craig Biggio
    • Jeff Bagwell
    • Lance Berkman
    • Justin Verlander 
    • Jose Altuve
    • George Springer
    • Carlos Correa
    • Alex Bregman
    • Yordan Alvarez
    • Kyle Tucker
    • Yuli Gurriel
  • Houston Oilers
    • Warren Moon
  • University of Houston cards
  • Pete Maravich
  • Chris Mullin
  • Frank Thomas
  • Will Clark


Quote:   “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”


Member Since:   2/7/2014
From:   Portland, Oregon , United States

1978 #100 George Brett.  Goal is to get 78 of these and grade them all.  I also collect 

Topps Gypsy Queen - All Years

Topps Archives - All Years.  Also any other sub-sets that are "Archive-esque"

Topps Allen and Ginter - Just started in 2020, may start going backwards.

Panini Diamond Kings 

2020 Triple Threads Base 

2020 Inception Base 

Players I am chasing 

- Ozzie Albies 

- Mike Trout 

- Rafael Devers 

- Eloy Jimenez 

- Javier Baez

- Francisco Lindor 

- Nick Senzel 

- Austin Riley 

- Ronald Acuna Jr. 

- Luis Robert 

- Gavin Lux 

- Don Mattingly 

- Rickey Henderson 

- Derek Jeter 

- Chipper Jones 

Also working on building 53 Topps, 62 Topps, 63 Fleer(PSA), 54 Bowman 



Quote:   Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good too - Yogi Berra


Member Since:   6/10/2019
From:   Calhoun, Missouri, United States

Have changed my PC from all cardinals to Yadier Molina. I'm going to focus on more of the base, parallels, #d and earlier cards.

Post office visits are on Wednesdays/Fridays due to the nature of work and coaching. 

Hoping to meet some cool collectors along the way and continue to enjoy this wonderful hobby. HAPPY COLLECTING!

Quote:   Yadier Molina Super Collector. Working towards the collection one card at a time


Member Since:   10/28/2014
From:   New Windsor, New York, United States

NY Yankees, NY Rangers and NY Jets..

Working on '08 UD YSL ,'75 Topps, and starting '91 Topps Desert Shield...

Quote:   I always pull my cards first before accepting trade offers...Thanks


Member Since:   8/28/2017
From:   East Wenatchee, Washington, United States

Ichiro and set builder.

Quote:   Willing to look over for sale/trade list for set fillers to complete a trade if I have cards you need. Am also open to unopened packs of baseball to do a trade for cards you need.


Member Since:   8/6/2020
From:   New Jersey, United States

Robin Yount Super Collector - my collection is currently ranked 4th on the site (and climbing!)

Also searching for George Brett, Rickey Henderson, Tony Gwynn, Randy Johnson, and Paul Molitor items.

Not hesitant to make large trades, I'm looking to move extra and unwanted cards for my PC needs. Also not obsessed with trading 'card-for-card' or for exact 'value'. If you see a card you need, make an offer - I'd love to help you finish sets and add to your collection.

Please visit my YouTube channel 'The Vintage Composer' for more info on sports card collecting, sports history, trivia, and more!



Member Since:   11/18/2014
From:   CORONA, CA, United States
Collects:   Angels, Cardinals, Cowboys, Lakers


Member Since:   1/2/2021
From:   Bonney Lake, Washington, United States

Topps Baseball. Right now focusing on completing the 70-73 sets. 

I'm very happy to trade, but also would love to sell cards on here. I have thousands of newer cards that i'm not really able to trade because i don't have newer cards on my wantlist. I'd like to sell in bulk. 

A note about conditions of cards for trading...  Anything i list for sell/trade is a card that i would be happy to have in my own collection, condition-wise, if it were not a duplicate. I collect sets so everythiing on my FST list is a duplicate. 

Anything listed from 70-86 is at least VG if not VG-EX. Many are EX to NM. There may be slight wear on edges or corners. May be a minor crease. I only list cards where there is at least some space on all 4 sides between the picture border and edge of the card.

Anything listed 86 to present is at least NM. 

I would only be looking for similar conditions in return on trades. 



Member Since:   3/9/2019
From:   Ashford, Connecticut, United States

David Ortiz, Wally the green monster, red sox



Member Since:   1/9/2014
From:   Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Collecting Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs, Magic The Gathering Artifact Cards, Wrestling Cards and unopened packs of the above - Looking to trade to collect.



Member Since:   11/28/2016
From:   Saint Charles, MO, United States


Topps Sets 1970 to Present. Player Collections: Kerry Wood, Daniel Winkler, Mike Matheny, Anthony Rizzo



Member Since:   1/14/2018
From:   Champaign, IL, United States

Chicago Cubs: Sosa, Rizzo, Grace, Sandberg, Dawson, Bryant, Baez, Santo, Banks and others. Also looking for Cubs Team Sets (see my want list).

University of Illinois / NBA: Nick Anderson, James Augustine, Dee Brown (2006-2008 Utah Jazz), Kendall Gill, Luther Head, Deron Williams.

Chicago Bears: Brian Urlacher, Devin Hester, Mitchell Trubisky, Tarik Cohen
EIU: Jimmy Garoppolo, Tony Romo

FYI: Currently taking a trading break as there is a lot going on at work and in life. Thanks for your understanding!



Member Since:   8/8/2019


Member Since:   1/17/2019
From:   Eugene , Oregon , United States

Topps Baseball mostly



Member Since:   4/25/2020
From:   Monument, Colorado, United States

Goals by priority:

Collect 1400 unique Tony Gwynn cards with a focus on 1982-2001 cards. (1014/1400) 1-28-21

Complete 2 master sets of 87 Topps baseball. 6 more cards needed.  1-10-21

Acquiring Albuquerque Dukes Minor League baseball team sets from 1985-1994.

Minor league baseball all years.  I don't have much of this on my want list but I really like this stuff so if you need to fill out a trade let me know what to put on my want list so you can add it.

Finish 93 Ultra baseball series 2.

Collect all ProCards minor league cards from 1989-1990.

Collect 1000 unique Tony Gwynn cards from years 1982-2001 with a focus on 80's cards. COMPLETE  (1000/1000) 1-28-21

       I am still uploading the majority of my trade list but I finally have all of my Tony Gwynn cards listed.  I am willing to trade Gwynn cards from my collection but only for older Gwynn cards.

I am also interested in any cheap late 80's-early 90's complete baseball sets.



Member Since:   7/17/2016
From:   Arlington, VA, United States

Mostly baseball, but I collect football, basketball and hockey too. Like the olympic sets, and some non-sports as well. Boston sports fan so always on the lookout for Boston guys.

If you are looking to trade for my vintage items, I am looking for vintage in return with roughly comparable players. If you are asking for vintage hall of famers, there should probably be hall of famers in your offer, not semi-stars or only modern cards. When trading vintage, I am looking for VG-EX and up and I will deliver the same. If I don't have my best guess on card condition in the database, just ask. Definitely not a grader, but I try hard to list fair, accurate grades for my older stuff.



Member Since:   7/3/2019
From:   Sugar Land, Texas

Anything Astros for the PC.

Also trying to complete some sets.

Won't have access to collection until May.



Member Since:   2/18/2017
From:   Avila,Espana -SPI,TX-Ann Arbor,MI - Fort Hood, TX

Detroit Tigers, Red Wings, Real Madrid, Spain and Topps Oakland A's, Autographed Cards, Jerseys, Pucks, Vintage Lions

Quote:   Limited trades I am still adding cards to lists so I have to verify each card. Not interested in Selling. If you insist on ASKING it I will include 20% above Book value fee


Member Since:   12/28/2013
From:   Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Baseball !

In 2013, I founded the Ottawa Champions Baseball Club and was a co-owner and President from 2014-2018. I also co-founded the Miracle League of Ottawa, our community sport hub for children, youth and young adults with special needs. 

I am a Board Member on the Ottawa Sport Council.

Quote:   When I come across a half empty glass, I redesign the glass


Member Since:   6/15/2020
From:   Dillsburg, PA, United States


Thank you, everyone, for being patient with my lack of communication the past few weeks.  My family is dealing with a very serious illness with my mother-in-law and it has involved several trips out of town for me and my wife to help with the situation.  Everything but work has been put "on hold" but hopefully, we are beginning to see enough improvement that I can get caught up on my communications and trades with my tcdb friends.  I have really enjoyed getting to know so many awesome people. 



Member Since:   6/30/2011
From:   Rowley, New Brunswick, Canada

NY/SF Giants baseball cards.

Quote:   Spirit Is The Life. Mind Is The Builder. Physical Is The Result.


Member Since:   7/20/2019
From:   Henrico, Virginia, United States

Mostly Baseball cards but I do have a few Basketball and Football cards.

I'm an Atlanta Braves Fan so always looking for any braves cards to add, esp Ronald Acuna Jr. Cards but enjoy all baseball cards from any year.

Quote:   “All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost.".


Member Since:   1/2/2018
From:   Roswell, Georgia, United States


Member Since:   6/5/2016
From:   Lisle, IL, United States

Topps, minor league team sets




Will trade for autograph cards not on my wantlist, most sports



Member Since:   4/7/2020
From:   Parsippany, NJ, United States

Focusing mainly on my Yankees PC. Looking to complete Topps Flagship Yankees team sets and sub sets. Always looking to trade.



Member Since:   5/18/2018
From:   Richland, WA, United States

Wade Boggs - #1 priority.    #5 On-site

Edgar Martinez          #6 On-site

Mitch Haniger             #1 On-site

Andrew Benintendi     #6 On-site

Cavan Biggio       #3 On-site

Fernando Tatis Jr    #2 On-site

Mike Alstott           #2 On-site

Matt Kenseth     #11 On site

Buccaneers / Mariners / Supersonics / Tri-City Dust Devils (MiLB)




Quote:   Will listen to offers for cards in my collection for Wade Boggs cards.


Member Since:   12/22/2018

Currently trading. Will mail PWE.



Member Since:   10/18/2019
From:   Wintersville, OH, United States

Phillies Cards

Mike Schmidt

Quote:   Sometimes the only thing fair in life is a ball hit between first and third..


Member Since:   1/18/2018
From:   North Andover, MA, United States

I’ve been collecting cards for over 45 years and have over 303,000 unique cards in my main collection, including some nice vintage stuff.  I collect older cards of the four major sports but lately I've been expanding to some more recent sets.  I'm primarily a Set Builder and I’m looking for other like-minded set builders to trade with.   I’ve accumulated tons of extra cards that I would like to trade away with over 200,000 cards in my current For Trade list.  Big trades don't bother me. I have a huge Want List, so hopefully you have something I need.  Feel free to make me an offer. 

Note on Donruss * Variations and Upper Deck Holo Variations:
At the moment I can't guaranty the junk wax era Donruss/Leaf cards and the UD holo variations are listed with the correct variation (I honestly hate variations myself).  If the specific variation is important to you, please say so in the trade offer.  I'll do my best find the correct one, if possible.

Note on Vintage Cards:
I have over 7,500 vintage cards listed for trade (I consider vintage to be 1977 or earlier).  For each card I've noted a condition grade and if you check closer, a note on each regarding any condition issues (be sure to select the correct one if multiple cards are shown).  Please note that I'm by no means a professional grader and if you're hyper-sensitive on card condition, please message me first and I'd be happy talk about it.  In exchange for these cards I have three priorities:

  • 1) similar vintage cards that I need (any sport)
  • 2) inserts for my 90s sets that I need (any sport)
  • 3) or non-junk era base cards that i need as a last resort (any sport)

Note on Card ConditionA card noted as Pr, Fr, Gd, or GdVg will have some obvious condition issues such as creasing, corner wear, or marks.  I would consider them place holders in a collection at best (I've listed them because some people do want place holders).  A VG card will usually be a clean card with some corner wear or a centering issue.  For me, VG would be the bare minimum for my personal collection.  EX will be nice sharp card and VgEx will be something just between VG and Ex, still a nice card with a small issue that prevents it from being EX.  NM in vintage is a tough find.

Quote:   Set collectors of the world.. UNITE !!!


Member Since:   2/18/2020
From:   McKinleyville, CA, United States

Looking to complete Topps flagship baseball sets.  Have complete sets from 1985-1993 and 2015-2020.  Worked in a sportscard store during junk wax era so I have plenty of baseball, basketball, and football to trade.  Not everything I have available to trade has been posted yet.



Member Since:   5/1/2018
From:   Ankeny, IA, United States

Derek Jeter, New York Yankees, Iowans, set builder



Member Since:   8/14/2017
From:   United States

5 cards minimum for trades, please! (Unless it's a higher value card)

I collect everything Royals and Huskers (yes, even the "junk"). My trading goal/style is efficiency, so I'm looking to do 10-20 card trades for PWE (multiple PWEs is fine as well) and tracked packages for everything larger. If you have a good amount of cards I need, my preference is to trade for them all in one go instead of a few cards at a time. I work hard to condition note my cards if I don't find them close to Nrmt, so I ask that you do the same when we trade. Fair?

What you should expect in trading with me:

Accuracy: I will send exactly the cards you trade for, I strive for 100% every time, no missing cards, no wrong parallels, sorted in the same order TCDb organizes them so that you can quickly add them to your collection.
Detail: I will condition note cards that aren't close to Nrmt, no surprises!
Resolution: If I can't locate a requested card, I'll get you a suitable replacement right away.
Value: I deal in real-world value, not Beckett value, not TCDb value, etc, pricing is horrifically skewed for a zillion reasons with those sources. For the most part, we're not trading gold mines here, so just ballpark it and we'll go from there!

I try to keep my trade list stocked with a lot of inserts and parallels, so take a closer look if your wantlist is small! If you don't have cards I need in return, feel free to send me a purchase offer.

I will often propose quality for quantity trades, so if you are turned off by the card imbalance, we can adjust, everyone has different styles!

Alex Gordon and Jermaine Dye Supercollector. Check out my collection at

Also, don't ever work with Michael Deeter - aka 49ants. He deliberately damaged a 2400+ card purchase and scammed me out of 300+ cards. See thread:

TCDB Collecting Ranks:
Kansas City Royals: #1

Alex Gordon: #1
Jermaine Dye: #1
Salvador Perez: #1
Ken Harvey: #1
Whit Merrifield: #1
Adalberto Mondesi: #1
Yordano Ventura: #1
Carlos Beltran: #1
Danny Duffy: #1
Mike Sweeney: #2
Darin Erstad: #3 
George Brett: #5
Bo Jackson: #6



Member Since:   12/3/2017
From:   McKinney, TX, United States

Currently building out NY Yankee Topps base sets with my son. I also collect NY Yankees, and are interested in relic/auto cards...

My son collects Bartolo Colon & Willie Calhoun

All my cards are in Like New mint condition, let's make a trade!!!



Member Since:   1/13/2017
From:   United States

Sorry,  Not looking for dog eared or creased cards... Please DO NOT waste my time.. Thanks! 

Dodgers, Yankees, Steve Garvey, Lou Gehrig...

Please NOTE:  Will only trade my 1957 Topps for 1957 Topps on wantlist.  Pretty negotiable on the rest.

 Also Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Refractors for Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Refractors on wantlist.



Member Since:   5/12/2013
From:   West Deptford, New Jersey, United States

Phillies and Derek Jeter baseball cards

. I have also added some Yankee cards to my collection.


Quote:   Building my collection, one trade at a time :). I will only consider trades using the AUTOMATED transaction manager. Only trading with in the US for now.TIA


Member Since:   9/7/2011
From:   Castleton, New York, United States
Collects:   Topps and Upper Deck Inserts from Baseball or Football and New York Teams from 2000-Present


Member Since:   11/27/2012
From:   MN, United States

My Main Collections :  Topps All-Star Rookie Trophy cards ///  KC Royals  ///  GB Packers  ///  Vintage Baseball  ///

TRADES: Modern Cards (1983 - Present) - Please offer NM or better - no ding corners / should have sharp corners and edges / no creases.  Mine will be the same, unless noted.  Vintage Cards (prior to 1983) - Let me know condition.   All reasonable trade offers considered.

Purchase Cards:  Check out my webstore and ebay links below - all reasonable offers considered.



Member Since:   9/4/2019
From:   Mosheim, TN, United States

Atlanta Braves, my main PC is Chipper Jones, Freddie Freeman, Dansby Swanson, Ozzie Albies, and Ronald Acuna Jr. Trying to complete Braves team sets (Topps) 1990-present.

I'm always working on my Chipper Jones collection, especially base cards I don't already own. I'm looking for as many of his 1991 Topps #333 RC cards that I can get. Also looking to complete Braves team sets from 1990 thru the present! Shoot me and offer and lets see what we can work out.



Member Since:   8/11/2018
From:   Watertown, Wisconsin, United States

I am a player collector mainly...collecting Robin Yount, Ersan Ilyasova, Brett Favre, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Bobby Labonte.  In addition, I also want to collect most of the base sets for the Brewers, Bucks and Packers.  I am always looking for multiple copies of the Robin Yount 1990 Donruss #146 (any variation) or the Robin Yount 1988 Score #160 cards.  They have always reminded me of a better time, a simplier time.  I like the way these cards bring back those memories.

A few people outside of this site have been very interested in growing their collections; so I also am trying to get cards for these players as well.

- Pokemon cards for both of my boys, Batman cards for Kid #1, Animal cards for Kid #2

- Ken Griffey Jr. cards for my buddy at work. 

- Juan Soto and Christian Yelich for my brother. 

- Derek Jeter, Wayne Gretzky & a few others for a buddy that I'm trying to convince to become a member.

If I happen to get anything else, that's cool too.


I like to trade!!  I mainly prefer PWE trades, but am set up for larger trades too.  I have a scale at home and the wife works at the post office so I rarely need to go there.  I like to get my trade list into the hands of members that could use them.  If this means that I give a lot more than I receive, this is fine with me.  You get the cards you need, I get the space back in my area.  I am open to buying and selling, but mainly, I am a trader.

Lately, I've been really collecting the old Brewer Police cards, they were issued for each community throughout Wisconsin.  But I have been especially looking for the Robin Yount cards.  I think there are over 750 different police sets issued between 1982 and 1993, with over 810 different cards that I am very interested in (He has two cards in the 1993 sets).  Currently, I have 192 different Yount cards.  It's actually been fun, but I have a long way to go.  Any of the other Brewers cards that I have would be available if you are interested, but let me check on the condition.  Since I am getting a lot of them through thrift stores, eBay and rummage sales, some are pretty ragged.  I also have Packers Police cards that would potentially be available too.

My One & Done List - I think it would be neat to trade with every state.  So far, I have collected 49!!  One to go!!  Can't wait to have a trade in Wyoming!!  I also have traded with Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and the Netherlands, let's keep 'em coming!!



Member Since:   2/14/2018
From:   Rock Hill, SC, United States

Teams: Atlanta Braves, Carolina Hurricanes, Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, NC State alumni (all 3 sports)

Players: Jeff Francoeur, Freddie Freeman, Tom Glavine, Vladimr Guerrero, Sr., Tony Gwynn, Tim Hudson, David Justice, Rey Ordonez, Cal Ripken, Tim Salmon, John Smoltz, Dansby Swanson, Frank Thomas

Sets: 1995 Pinnacle Museum Collection, 2020 Topps Big League Orange

Quote:   “Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too.” Yogi Berra


Member Since:   11/3/2020
From:   Munising, Michigan , United States

Pittsburgh steelers

pittsburgh pirates

pittsburgh penguins

         Only trading for cards that i have on my want list thank you.

also will trade baseball for Steelers cards on my want list along with baseball cards on my want list. Also looking for the 2015 topps Steelers inserts of the 3 presidents and Steelers coaches to complete my Steelers team set with inserts.

also trying to complete 2005 Steelers topps chrome team set and inserts and 2015 Steelers  topps chrome team set and inserts

Quote:   Happy collecting


Member Since:   7/30/2019
From:   Longwood, FL, United States

Came across at the end of 2019, and have already completed over 500 transactions.  Love it so far.  (Stole this from another member, goal is to have zero cards in my For Sale/Trade List.  So keep the trades comin'!)

New/Current Priority: Garrett Mitchell.  Any and all, so even if it isn't on my Want List, please feel free to add it to the trade.

Update #2: 1977-78 Topps Basketball is now complete as well! 

Update #1 to current project below: 1976-77 Topps Hockey is now complete! Well on my way on the other sets. Appreciate all the help to this point.

***My newest project is to complete Topps sets for all four major sports from 1977 (my birth year).  I have the complete set of baseball, but have now added all cards for 1977 Topps Football, 1976-77 & 1977-78 Topps Basketball, and 1976-77 & 1977-78 Topps Hockey to my Want List***

My PC is as follows (with TCDB rankings as of 4/30/2021):

NBA: Giannis (5), Dirk Nowitzki (2), and Tim Duncan (3).  (I also - unofficially - collect MJ , Kobe, & Larry Bird).

NFL: Aaron Rodgers (2), Davante Adams (1), Aaron Jones (1), Sterling Sharpe (3), Jaire Alexander (1), Brett Favre (20) and Don Majkowski (2).

MLB: Garrett Mitchell (1), Aaron Ashby (1), Roberto Clemente (1), Jackie Robinson (3), Walker Buehler (1), Robin Yount (13), Tony Gwynn (11), Hal Morris (5), Mark Grace (6), Ethan Small (1), Jo Adell (2), Pat Listach (4) and Mark Langston (2). 

WWE: Lita (6).

(Although I currently live in Florida, I was born in Milwaukee.....hence my obsession with Wisconsin sports teams.  Ha)

Please check out my For Sale/Trade list.  Feel free to message me any time.....let's see what we can get done!  (I don't necessarily trade based on "book value", but rather the value to me, so please feel free to counter if I propose a trade that you feel is unfair).  

Quote:   When all is said and done, be sure more is done than said.


Member Since:   9/19/2018
From:   Springfield, MO - Missouri, United States

Todd Helton, Ozzie Smith, Ray Lankford, Mark McGwire, Nolan Arenado, any prominent St. Louis Cardinals or Colorado Rockies player, interested in non-sport sets as well... Open to any kind of trade!


George Hayes

Member Since:   10/6/2017
From:   BELLEVILLE, Illinois

I am looking to trade my extras for cards I need to complete sets.  I have a little bit of everything(Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball, and some non-sports.  I do have a monster box of 1982 Topps Baseball from a vending case and just way too many 1990 Score Football cards.


Quote:   I am slowly adding my cards. (probably 27% added to the site)


Member Since:   2/24/2012
From:   Chicago, IL, United States

Chicago Cubs. US Women's National Team Soccer.

Top priority player PCs right now are Willson Contreras and Kyle Hendricks. 

Trading PWE is fine with me - no trade too small. If you need base I'll trade in your favor. Trades of around 12-15 cards or less will ship PWE unless they are higher value, thick, or by request. If you want a bubble mailer just ask!

I don't collect unlicensed cards for the most part - sorry!

If there is any football, basketball, non-sport etc. on my trade list, I will happily trade it for baseball. I don't really collect those cards they just end up in my collection when I buy lots. 

Set Builds: Topps flagship, Topps Heritage, Stadium Club



Member Since:   1/17/2019
From:   Bedford, New Hampshire, United States

Boston Red Sox

High Priority------SP or SSP's I don't have.

Always looking for inserts and parallels that I don't have, even cards that I haven't put on my wantlist.

Sometimes I travel out of state, so please be patient when you offer me a trade. Thanks!

Quote:   Damn it'll be missed.


Member Since:   12/25/2019
From:   Spruce Pine, NC, United States

Basically just a set builder. I have a major issue that when I get one card of a set, I feel as though its time to build that set, including any insert sets.




Member Since:   11/25/2016
From:   Illinois, United States

I keep up with the Topps and Donruss base baseball sets. 

  • Currently looking for 1973 in ExMt or better condition

I also enjoy collecting oddball baseball sets.  My current focus is on the following:

  • Starting Line Up cards (not the figures)
  • Sponsored teams sets like Mother's, Police, Fire Safety, Kahn's, Coke, etc.
  • Updating my Hostess box panel cards (individuals)

I am always looking for the following Hall of Famers that I do not have.

  • Frank Thomas (White Sox only)
  • Carlton Fisk (Red or White Sox)
  • Ernie Banks



I have removed all recent cards that are not NRMT or better from my inventory.  ExMt or better from 80's or earlier.  Anything less than ExMt will be specified and discussed before mailing.  In turn, I ask that you do not send me anything that does not meet these criteria. 


I will send all cards in plain white envelope (PWE) unless agreed otherwise or if card values are high.  Mailing more than 18 cards may be split into separate envelopes.  I always buy postage at the post office and get a receipt so I have some kind of verification.

Single cards will go out in a toploader.  Multiple cards will go in a 9 pocket sheet, folded and placed between more rigid cardboard.  The goal is to keep it thin to keep it cheap and avoid package charges.

Quote:   In it for the fun.


Member Since:   1/16/2019
From:   Marietta, GA, United States
  • Refractors/Prizms of legacy players of FB, BB, & BK
  • 2003-5 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Refractors - Baseball
  • 1996-97 Topps Stars Basketball Finest, Refarctors, & Atomic Refractors - I need (8) to complete the set!

I have a very specific collection focus right now, so I might not be the easiest to trade work a trade.  However, I will sell at reasonable prices, often at my cost as I want cards to go to collections that want them.  For my more common cards, I am often happy to just send them to you for postage cost.  Feel free to inquire, I have matches turned off.  I try to respond quickly, but if I don't, ask again.

Regards, Greg 



Member Since:   1/1/2013
From:   Tea, South Dakota, United States

Mark McGwire and complete sets

Quote:   If you cannot stand behind our soldiers, please feel free to stand in front of them.


Member Since:   11/3/2019
From:   Lincoln, NE - Nebraska, United States

Topps - Baseball & Football

Bo Jackson



Member Since:   2/27/2017
From:   Pittsburgh, PA, United States

(IMPORTANT) I had to add this statement since being ripped off three times on large trades: Should you be a first time trader with me and no matter how many great feeback notes or how many digits your total trading number is I will insist you mail first and provide a tracking number that will be verified prior to my shipping your cards. I have lost over 2000 cards due to dishonest people on this site and it stops here and now. THIS IS NOT PERSONAL TO ANYONE it is just my way of protecting my product when trading! Again to those easily offended traders "This is not peronal Sunny, it's just good business."

I trade for EX/MT to MT cards. Filling Baseball/Football sets. I have some Basketball and Hockey to trade for Football/Baseball. Fair value trades only! No 91 junk for 70s! All mistakes will be made right. I keep my stock in good condition and inform trade partners of defects. I'll expect same in return.

My Steeler and Pirate binders always have empty pages to fill. I also collect Tony Gwynn! Hit me up with a trade proposal and we'll see if we can get it done.


Quote:   Jack Lambert: If I were ever to play football again. You can bet I'd be a Pittsburgh Steeler.


Member Since:   7/9/2019
From:   Portland, OR, United States

These are the sets I am currently focusing on:

  • 1954 Bowman  (183/224 - 81.7%)    Master Set   (195/264 - 75.4%)
  • 1961 Topps   (419/587 - 71.4%)    Master Set   (422/596 - 70.8%)
  • 1968 Topps   (476/598 - 79.6%)    Master Set   (480/611 - 78.6%)
  • 1970 Topps   (668/720 - 92.8%)    Master Set   (671/727 - 92.3%)
  • 1971 Topps   (593/752 - 78.7%)    Master Set   (598/760 - 78.7%)
  • 1972 Topps   (621/787 - 78.9%)    Master Set   (624/796 - 78.4%)
  • 1973 Topps   (619/660 - 93.8%)    Master Set   (631/683 - 92.4%)
  • 1974 Topps   (639/660 - 96.8%)    Master Set   (647/678 - 95.4%)
  • 1975 Topps   (656/660 - 99.4%)
  • 1975 Topps Mini   (622/660 - 94.2%)
  • 1976 Topps   (659/660 - 99.8%)    #300 Johnny Bench
  • 1977 Topps   (653/660 - 98.9%)
  • 1978 Topps Master Set   (727/728 - 99.9%)    #23 Bump Wills Black Circle Variation
  • 1979 Topps   (721/726 - 99.3%)
  • 1980 Topps   (725/726 - 99.8%)
  • 1981 Topps   (722/726 - 99.4%)
  • 1982 Topps   (791/792 - 99.8%)
  • 1988 Topps   Master Set   (796/797 - 99.9%)
  • 1990 Topps   (784/792 - 99.0%)    Master Set   (784/793 - 98.9%)
  • 1991 Topps   (765/792 - 96.6%)    Master Set   (790/834 - 94.7%)
  • 1992 Topps   (780/792 - 98.5%)
  • 1992 Topps Winners   (699/792 - 88.3%)    Master Set   (700/837 - 83.6%)
  • 1993 Topps Gold   (801/825 - 97.1%)


Member Since:   2/7/2017
From:   Indianapolis Suburbs, United States

Set collector first & foremost. I also like to work on PCs of various Angels: Wally Joyner, Mike Trout, Reggie Jackson, Rod Carew, Tim Salmon, Jim Abbot (Angels only). I also collect Bo Jackson, Jeff Huson, Rod Woodson, Steve Alford, & Martin St. Louis.



Member Since:   4/19/2019
From:   Wisconsin, United States

I only collect Baseball cards.



2020 Topps Heritage (low and high #)

          - THROWBACK Variations

          - SILVER Variations (only Puig left)

2020 Topps Heritage Real One Autographs (low and high #)

          - See my Wantlist

1971 Topps

          - ANYTHING that is NM+ (even if I already have it)

          - See my Wantlist

                    - No writing on the card.

                    - No crumpled paper.

                    - No surface or edge tears.

                    - Slight wrinkles and rough corners are OK.


I have A LOT of 2020 Topps Heritage (low and high series) cards for trade if you happen to be chasing the set, SPs, or subsets.  If you're chasing these, you should MESSAGE ME even if you don't have anything on my Wantlist.  I tend to find Griffey Juniors for me and/or current Dodgers for my son to make these trades work out.

I'm almost done logging my collection.  I still have to get to players with last names starting with A and B.  With the exception of my Griffey Juniors and most of my complete sets, everything I have is for sale/trade*.

*See quote below.

Quote:   "EVERYTHING that I have is for sale. It comes down to the price you're willing to pay." - My Grandfather


Member Since:   3/24/2015
From:   Oak Lawn, Illinois, United States

Chicago Blackhawks, Doug Wilson Hockey, Chicago Bears Older, Notre Dame Football in their college jerseys, Chicago White Sox pre-85 and new especially Jimenez, Robert, Vaughn etc... Check out my E-bay store.  

Quote:   You gotta believe in something, or you'll fall for anything


Member Since:   11/15/2020
From:   Minnesota, United States

I've been a baseball collector since the late 80's and love to trade.  I am primarily a set collector and belong to several online trading clubs.  My never ending goal is to collect all the regular issued Topps cards from 1952 to present.

My main collecting interests are vintage cards,  Minnesota Twins,  a few newer sets and Bert Blyleven.

Vintage sets:  1952 Topps, 1953 Topps, 1954 Bowman,  1954 Topps,  1955 Topps,  1956 Topps,  1957 Topps,  1963 Topps,  1967 Topps

Newer sets: 1993 Bowman,  1993 Stadium Club,  1994 Bowman,  1996 Ultra,  2001 Stadium Club,  2003 Fleer Tradition,  2004 Donruss,  2005 Donruss


Hebron Reds Fan

Member Since:   9/9/2015
From:   Hebron, KY, United States

Cincinnati Reds Team Set Collector - 1909 (T206) to current Base and Traded sets, Food Issues, SGAs, and various Odd Ball Reds cards

Prefer PWE trades of 20 cards or less--but all trades and offers considered!  Trading/Selling all other MLB teams, football, basketball, and Non-sports.

Let's make some trades!



Member Since:   9/30/2018
From:   Ohio, United States

In process of building Topps Sets 1972 to current



Member Since:   10/15/2014
From:   Lumberton, New Jersey, United States

 I am looking to trade or buy for Phillies or anything on my want list. So trade with me please . I am adding new cards to my for trade list every day. I have my Phillies collection listed from 1887 to 2020



Member Since:   6/19/2018
From:   chicago living Hawaii

just adding have close to 3 million card. Having a few medical issues so would love to sell some cards too please make offers willing to sell collection too . Selling my sets as wholes so check out my collection list as well.


Trades have to be at least  worth the postage please 


Quote:   your killing me smalls


Member Since:   12/2/2015
From:   Texas, United States

Ken Griffey Jr., Ichiro, Felix Hernandez, Leroy Herrmann, Ty France RCs, and current RCs. I'm always up for a trade so send me an offer! Currently, just trading within the U.S.



Member Since:   2/17/2018
From:   Clark, NJ

PWE trades preferred. I'm open to sending out more than 15 cards in a single trade. If it won't fit in a PWE I won't be able to ship until Saturday.

My tradelist contains primarily duplicates, however I am willing to trade thousands of cards in my collection - as long as they're not PC players/teams or part of a set. Let me know what you need and I'll try to help you out!

Teams I collect: Green Bay Packers, Boston Red Sox, New Jersey Devils, Hartford Whalers, New Haven minor league teams (Ravens, Nighthawks, Beast) and any other Connecticut teams.

**I'm very interested in any West Haven Yankees, A's, and Whitecaps minor league cards or cards of West Haven, CT athletes like Art Ceccarelli, Ken Strong, and Matt DelGuidice**

Players I collect: Peter Worrell (#1 collection on TCDB), Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Dustin Pedroia, David Ortiz, Martin Brodeur, Nico Hischier, Alex Ovechkin, P.K. Subban

Secondary player collections: Clayton Kershaw, Mookie Betts, Ted Williams, Al Kaline, Sandy Koufax, Dan Marino, Sterling Sharpe, Christian McCaffrey, Eric Dickerson, Art Monk, Damian Lillard, Hakeem Olajuwon, Reggie Miller, Larry Bird, Steven Stamkos, Henrik Lundqvist, Taylor Hall, Charlie McAvoy, Scott Stevens, Trevor Linden, Ken Dryden, and many more.

Sets I'm collecting:
1993 Leaf Baseball update portion only
2003 Finest Baseball autographed RCs only
2013 Topps Baseball
2015 Topps Opening Day Baseball
2017 Topps Heritage Baseball - inserts only

1987 Topps Football
2015 Panini Prizm Football
2016 Donruss Football

1988-89 Fleer Basketball
1989-90 Fleer Basketball
1992-93 Topps Archives Basketball
1999-00 Hoops Decade Basketball

1988-89 Topps Hockey
1993-94 Topps Premier Gold (parallels) Hockey
1994-95 Upper Deck SP (inserts) Hockey
2003-04 Topps Pristine Hockey - serial #d rookies only

I'm always open to fair trades so PM me and I'll respond within 24 hours. Stop by my blogs The Collector and The 1993 if you'd like to read some more about my collection, hobby and sports talk, or just to say hello.

I look forward to trading with you!





Member Since:   3/9/2018
Collects:   Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Multi-Sport, Non-Sport


Member Since:   5/18/2017
From:   Berthoud, Colorado, United States

I love this Database and its Community!  I build Baseball sets and collect ALL Colorado Rockies (especially Helton, Arenado, Blackmon, and Freeland).  I also collect Dizzy Dean, Ted Williams, Bo Jackson, and Scott Elarton (who I grew up playing ball with).  I also collect Garbage Pail Kids of all years and series, car cards, Desert Shield/Storm and other Military/War cards.  I really enjoy helping out fellow set builders and I’m willing to trade commons at two/three for one to help build and/or complete sets.

Growing up and collecting in the "garbage era" (80s and 90s), I have plenty from then to trade and still need some to finish my sets.  From there, I'm moving in both directions (back to vintage while trying to keep up with modern) to build and complete sets.  I had a 20-year period (1995-2015) where I didn't collect as I was in the Marine Corps and didn't have the time or focus for the hobby.  Now that I'm retired, I'm trying to play catch up.  When it comes to my vintage collection (vintage to me is older than me, i.e. 1976 and older), I’m not looking for pristine or gradable cards.  My goal is to have an “acceptable” looking card from each set (mostly centered, non-rounded or soft corners, no writing, no creases, no stains).  If it is acceptable for your collection, it’s probably acceptable for my collection.  If you have questions or concerns, let me know.

I love trying to extend the hobby into the future.  I spend time giving cards and supplies to kids as they are the future and it is my hope that they will enjoy the game of baseball and the hobby of collecting as much as I do.

I also have a fairly large collection of football, basketball, and hockey cards from the early 80s to today that are not in the data base.  I'd love to get these into the hands of a collector who can appreciate them.  If that's you, let’s talk!

I also love buying/trading in bulk.  I have purchased and/or traded for entire collections.  If this is you, let’s also talk!



Member Since:   4/26/2016
From:   Harrison, TN, United States

Hut Stricklin and Tom Peck racing cards and memorabilia. Currently updating/verifying everything on my FS/FT list in the order listed on the site; as of 2/2/20 done through the end of baseball. The 1991 Fleer Baseball VARs still listed in the IRs on 1/12/20 and not yet added to the checklist are identified in the card details. The move to the new house with more room for my collection is complete; now I just need to find the time to finish updating my FS/FT list.



Member Since:   8/3/2017
From:   United States

Any baseball cards I can get. Also some Capitals hockey and MMA cards on the side.



Member Since:   9/29/2018
From:   Indiana, United States

Teams: Cleveland Browns (Post-1999), Cleveland Indians (Post-2000)

Players: Kareem Hunt, Mitchell Trubisky, Aaron Rodgers, Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk

Quote:   My wantlist is a work in progress so feel free to message me if you see a card you are interested in and we can most likely work something out!


Member Since:   8/17/2015
From:   Sykesville, MD, United States

Japanese & US Pro Baseball -- particularly Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves





Member Since:   2/18/2019
From:   Landenberg, PA, United States


Member Since:   3/8/2013
From:   Cumming, GA, United States

Atlanta Braves
Chipper Jones, Barry Bonds, Vlad Guerrero (Sr.), Kenny Lofton

Former Arizona Wildcats (any sport)



Member Since:   9/25/2018
From:   Indiana
Collects:   Baseball - Set Builder
Quote:   90% of the game is half mental - Yogi


Member Since:   10/16/2019
From:   Louisville, KY, United States

Prospects, Rookie cards and 1st Bowman Chrome cards, Andrew McCutchen Pirates Cards, Mike Trout, Fernando Tatis Jr., Brendan McKay



Member Since:   1/9/2017
From:   Ohio
Collects:   Mostly Topps Baseball & Cleveland Indians


Member Since:   7/12/2018
From:   RI


Member Since:   3/19/2013
From:   Chicago, United States

Mostly FOOTBALL and RCs, but usually whatever sparks my interest at the time. 
If its on my trade list, I'll trade it & If there's something in My Collection that interests you, just ask and I might be willing to let it go.....

There's not too much on my want list, but I can usually find something off a FS/T list, so feel free to propose a trade and I'm sure we can work something out.

AND>> PLEASE.....Do not send SEVERELY Off-Centered cards....They're THE WORST!!!!!!


Quote:   “My trading doors are always open...Lets do some biz!”


Member Since:   2/16/2019
From:   Orange , California, United States


  • Main PC: Tony Gwynn
  • Also PC: Mark Trumbo, Steve Garvey, Andre Ethier, Stephen Vogt, Clayton Kershaw, Sandy Koufax, Max Muncy, Justin Turner
  • Vintage cards: condition generally not a big issue, just looking for cards w/o writing or creases
  • Current Goals:
    • Build Gwynn PC to 1400 unique cards
    • Get 1980, 1991, 2001, and 2011 Topps baseball flagship sets
    • Build Trumbo PC to 200 unique  
  • Always trading modern for vintage
  • Open to all trades, even for cards not on my For Trade/Sale list 
  • Only consider trading to Canada on the right deal. If you are in Canada, please express such when offering a trade.
  • Trading similar cards for set builds. Not interested in receiving trade proposals offering me quantitiy of set building commns for a few of my cards.


Member Since:   9/19/2018
From:   United States

Always trading for my main goals. PWE trader. 

My collection is one that sparks joy to me. I have no rhythm or reason to it, each card brought joy to me and so it was added to the collection. My want list is cards that spark joy for me. 

This hobby is my saving grace! I found it as a way to help my anxiety and the friendships I have made in this hobby are amazing! I truly appreciate everyone in this hobby!

I look forward to doing lots of trades here and getting these cards in your mailbox and collection where they belong! When I send offers I like to match inserts to inserts, serial number to serial number, era to era; please try to do the same as well. In trade I'm more focused right now on my 2014-2020 cards. 

One of my binder projects is a Topps Twins project and am mainly needing the vintage now, I am happy to add cards with character aka poor condition for the vintage cards. This project is to tell the story of the decades and what better way than to have character to the cards. That's for the vintage, I don't want 1990s cards that are rounded edges and ripped up. 

My collection is valued at how much I'm smiling at the end of the day :) 

Quote:   Building my dream PC one card at a time by cards sparking joy to me :) because that's what the hobby is all about!


Member Since:   5/31/2020
From:   Jupiter, FL, United States

A little bit of everything.  Always interested in trading and selling.

Unless specifically requested, trades will be shipped:

1-4 cards: pwe in toploader

5-18 cards: pwe 3 pocket page sandwiched in froot loops box

19+ cards: bubble mailer with tracking



Member Since:   10/18/2017
From:   Jenison, MI, United States

Let's trade!

I'll trade old for new and new for old. It's my life's mania to hand collate base Topps sets. I have completed 1973-2021. I am building my 1970-72 topps baseball sets right now. Looking for moderate condition (VG-VGEX-EX+) as I build my sets.

I will PWE to Canada. 🇨🇦 Sent trades to 32/50 states. All 50 before I die, maybe?

PC is Kaline, Casey Mize, Spencer Torkelson and Cal Eldred.


Quote:   My attic is insulated with shredded 1988 Topps.


Member Since:   12/14/2016
From:   United States

I'm a master set collector, plain and simple. Baseball, hockey, football and soccer (in that priority order). PC of Boston teams and MA/NH born players. 

Priority collection projects:

1) Finishing 80s and 90s baseball inserts moving into the new century

2) Finishing off hockey sets and inserts

3) Finishing off football sets and inserts

4) Vintage, all sports


1. I WILL trade to my friends up north; always have, always will.

2. I WILL NOT trade cards out of my collection, FS/T only. If it’s in my collection, it’s because I want to keep it to meet my goals (whether I get there or not is a different story 😊)

3. I’m continuously updating my FS/T list as I have several large lots I am sorting through and adding here.

4. The nature of my work means I can work odd hours at times. It may take me several days before I get to your request. I know this is usually an understood condition for traders on here, but I just want to put it out there now especially for those I have yet to trade with.

5. I take trades first-come, first-serve style so a requested card may already be accounted for in another trade. I put this one out there because I have times where I was balancing 5-10 trades and have run into this.

6. I’m always open to counter-offers so please be flexible yourself.

7. I’m open to anything from small PWE to large lots.

8. I will trade across sports (baseball for football, etc.) so a trade doesn't have to revolve around one sport or even numbers

For trades up to 20-30 cards, I try to ship PWE. I have successfully used multiple PWE's for larger trades also. Bubble mailers will be used for more valuable cards.

I always look for equal value in trades. I do not use Beckett nor this site for price comparison. I use SportLots and eBay to gage values as they can indicate more real-world sales/selling prices. I don’t have hard ratios as to what I will trade (1 HOF = 5 commons, etc.). I know what I paid and can research value; just want fair value in return. This also means I’m open to off-balance trades where one of us get more cards than the other. Again, it’s about equal value.

For any vintage on my FS/T list I tried to be accurate as possible on condition. I can send pictures of any vintage upon request. I will trade for vintage, but I am a stickler for condition. I’m aiming for ExMt/NM on my vintage sets. If you are going to send me anything from the modern era I wuold expect NM or better. One would think that's a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised on how disappointed one can get...

I am only going to the post office once a week due to the pandemic. Please understand if I don't run out the door the next day to mail a trade. 


I'll sell any cards on my for sale/trade list for a fair and reasonable price plus enough to cover shipping. I'm not in this to make a profit, but to help fellow collectors meet their goals.

Speaking of which....(thanks Joshua (sportzcommish) for the inspiration)

I'm a collector, not an investor. If price is your main interest in trading, then please move along. I'm looking to fulfill each other's wants and needs as fairly as possible. I'm willing to fill your want list in return for my want list to be filled in as close to a card-for-card, era-for-era, star-for-star (regardless of sport), etc. that we can. I'm flexible, fair, and very fond of trading to increase our collections.



Member Since:   8/22/2019
From:   Ogden, UT, United States

Topps 2016-present, love adding new Tampa Bay Ray's cards to my collection.



Member Since:   3/9/2019
From:   Sarasota, FL, United States

I am collecting sets a couple at a time. Working on 1963 Topps,1986 Topps and some current sets. Love T201 and wiill build out as well.

Individual collections of Aaron, Murphy, Niekro and Chipper.



Member Since:   7/15/2015
From:   NC, United States

Baseball -  Topps and Topps Heritage set builder, multiple individual player PCs

Football -set builder & all current and former Miami Hurricanes and Pittsburgh Panthers


5/13/21 - after the 10 or so active transactions I have going right now are completed (I will turn trading off when the 3 pending are accepted/declined/etc.), I'm going to be taking a break from trading. I'm not sure how long, have some things to tidy up, etc. I will update this message when I turn things back on. Thanks everybody. 




Member Since:   4/21/2015

Topps Baseball, Stadium Club All Sports

Alex Caruso 

Former Texas A&M Basketball Players



Member Since:   7/19/2018
From:   Georgia, United States

Concentrating on PSA graded cards

Any and all Atlanta Braves

Any and all Georgia Bulldog Football players

ChopOn! Go Dawgs!

** Most any card in my Main Collection I'd be willing to trade for any card on my want list **



Member Since:   9/24/2020
From:   Quincy, Massachusetts, United States

My priorities for the new year are as follows:

1. Trading for the final 5 SPs from 2002 Fleer Tradition (29, 47, 56, 61 and 99) - Accomplished 01/20/21 
2. Trading for the remaining SPs from 2013 Topps
3. Finishing Topps 2017, 2017 Update, 2019 Topps, 2020 Topps and 2020 Update
4. Trading for SPs from 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020
5. Acquiring 2018 Topps Ronald Acuna Bat Down SP
6. Starting and finishing Topps 2021 Base and Update


Anything I can easily and safely package in a PWE will be sent in that manner. Larger trades or those including more valuable or larger cards will be sent with the least expensive shipping option that comes with tracking. These decisions are made at my discretion. I take a great deal of pride in delivering quality cards. If I send something PWE, you can be sure it is secure and well packaged. If there is anything wrong with anything you receive me, please let me know immediately.

While set-building is my first priority, cards depicting great moments in Boston sports history are also of value to me. Always willing to consider a trade for such items that aren't on my Want List. Sports card collecting is just another manifestation of my lifelong passion for these goofy games we all love. Pulling or trading for cards with great value is great. It's hardly the point. I associate these players and moments with people and places and times that meant a great deal to me. I want cards that remind me of my life's happiest moments.

Quote:   I collect baseball cards. I also collect moments. The items I choose to hold onto depict the moments I've never let go of.


Member Since:   5/21/2019
From:   Philadelphia, PA, United States

Mainly a Phillies team collector. If you see something in my collection that isn't marked For Sale/Trade let me know and we can work something out. 

ALWAYS on the look out for Temple University trading cards of any sport.

When trading newer inserts I'm generlaly looking for Phillies cards in the same subset. Not a hard and fast rule but not realy looking to trade a 2021 insert for 4 1991 Donruss cards.


john morones

Member Since:   6/29/2017
From:   Gilbert, Arizona

Set Collector.



Member Since:   12/11/2019
From:   Wailuku, HI, United States

All baseball!

Topps ProDebut

Topps Heritage Minor League


Topps Holiday

Vintage pre-80s



Member Since:   3/9/2020
From:   Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States

Any KC sports teams & soccer cards. 

I send all my trades out on Friday via PWE. 



Member Since:   7/12/2020
From:   Alabama, United States

Huntsville Stars, University of North Alabama, players from my area, some favorite players (Jay Johnstone, Julio Cruz, Dale Murphy, Glenn Hubbard, etc.), teams I pulled for in the World Series ('65 Twins, '66 Orioles, '67 Red Sox, '68 Tigers, '69 Mets, '70 Orioles, '71 Pirates, '72-'74 A's), some seasons of Atlanta Braves ('69, '82, '95)

Quote:   I know baseball is still the American pastime because kissing a girl is still called getting to first base, not getting a first down.


Member Since:   12/17/2020
From:   Frankenmuth, MIchigan, United States

Hello!  I bought my first packs in 1973 and found a card of my favorite player Mickey Lolich.  I was hooked and spent the next 40 years building sets each summer.  Took a few years off but like many others I'm back!

PC baseball set builds I'm enjoying right now:

  • 1972 Topps   606/787    77%
  • 1973 Topps   573/660   86%
  • 1984 Donruss   632/658   96%
  • 2001 Topps Update   248/265    93%
  • 2011 Topps Update     270/330   81%
  • 2019 Topps    683/700    97%
  • 2019 Topps Update  256/300    85%
  • 1974/75 Topps Hockey   254/264    96%
  • 1976/77 Topps Hockey   263/264    99%
  • Plus many more sets on my want list...

Trading Guidelines:  1)  I trade to build sets and when complete usuallly start building a duplicate set.  I'm open to trades of all size, from 1 card to 1,000+.  2)  Because I build sets it works best when trading similar vintages, not looking to trade a bunch of vintage 70's for junk wax commons, no matter what the ratio.  3)  The number of HOF/Superstars and key rookies should be fair, not looking to trade all my 1990's HOFs for 1992 Topps commons.  3)  I try to accurately identify variations but check with me if you seek a specific version of a card.  4)  Condition of cards:  1985 & newer are mostly EX/NRMT, 1979-1985 are mostly VG/EX but sometimes off-center & 1978 and earlier are mostly Good/VG with many off-center and some marked checklists.  Feel free to ask about specific cards.  I always pull cards before accepting a trade and will inform you of any condition exceptions.

🇨🇦 I Welcome trades from my friends in Canada 🇨🇦 

P.S., I still have the original Lolich card from the summer of '73 and that is one dupe not for trade.



Member Since:   6/10/2014
From:   Bentley, Louisiana, United States

2021 goals: 200 trades completed, try for 100 of the 2014 Topps Yellow parallel set, keep organizing, work on my pc sets. Love Ginter, Heritage, Ginter and Gypsy Queen minis!  



Member Since:   3/4/2017
From:   Gilbert, AZ, United States

I'm willing to trade but I don't have all my duplicates listed on this site. I'm slowly adding them. 

I have over 12,000 cards in my eBay store and I'd be willing to trade any of those for cards on my wantlist or any White Sox cards I don't have. You can find a link to my ebay store below.  If you see anything that catches your eye send me a message. 

I'm focusing on collecting White Sox. 



Member Since:   10/11/2018
From:   Wisconsin, USA

Baseball.  I want to assemble a set of Topps from every year since 1980 and maybe whatever I can find before that.  I'll pick up a few others along the way, also.

Completed sets (date, final card purveyor):

1993 Topps Baseball (12/14/2018, 49ants)

1992 Topps Baseball (3/23/2019, Mark 1010)


Near complete:

1994 Topps Baseball (-3)

2008 Topps Baseball (-1) Who has #610 Carlos Beltran? I'm not counting on #661 Johan Santana for $250. Beltran will have to complete it... anyone?

2018 Topps Baseball (-4, including Ohtani rookie)

Getting close: 1985, 2007, 2015, 2004

Numerous others well over half... check out my don't haves in my collection

Quote:   No trades for a while. PM me if you want to do something.


Member Since:   12/24/2017
From:   Pennsylvania, United States

i collect Mike Piazza (all years, all teams), 90's insert sets. And i just recently decided that I want to put together the 1955 Bowman set. an adventure so far.

i buy, trade and sell on here, as well as Facebook groups and eBay. 

i am reasonable with prices



thanks for looking!



Member Since:   10/19/2020
From:   Texas, United States

I started collecting in 1990 and I primarily collect my favorite Astros players (past and present). Past players like Jeff Bagwell, Lance Berkman, Craig Biggio, Ken Caminiti, Roger Clemens, Luis Gonzalez, Roy Oswalt, Phil Plantier, Ivan Rodriguez, Nolan Ryan, and Billy Wagner. I also collect past players like Ken Griffey Jr, Tony Gwynn, Rickey Henderson, Bo Jackson, Mark McGwire, and Cal Ripken Jr.

Since I've gotten back into collecting, I've started adding current Astros players to my collection. Players like, Jose Altuve, Yordan Alvarez, Michael Brantley, Alex Bregmen, Carlos Correa, Zack Greinke, Yuli Gurriel, and Justin Verlander. And active players like Marwin Gonzalez, Dallas Keuchel, and George Springer.

I'm not a set builder unless they are smaller sets, like the Upper Deck - Baseball Heroes, Mother's Cookies, etc. My priorities right now are:

  1. Nolan Ryan
  2. Jeff Bagwell
  3. Craig Biggio
  4. Earl Campbell
  5. Hakeem Olajuwon

I love to trade and want to help others who enjoy collecting as much as I do, build/complete their collections, while collecting every different card of my favorite players.

Quote:   Pick me out a winner Bobby!


Member Since:   2/12/2017
From:   United States

Player Collections:

- Primary - Steve Finley, Paul Goldschmidt, Luis Gonzalez

- Secondary - Vladimir Guerrero, Nomar Garciaparra, Sammy Sosa, Jim Edmonds, Torii Hunter


Topps Heritage (2014-2018)

UD Ionix (1999-2000)

UD Ultimate Victory (1999-2000)

UD Hologrfx (1999-2000)

Various insert sets

Team Collections: Arizona Diamondbacks

Quote:   Putting trades on hold for a while. I am in the process of overhauling my collection.


Member Since:   9/20/2019
From:   Litchfield Park, AZ, United States


Member Since:   7/30/2019
From:   Tampa, FL

Back at college, so no trades for the spring. Will still buy and sell higher end stuff on my Want/FS lists!

Feel free to look at my eBay as well and message me if anything interests you


I collect raw and graded:

Vintage HOF

Flagship Topps RC

Topps Chrome RC

Topps Heritage RC

Bowman Chrome

Bowman Chome Autos

I will buy and sell, so do not be afraid to message me!






Member Since:   3/4/2020
From:   Linthicum, MD, United States

Chipper Jones, Derek Jeter, Tony Gwynn, Ozzie Smith, Don Mattingly.

Players from Delaware including Delino DeShields, John Mabry, Chris Widger, Randy Bush, Chris Short, Ian Snell, Joey Wendle, and others.

Cards on my for sale/trade list typically consist of the following conditions (I will let you know if an individual card is in worse condition): 

2020-2010 - Fresh out of the pack, typically NrMt

2000-2009 - Ex-Mt to Nr-Mt (may have a fuzzy corner or show a little bit of edge wear from being in a box, especially if the card has a dark colored border)

1988-1999 - Cards from when I was a kid. Some may have some fuzzy corners or edge wear from being in a box. If the wear/damage seems significant I will let you know once I pull them.

1981-1988 - Some may have some edge wear, fuzzy corners, may have a dinged corner. Others may be straight out of the pack (I recently bought a bunch of old packs and opened them). I will let you know if there are any serious issues.

1980 and older - I typically include the condition. Most of these cards are EX at best. Some are a lot worse. I can send photos if you are interested, just ask.

I don't typically pay attention to centering unless it is really bad. If the card is legitimately miscut and you can see another card on it then I just throw it out and it won't be listed here.

I'm currently organizing and slowly listing my football and basketball cards which are generally from the late 80s-2000. I'm open to trading them for baseball cards, as I'm trying to focus my collection and reduce the space it takes up.

I ship PWE unless it's too many cards to fit or there's a card of significant value.




Member Since:   3/27/2018
From:   Grand Forks, ND, United States


Member Since:   1/28/2017
From:   Murrells inlet, SC, United States

Redskins, redskins, errr....WFT....(whatever)

My new project : every card, from every year now they've retired the name.

My first hobby: baseball cards. I have been collecting since the 70's (though I took decades off btwn 1992-2010)

Remember getting 15¢ packs of Topps at the IGA, and then trading cards in the neighborhood.....

Just started with TCDB. Love the prospect of trading cards again...





Member Since:   11/23/2014
From:   Kalamazoo, Michigan

Celebrating my 53nd year of collecting 1969 - 2021. 

Mostly the 4 major sports, Detroit teams, primarily Topps brands, base & some insert sets.

Have received many offers of Archives, Allen & Ginter, Gypsy Queen & Heritage for some of my older cards. I will usually turn them down unless they are for these primary sets, which I am trying to complete.

Pre 1969 Topps Baseball, Detroit Tigers & Lions Topps cards. Topps Football & Hockey cards. 1995 Topps Cyberstats.

Archives 2013   2017   2018, Allen & Ginter 2008   2016   2017, Gypsy Queen 2017   2018   2019, Heritage 2014   2015   2016   2017   2018

All other years of those sets are so far from being completed, that I really don't trade older cards for them, but will consider trading newer Topps, or older other products.

I will consider trading any SP's, SSP's, inserts, parallels, and promos from my collection, for Detroit player SP's, SSP's, or from inserts, parallels and promos that I don't have, that may or may not be listed on my wantlist. I will not break up a complete insert set to do so, however.

Will consider Canadian trades, but prefer smaller trades that can be sent in photo mailers or PWE. Have a difficult time justifying costs and mail times for larger orders...sorry.

(Please note: These guidelines are usually in effect, although, sometimes on a whim or a mood swing, I will accept, offer or deny a trade anyways. I will usually try to tell you why, if I decline. It's manapause!)

Quote:   He stood there like the house by the side of the road and watched that one go by - Ernie Harwell


Member Since:   2/8/2018
From:   oak harbor, WA, United States

Seattle Mariners

Quote:   My oh My


Member Since:   4/28/2018
From:   Pembroke, ON

I am only buying on this profile. Use the trade matching tool to check out my wants. Much easier that way.

If you are a willling seller with good feedbacks please message me.

At karsal2 is my FS/T list for discount selling,


New interest-Looking for pre-88 Non-Sports.



Member Since:   4/27/2019
From:   Georgia, United States

1. NY Giants Stars

2. Vintage NY Giants

3. Other Football

4. Classic Collectibles


I have begun the process of selling most of my collection on eBay ( The rest will be practically given away. If you'd like to "rescue" a card from this fate, give me an offer.

I'm currently only entertaining trades that help me downsize my collection or provide equitable cost/value for a card I will keep (see "Collects" in my profile).



Member Since:   1/17/2012
From:   St. Louis , Missouri , United States

Topps complete sets 1960-present & KC Royals cards

Quote:   Cole's Axiom: The sum of the intelligence on the planet is a constant; the population is growing.


Member Since:   2/22/2017
From:   Stafford, VA, United States

I am currently scaling down my entire collection to only focus on what I truly love. Hockey, Penguins, Yankees, Titans, Gators, Nomar Garciaparra, Bryce Harper, and Marc-Andre Fleury.  All others are up for trade or sale.  I am currently in the process of adding everything to my "For Trade" collection, so feel free to check in periodically for updates.  Off topic, I also collect vinyl records and comics, so we may be able to work out something there as well.  

I do tend to travel at times for work, so I may not be able to respond immediately as the type of work that I do requires dedication, but I typically can respond within a week or less, and usually within 24 hrs, just please be understanding.  



Member Since:   7/5/2016
From:   DFW, TX, United States

I collection the following:

1. KC Royals (moslty 1900's) - I was featured in Beckett Manazine as a Royals super collector but that was when a Topps George Brett was the most expensive card and prior to all the 1/1, relic, and other expensive and rare inserts.   I have not gone down that path and primarily why I am more a completist for 1900's Royals.

2. I love vintage cards (1975 and older).  In the 90's I pursued Hall of Famer vintage cards and still treasure them today but don't find the funds to do much more acquisition.of the top 50 all time greats.   While most of my focus is baseball I do add some vintage Cowbys FB cards at times and still have my early Basketballs sets.

3. I pivoted to HoF reprints, odd balls and recent issues just focusing on eye appeal vs. expensive inserts.  

4. I acquired binders of junk era stars in the 80's ('87-late 90's).   I enjoyed complete series of regular issue cards by brand and year (i.e. all the Barry Bonds Topps regular issue cards).   By the time I wanted to consolidate my quantiyf to focus on quality it was too late so I hope to fill some holes in these junk era HoF calliber player collections of regular issues w/trades.    I have the RCs of this ear pulled into a box in holders.

5. My favorite card of all time is the 1993 Donruss MVP 1/1 - Seatle Mariners card in my profile from Mariners Spring Training :)     

I would like to trade/sell away misc cards outside the above that I acquired from pack openings and oddball set breaks.



Member Since:   10/4/2016
From:   Mi, United States

Master set collector errors/variations etc. Also working hard at my Barry Sanders collection. Pwe trades welcome. 



Member Since:   8/3/2017
From:   MO, United States

Sets, Cardinals, S/N cards, auto's


La Loosh

Member Since:   7/28/2017
From:   Hampton/Boston/Los Angeles


Quote:   "If you think it EX, it's probably not, what with the crease and round corners."


Member Since:   2/7/2017
From:   Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

If you see an insert you like in my collection that's not on my trade list, make me an offer. 


Tampa Bay Lightning, Vincent Lecavalier, Baltimore Orioles, Eddie Murray



Member Since:   8/8/2019
From:   Ohio, United States

Primarily a Topps base set builder, but am always happy to scoop up any flashy Cardinals cards you have. The primary players I collect are Mark MCGwire and Dakota Hudson, so please let me know if you have any Dakota Hudson autos! I am currently working on completing my 2019 Topps base set. My for sale list is almost always up to date, but there are too many things to add to my want list so hit me up if you want something of mine or you think I might want something of yours and we can make something work.


Happy to trade international and to FPO's. I will assume low value trades under 12 cards or so will be PWE unless otherwise stated. Please let me know when accepting or sending a trade request if you would prefer otherwise. 


Quote:   The two most important things in life: good friends and a strong bullpen. - Bob Lemon


Member Since:   10/28/2017
From:   United States

Mostly Baseball, but a little bit of everything.

Quote:   I’ve turned trading off for the time being. I need to update my want list. If you’re interested in buying anything send me a message. I’ll be glad to work out a deal.


Member Since:   2/21/2015
From:   Carrollton, TX, United States

I need to shut down trading for a couple months.  Just got a new job and a wicked busy summer is about to come down.  I'll be back when the kids go back to school in August.

Willie Mays, Will Clark, Barry Bonds and all the Topps base sets from the beginning of time.

Quote:   If the world was perfect, it wouldn't be - Yogi Berra


Member Since:   12/10/2015
From:   kaukauna, wi, United States

i am set builder mostly in baseball and football at this time but open to the basketball i have cards listed


With my work schedule and family time.  I pull most of my trades on Sunday and mail them out on Saturday. You can make the offer during the week. 



Member Since:   7/27/2017
From:   Minnesota, United States

**Trading back on! I still have lots of inventory to update so please let me know if you're looking for a particular team or set and I will let you know what I have.**

Nearly everything in my Main Collection can be for trade/sale for the right trade. Please comment in your trade offer if a card you want is a part of my collection. Personal Collection and Rookie Collection cards are not for sale or trade.

Looking for: 1) Minnesota Twins, 2) Minnesota Vikings, 3) University of Minnesota and NDSU 4) Minnesota Timberwolves and Wild. Any cards from these teams are wants of mine even if they aren't on my wantlist. I don't need duplicates of cards I have but anything I don't have will have a spot in my collection. 

Trades: 18 standard cards or less will be sent in a 9 pocket sheet in a PWE unless discussed otherwise (thicker cards may lower the total cards able to be shipped this way.) Any trade with more than 18 cards or trades that include an autograph or memorabilia piece will be sent in a tracked bubble mailer. I will always err on the side of the bubble mailer to ensure the cards get to you safe. 

Purchases: Please include $3 shipping in all offers. All purchases will go out in a tracked bubble mailer unless discussed otherwise.



Member Since:   2/3/2021
From:   Hastings on Hudson, New York, United States

1.  I want to complete my 1972 Topps Baseball set.  Most of my '72 cards are probably in the PSA 4-6 range (though I'm still learning how to figure gradings), so as long as they're not below PSA 3, I'm intererested in trading for them.

2.  I'd like to have all 2020 & 2021 Topps Heritage Chrome cards, but I like all Heritage chrome years and would like to accumulate them.

3.  2020 Allen & Ginter Chrome is another set I'd like to complete.  I've got most of the base but missing many minis.

4. I'm a Yankee fan.  So if you're a Red Sox fan who wants to get rid of your Yankees, let me know.  I like all the obvious Yankees but I came of age in the early '70s and Bobby Murcer was my hero.  So anything Murcer and Munson related are of particular interest to me.

Quote:   When I complete the '72 Topps baseball set I started collecting when I was 10, maybe I'll grow up.


Member Since:   5/26/2013
From:   Houston, TX, United States

Bagwell, Biggio, Nolan Ryan, Astros/Colt .45s, 60's-70's Pirates, Pre-1967 Baseball.

** PWE trades only at the moment, unless you've got something really special for me. **




Member Since:   3/5/2017
From:   Illinois, United States

For some reason I bought a CASE of foam free foam pad with every trade!!



Member Since:   3/15/2018
From:   Marietta , Georgia , United States

I am slowly updating my for sale trade list as well as my want list I decided in February 2021 to start purging certain parts of my collection. I am keeping a few junk era sets and trying to complete a few other sets. As well as anything on my wantlist which I am updating as well.

Georgia Bulldogs Rookies (football)

Atlanta Falcons rookies

Atlanta Braves rookies

Other rookies

Interesting cards, Inserts, Variations, SP



Member Since:   3/14/2017
From:   Philly, PA, United States

Collect Baseball Hall of Famers and notable players from the 70s/80s to the modern era but am interested in all eras of baseball.

I try to be carefull of condition. I note condition issues in the details where I can but have not yet gotten to most of my traders. If not noted I will check with potential trade partners on anything that is worse than EX and I expect the same. I also try to keep my lists accurate but have given up on ever getting it perfect. I apologize in advance if there is something on my trade list that I don't actually have.

All offers considered but prefer to trade like for like - i.e. modern for modern or vintage for vintage.

Shipping in PWE is fine with me

My 80s - 90s Donruss sets are not updated yet



Member Since:   2/27/2017
From:   NC

New York Mets. Some other things. Only looking for trades with Mets cards top priority/want. Going to keep it US only.

Sorry to all who reached out with trade requests and my lack of response!  Life has been busy and going by fast.  Going to get back to the cards soon!  I have a lot of missing Mets to find!



Member Since:   3/1/2018


Member Since:   3/20/2010
From:   Pennsylvania, United States


Mostly Topps baseball , O-Pee-Chee baseball 1971-1991, Kelloggs , Oddball 70's and 80's ,Topps Football 1971 to 2015 , 1971-1992 Topps Hockey , Topps Star Wars



Member Since:   1/1/2019
From:   Woodland, California, United States

Primarily baseball, with some special attention to Minnesota Twins and standard Topps series.

Looking to help a friend finish up his 1971 Topps Baseball set. Have quite a few 1971 dupes I am willing to offer up in trades to help him out.

Also - my preference is to try to match value of the cards in the trade (e.g. keep trades 1:1 instead of 50:1).  I have lots of opportunities to get the cheap cards and so I am reluctant to just get rid of higher value cards just to get bunch of cheap(er) cards.



Member Since:   1/1/2021
From:   Poughkeepsie, NY, NY, United States

"The Bernie Williams Collector"

Main 3: Bernie Williams, Eli Manning, Dennis Rodman

Side Pieces: Alex Rodriguez, Aaron Rodgers, AJ Brown

Player Collector-Not necessarily a team collector, but i do tend to stick to the Yankees, NY Giants and Chicago Bulls. I also collect various NFL Stars linked to my fantasy teams. 

I am also looking to complete some sets. These cards are very low on the wantlist. 

**If you are asking to trade for some of my serial numbered cards, generally i would be looking for serial numbered cards in return.** Same goes for rookies ans any autos i might list (like cards for like cards). If i have base cards or low end inserts on my want list, its probably to complete a set. I have plenty of Common cards on my wantlist and i am willing to trade other commons in return.

Open to all size trades large or small as long as its worth the postage.

Condition does matter to me for anything after the year 2000. I do not want scratched up chrome cards. All of my chromes get sleeves here. I try to note any condition flaws but may miss some here and there. 

Some of my guys in addition to those above: Julio Jones, Saquon Barkely, Jorge Posada, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Zach Lavine, Patrick Williams, Andy Pettitte, Gleyber Torres, Garrett Cole, Aaron Judge, Mariano Rivera, Nicola Vucevic, Giancarlo Stanton, Gio Urshela, and Newly Acquired Kenny Golladay!



Member Since:   1/2/2013
From:   East Lansing, MI - Michigan, United States

Baseball, Football, and Hockey



Warning gonna pull my trsdes until the 22nd or so I've got some stuff going on.



Member Since:   8/20/2018


Member Since:   9/14/2015
From:   Milwaukee, WI, United States

Slowly loading in my collection and happy to trade.



Member Since:   12/8/2016

Any mini cards on my want list I dont have. Any 2015 A&G 10th Anniversary Buybacks not listed in my A&G Buyback collection. Comic Cut Panels from X-Men, Captain America, Avengers, Spiderman, etc! Goodwin Champion Museum Collection Relics/Signatures!

Vintage Commons For Sale!!!

59s - $2.50 each

63s-72s - .75 each

Other Years, semistars, stars, teams, inserts, etc. just ask!

Also, willing to sell team cards in bulk across all of the years.

Quote:   Interested in any 2015 A&G 10th Anniversary Buybacks


Member Since:   7/16/2016
From:   Northvale, New Jersey, United States

I collect mostly Baseball cards. Trading all others cards I have. If I have anything in my trade list you want, please make me an offer.  If you are interested in any cards I'm trading, please message me and I can review your trade list to see what I need and make a deal.

In the process of adding all baseball cards other then the guys I collect. 

Always up for a trade. Let's make a deal!

**Currently only making trades in the USA and Canada.**



Member Since:   3/26/2017


Member Since:   3/26/2017


Member Since:   6/12/2016
From:   North Tonawanda, NY, United States

Baseball Hall of Famers

Football Hall of Famers

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo Braves

Baseball Sets 

Football Sets 





Member Since:   10/2/2016


Member Since:   4/23/2019

Minnesota Twins



Member Since:   12/3/2019
From:   Redondo Beach, California, United States

***I prefer to sell rather than trade at the moment***

Currently collecting serial numbered/auto'd Dodgers (also starting a Jacob Amaya PC, so interested in First Bowman's and all their paralells/autos)!  With that being said, everything I have is negotiable for trade or sale (preferably looking to sell my stuff).  Thanks for looking!



Member Since:   5/7/2019
From:   Pawtucket, RI, United States

Baseball, especially Archives/Heritage, Minor Leagues, Red Sox, and anything pre-1986. Interested in any of the above that aren't specifically on my Wantlist.

I have lots of penny sleeves and toploaders I don't use. Happy to trade supplies for cards.

Also Strat-O-Matic cards - my for sale/trade list: Looking for Strat Fan magazine fringe players and pitchers' hitting cards for 1987, 1993, 1994, and 1995.



Member Since:   2/22/2014
From:   Topeka, KS

Kansas City Royals



Member Since:   3/20/2019
From:   Rosemead, California, United States

Happy 2020! Hoping everyone a safe and prosperous year. 

This year I will be focusing on Basketball and Pokemon cards along with a few Football cards. My want list will be limited as well. I will still be actively looking for trades. 

If you find something on my trade list that interests you but don't have anything on my want list, I would be open to selling them to you at a fair price via PayPal. Just message me and I would be happy to work out a deal. 


Always willing to trade and work out deals with members of this cool community.  

Small trades in PWE with penny sleeves into team bags with a card protector.

Larger trades up to 18 cards in 9-page sheet in PWE unless requested otherwise.

Bubble mailer for deals with higher volume and amount $$

Quote:   ABT(Always be Trading!)


Member Since:   9/8/2018

Football, baseball, basketball,hockey, wrestling and my PC is Andre Reed and Andrew luck and bills and also don' mattingly

Quote:   Please be patient with me. I have a bunch of trades lined up. But I have personal issues going on also


Member Since:   10/10/2018

Yankees, Autographs and Pat Neshek!



Member Since:   8/27/2017

Baseball - PC Matt Harrison, Rusty Greer, Joey Gallo, Thurman Tucker, and Josh Jung, as well as Texas Tech Red Raiders that have made it to MLB. Also working on collecting Texas Rangers minor league team sets.

Please don't send a trade proposal asking to buy cards from you. I'm interested in trading only.

PS - I'm currently trying to get my collection organized, so I'm not quite in the trading mode. Please don't be upset if I don't respond to trade requests, as I rarely look in my transaction folder. I hope to be finished and back to trading soon!



Member Since:   11/3/2019
From:   Rogers, AR, United States

Currently running a 20% off sale on!,so,i100

Sale from March 26-April 4.

2011 Honorable Mention New Baseball Card Blog of the Year award winner.   Read by dozens (and long defunct) .   

Now that I have your attention:

Trying to shape up my collection, focusing on the following:

Topps Base Runs of HOF and Favorite Players

1952 Bowman

Texas Rangers, Arkansas Razorbacks, NW Arkansas Naturals


Trading:  Any trade should make both parties feel like they are better off than when they started.   Please feel free to counter any trade I send with what would make you happy if what I offer doesn't do it (as long as it's still fair).  I'll do the same on trades I get, but I'm pretty easy!

I'm open to any size trade, my favorites are PWE trades up to around 6-8 cards for ease of packaging, but again, I'm up for anything.




Member Since:   8/16/2018


Member Since:   9/1/2019
From:   Kansas City, Missouri, United States


  • Topps
    • Done - Chrome Base Set
    • Done - Chrome Update Base Set
    • Done - 1984 Collection Inserts
    • Chrome Refractor Parallels (185/204)
    • Chrome Sepia Refractor Parallels (178/204)
    • Chrome Rainbow Set of #126 Nick Burdi (missing Red/Wave, Orange/Wave, Green)
    • Chrome Rookie Autographs (55/76)
    • Done - Chrome Update Family Business Inserts
    • Done - Chrome Update 150 Years Inserts
    • Done - Gypsy Queen Base Set
    • Gypsy Queen Tarot of the Diamond (16/22)
    • Gallery Base Set (151/200)
  • Bowman
    • Done - Base Set
    • Base Set Prospects (82/150)
    • Chrome (81/100)
    • Chrome Prospects (89/150 and 82/100)
    • Draft Base Set (0/200)


  • Topps
    • Done - Series 1 (350/350)
    • Turkey Red (99/100)
    • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Highlights (9/30)
    • Gypsy Queen Base Set (249/320)
  • Bowman
    • Done - Base Set (100/100)
    • Base Prospect Set (143/150)
    • Base Chrome Prospect Set (142/150)
    • Done - Spanning the Globe Inserts (20/20)
    • Rookie of the Year Favorites Inserts (11/15)


Member Since:   9/23/2016
From:   Olathe, KS, United States

Private collection: 113k
Looking to complete sets up to 1993 and all Reggies, all Jeters, all Yankees from 1993-present, and some non-sport. (Still adding to my wants. Have entered all my set needs and Yankees needs up to 2004)

For trade: 112k
Fleer 12k
Pinnacle 6K
Upper Deck 22k
Basketball, Football, & other sports <800
Non-sport 11K

Currently being added to TCDB
Other 6k
Donruss 15k
Topps 51k

2020 Goals:
500 trades
Net reduction of 5000 cards

Quote:   The sun always shines on TV...


Member Since:   8/11/2018

Nippy Jones

Member Since:   12/5/2019
From:   Wisconsin, United States

1960 Topps (VG/EX or better on commons)

Milwaukee Braves, Milwaukee Brewers

Hank Aaron, Robin Yount

Topps base cards of MVPs, ROY, and Cy Young winners in the year the player won the award.

My vintage cards will be used as trade material to complete my 1960 Topps set and I will not trade these cards for new stuff.  My definition of a vintage card is any card issued prior to 1980.

Cards on my For Sale/Trade List from 1981 to present are in NM/MT condition and cards issued before 1981 are in NM condition unless noted otherwise. I am not a professional grader but I try my best to adhere to the grading standards published by Beckett. 


Quote:   “Nobody remembers Mathews’ home run to win the game. But they remember me getting hit on the foot.” - Nippy Jones


Member Since:   9/14/2010
From:   NJ
Quote:   I am am only selling.


Member Since:   8/27/2018
From:   Rhode Island

Mariners cards. Any and all.

Goal: #1 M's collector on TCDb. Status: #1 (ca. 14 May 2021)

Rankings on TCDb in Collections of Some of my Favorite Mariners (ca. 14 May 2021): Marco Gonzales: #1; Kyle Seager: #1; Dustin Ackley: #1; Felix Hernandez: #1; Evan White: #1; Justin Dunn: #2; Edgar Martinez: #2; Mitch Haniger: #3; Dee Gordon: #3; Kyle Lewis: #5; Dylan Moore: #5; Ryon Healy: #9; Ichiro Suzuki: #10; Mike Cameron: #24; Jamie Moyer: #25; Ken Griffey, Jr.: #26

  • If you would like to know the condition of any card in a trade or sale, please message me and I will send you a picture and/or do my best to describe it. We likely have different standards for "card condition", as I have never had a card graded or intend to do so.
  • I love trading, and I do my best to respond to every offer as quickly as possible; some weeks are busier than others.
  • I usually will withdraw trade proposals after a week or so, so I can free up those cards for other trades.
  • I'm slowly working on ensuring the small card variations (i.e., asterisks, periods, etc.) are correct, but please feel free to check with me during a trade.


Member Since:   11/3/2018
From:   Indianapolis , IN, United States

Ozzie Smith, St. Louis Cardinals, and starting a Texas Rangers collection for my nephew. Mostly interested in trading for Ozzie's I don't have. My want list is stripped down to mostly just Ozzie right now, matches may be hard to come by. If I've got something your interested in PM me and I'll take a look at your list and add some stuff to my wants I like, and we can go from there. 
Working on a few sets part time:

2018 Topps Fire and Blue Chip inserts

2018 Topps Archives and Inserts

Quote:   If I’m not responding, it’s probably fishing season. I’ll be back when it gets cold again.


Member Since:   4/6/2014

Primarily a set collector.

My current primary focus are on completing these Topps baseball sets:

1960 (G or better), 1961 (VG-EX+), 1964, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973 (EX+), 1976 and 1977 (NM+)

My secondary goals are completing other junk wax and modern sets on my wantlist, but these are very low priority.

Quote:   Please let me know what your grade standards are for 1970s and earlier cards. I am obviously not a professional grader, but I have listed my grade estimate for any pre-1980 card I have for trade. Happy to provide pictures of vintage.


Member Since:   9/14/2018
From:   Mississippi, United States

baseball, minor league, food issue/oddball

Quote:   I prefer to trade, I will sell, and might BUY AS A LAST RESORT!! No trade too small, PWE trades fine with me!! I'm a member of Trading Bases,


Member Since:   2/4/2017
From:   WI Raised, but resident of the flat land state now, United States

Focusing on The Milwaukee Brewers, Rockford IceHogs, and Chicago Blackhawks. Robin Yount is a favorite player. Also liking Christian Yelich, Patrick Kane, Mike Schmidt, The Rockford Peaches & Non-Sport cards which strike a fancy!

Quote:   "Cause my bartender she's from the islands, Her body's been kissed by the sun, And coconut replaces the smell of the bar, And I don't know if its her or the rum" - Zac Brown Band


Member Since:   2/1/2019
From:   North Bend, WASHINGTON, United States

Baseball Sets, Mike Sweeney & Bobby Murcer.

If you have any Mike Sweeney or Bobby Murcer cards to trade, please click on my separate collections to see what I have and what I am looking for.


Quote:   Always looking to help out my fellow traders.


Member Since:   2/16/2017

I am selling my mostly-Mets collection due to Parkinson's Disease. Every card price is negotiable, and fairly big discounts will apply. Make me an offer!

I would respectfully request, however, that if you're not serious about spending over a hundred dollars, please don't ask me to prepare a quote for over a hundred premium cards.  These quotes take a lot of time and energy to prepare, and to be just summarily clicked off with a "Decline" button is quite frustrating.

As of February 2021, I am slowing down and reordering some of my priorities.  As such, I will quite likely be less open to accepting deals than I was formerly.  I ask for your patience and understanding; it's nothing personal!  If you want to try and make a deal, just send me a note first and sound it out.  We may still be able to put something together.



Member Since:   10/7/2016
From:   Gansevoort, New York, United States

Yankees, Don Mattingly, Tri-City Valley Cats, Topps base sets



Member Since:   7/25/2011
From:   United States

Going to shut off trading for the next month or so; just too busy lately.



Member Since:   2/12/2017
From:   Markham, Ontario, Canada

John Olerud, Toronto Blue Jays team sets, and 1974 to present Topps base sets.

Quote:   Respect all. Fear none.


Member Since:   1/27/2021
From:   Orange Park, Florida, United States

UPDATED 4/28/21

TRADERS: I am collecting VG/EX or better, and definitely no creases or writing.  PLEASE let me know if the cards you are providing as part of a trade are not VG/EX or better, and send me pictures if you have any questions.  I will provide same for you. 

NOTE re my '71 Topps For Trade:  The following cards have pencil marks on the front and should be considered in Poor (PR) condition due to those marks : #9/G. Scott, 97/Wicker, 114/B. Conigliaro, 211/Hennigan (also have a 2nd one for Trade which is EX shape), 217/Stroud, 252/Leon.  The writing is neat (must have been a precursor to my engineering career), not dark, and was done by me as a boy.  For example, the Stroud card has "2-AL" which was me putting Ed on my wnd team AL All Star.  I am willing to trade these (which if not for the marks would be at least VG/EX) and send pictures of front and back if needed.

Looking forward to some good trades!

1960 Topps baseball

1960s Topps baseball - STL Cardinals

1971 Topps baseball

1974 Topps baseball (ADDED 4/11/21)

1975 Topps baseball (COMPLETED 4/28/21)

1976 Topps baseball

2001 Topps baseball

2001 Topps Archives baseball

2004 Topps baseball

2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites baseball

2020 Topps Heritage - all STL Cardinals

1960 - present  STL Cardinals baseball Team Cards

Baseball - Also collect STL Cardinals HOF, Joe "Ducky" Medwick who played semi-pro baseball with my Great Uncle Al in early 1900's, Dale Murphy, Chipper Jones

Basketball - Collect Pete Maravich

All Sports -  Virginia Tech Hokies in the pros

NOTE - I am still working to input many cards for my Trade list including lots of football, basketball, and hockey cards (which I will trade only for baseball cards or Pistol Pete basketball cards).  Also have lots of late 80s and early 90s to input.  if you have Wants in any of these area and are looking to Trade, please send me a list.




Member Since:   3/29/2017
From:   Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, United States

Player collections of: Eduardo Perez, Garret Anderson, Alex Rodriguez, Ted Williams, Jim Rice, Dustin Pedroia and Andrew McCutchen

The cards listed for trade/sale are for trading only. Thanks for your understanding.

I usually do not do PWE trades as a rule.



Member Since:   6/7/2019
From:   Texas, United States

Always looking for a good trade. Let me know if I have anything on your Want list. 



Member Since:   4/9/2011
From:   Hendersonville, Tn, United States

I enjoy collecting football and baseball sets all major manufactures Topps, Fleer, Leaf, Upper Deck, Score (that all I can think of right now) 1970's to present, 

I have also started a collection of my favorite NHL team the Nashville Predators.

Set building is my major goal condition is secondary. I do not mind a small crease or a rounded corner if a card is needed to complete a set. 

I do not grade cards but I will let you know if a card has an obvious flaw before I accept the trade. 

I do not mind PWE trades. I always ship in bubble mailers and with tracking if the budget permits. That is my personal preference I do not require or ask it to be yours.

Quote:   Temporarily away I hope to be back shortly


Member Since:   4/9/2010
From:   United States

Cleveland Indians/Cleveland Cavaliers/Hartford Whalers/Carolina Hurricanes/Oakland-Los Angeles-Las Vegas Raiders



Member Since:   12/4/2019
From:   Wisconsin, United States

PC - John Elway. Also, looking to fill holes in the sets I collected when I was younger, and trying to build the Topps baseball sets I missed out on when I "stopped" collecting for a while. Just recently started to build a collection of Texas Rangers Topps base parallels. 

Quote:   "If you play against him, you hate him. If you play with him, you hate him a little less" - Ozzie Guillen on A.J. Pierzynski


Member Since:   2/10/2019


Member Since:   10/4/2017
From:   DFW now, but originally Washington State

Sets working on:

  • 1969 Topps
  • 1979-85 Topps Baseball
  • All Topps Archives sets
  • 2016-2018 Topps Heritage Baseball sets
  • 1986-87 Fleer Basketball
  • 2017 Marvel Annual
  • 2018-19 Marvel Annual
  • 2020 Marvel Anime
  • 1980 Marvel Terrabusi set w/ sticker set
  • 1986 GI JOE
  • 1966 Batman
  • 1962 Civil War

PC's and things I get excited about in trades:

  • 50/60's topps/bowman
  • Ken Griffey Jr Super Collector 700+
  • Joe Harris (Nets) 100+
  • Rey Skywalker Super Collector 290+
  • Padme Amidala
  • Jyn Erso
  • Black Widow
  • Spider Gwen
  • Marvel and DC comic items
  • Luka Doncic
  • Pat Mahommes 
  • Mariners, Pilots, Rainiers, Seahawks
  • Vintage football 
  • Tom Brady 150+
  • Russell Wilson 110+
  • Topps Heritage football
  • Jordan


Willing to sell if you dont want to trade


Quote:   "I coined the term "poor mans rainbow" 10/8/2020"


Member Since:   10/13/2016
Quote:   Like to trade BV for BV, so no one feels cheated.


Member Since:   5/3/2020
From:   Nashua, NH, United States


Member Since:   11/8/2020

Detroit Tigers!
Plus non-Tiger cards of my favorite Tigers  - Miggy, Verlander, Magglio, Granderson, V Mart, Fielder, Fryman, Gibson, etc

Working on Topps Heritage (2003, 2007, 2019, 2020) and recent Stadium Club (2019, 2020) sets

And a variety of other set and player favorites as I rediscover this hobby. Some favorite non-Tigers if you're trying to match a trade: Schmidt, Frank Thomas, Carlos Beltran, Bobby Abreu... Acuña and Soto for active players

Open for trading! Feedback is starting to roll in, but I have dozens of TCDB trades in some stage of our new month-long USPS process. So glad I found this site! Open to trades of any size, 1 or 100 cards. Everything on my want list is something I really want, and everything on the for-trade list is up for grabs. I'm willing to trade across ages and values, i.e. a relic for a batch of set-build commons. I'm not evaluating offers with a calculator in hand, but I do have ratios in mind, so be ready to offer me 20 commons for that relic.

That said, you can't insult me, so offer away and counter my offers, let's have fun! It's great to match up with other team collectors and set builders. If you match my trade list but not my want list - let me know, or take a stab at picking inserts from the players above. I'm adding to the database regularly but it'll be 6 months before everything is uploaded.




Member Since:   2/18/2012
From:   LOUISVILLE, KY, United States

Pulled everything as too many errors in what I have compared to this. See Ebay and Ebid sites for items in mean time.Ebay items after end date move to Ebid site. After 10 10 day auctions moves to straight $sale with offer ability.  May be back on here may not. Selling ( FYI: not giving away around last few trades I can find (most commonly Beckett Market Data prices) which come from Ebay and it's own marketplace) all cards on the trade/sell list. Not really interested in trading except for my wantlist. Will take multiples of RCs. 

I usually charge $3.50 for shipping in cardboard mailer, tracking, well protected no matter the amount of cards you buy ( up to 800)  does NOT change shipping. Will do PWE no tracking, not as well protected but should be adaquate $1. (Shipping charges only apply to purchases not trades.)

Paypal :



Member Since:   12/30/2018
From:   Cleveland, GA, United States

Braves, Ty Cobb, Cris Carpenter.


I tend to work slow when it comes to evaluating trades. I'm likely researching the cards, or browsing other cards on your fs list. Thanks for being patient!



Member Since:   6/17/2012
From:   Maryland, United States

Pittsburgh Pirates (mostly team sets)

Baseball Subsets: Topps Glossy Rookies, Topps All-Star Rookies, Topps Multi-Rookie cards from the 70's, Upper Deck Star Rookies and Prospects

Football Subsets: Topps Super Rookies

Basketball Subsets: Upper Deck Rookie Standouts and Draft Picks, early Sky Box Draft Picks

Quote:   I work to live, not live to work.


Member Since:   4/15/2020
From:   North Carolina, United States

Clint Frazier super fan. I have a problem. Orel Hershiser, Reggie Jackson, Aaron Judge, Gleyber Torres, Deivi Garcia, and other odds and ends.

Putting together these sets:

  • 1980 Topps
  • 2020 Bowman Best
  • 2021 Donruss


Member Since:   3/1/2020
From:   Williamsburg, VA, United States

I collect Phillies




Member Since:   12/25/2018
From:   Pelham, Alabama, United States

Postwar Boston Red Sox



Member Since:   8/21/2017
From:   Amherst, New Hampshire , United States



I collect:
Baseball: Tigers, JaCoby Jones (Baseball), Juan Soto, Ryan O'Hearn, Brandon Dixon, Mark Fidrych, Justin Verlander, Nolan Ryan, Brandon Inge, Fielder (both), Omar Vizquel, Max Scherzer, Jack Flaherty, Walker Beuhler... RC's, Topps Game cards, Vintage. Try me.

Basketball: Luka Doncic, Pistons, Elena Delle Donne

Hockey: Marcel Dionne, Gilbert Dionne, Red Wings 

Football: Lions

Oddballs: Fish/Fishing related cards! Santa/Xmas related cards. Athletes named Nolan. 5x7 cards.

Doesn't have to be on my wantlist or this PC list, just try me. 

Ship quick, communicate well and package well, expect the same.

Quote:   I WILL NEVER GHOST A TRADE PROPOSAL. If I haven't responded I'm either working on it or dead.


Member Since:   10/20/2017
From:   Florida, United States

My collecting started in the 1950's and has grown through many ups and downs.  I became discouraged in 1980 when all the card manufacturing companies started creating numerous sets and subsets with some many variations.  The New York Yankees have been my collecting interest.  As that young boy, it was my goal to collect every card issued for a Yankee player.  Much like my stamp collection that I inherited from my grandfather, I knew that some items would be out of my price range yet never was there a time when the volume of the collection became a question.

When I attempted to pick up my sports card collection in the 1990's, I was struck by the people who were speculators in the sports card buying side of the collecting.  Those who stop in a card shop, purchased a hobby box manufacture's brand, opened the packages, removed only the cards listing in the Beckett monthly pricing magazine as value cards, and left the remaining cards on the counter.

Recently, returning to all the sports cards I have accumulated over the years, I discovered a yearning to reduce my collecting to an enjoyable level and try to do something with all the other cards.  Searching the internet lead me to Trading Card Database.  I signed into the program and was very pleasantly surprised by the database.  I am a new user as a couple of months ago and still learning for those of you who are "professionals" with the database and its entries.

My collecting interests are as follows:
Baseball: New York Yankees - Topps base set {all years}
Basketball: Orlando Magic - Hoops base set {1989-90 thru 1998-99}; then Upper Deck base set {1998-99 thru 2009-10}; and Hoops base set {2010-11 thru present}
Football: Jacksonville Jaguars - Topps base set {1995 thru present}
Hockey: Tampa Bay Lightning - Upper Deck base set {1992-93 thru present}

Also interested in anyone who is willing to advise me on how I can make my card information easier for people to understand who I have in my for Trade area.  I am not a professional and will not sell cards nor attempt to understand the condition or price grading.



Member Since:   1/14/2019
From:   Ossining, New York, United States


Open to trades, but looking to sell. I'm constantly updating my listings of sell/trade, so keep checking back.

If you are looking for many of my cards, message me/offer and I'll try to give you the best deal.


Sets I'm trying to fill:


Topps Glossy All-Star sets (1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991)

1986 Topps Update

1994 Topps

1993 Upper Deck (S1)

2008 Upper Deck

2012 Topps and Topps Update

2013 Topps

2019 Topps and Topps Update


1998-99 Upper Deck

1995-96 Upper Deck Collector's Choice

1992-93 Parkhurst

1974-75 Topps


Interested in: Flagship Topps sets, select Flagship Upper Deck, Junk Wax insert sets, Topps Oddball.



Member Since:   9/16/2015
From:   United States

I am a collector that enjoys trying to complete sets that strike my eye. I also like to collect Angels (LA, Anaheim, or California) for baseball. My favorite players I like collecting are Don Mattingly, Tim Salmon, Jered Weaver, and Mike Trout.

I currently am ONLY doing PWE trades as I am working long hours and only have time for a few pulls per week. I will try to respond to any offer within a few days.

Current Set Building Goals


1989 Donruss (cards needed)(any VAR of card)

1992 Upper Deck COMPLETED

1993 Upper Deck (30 cards needed)

1996 Leaf (13 cards needed)

1997 UD3 (1 card needed)

2015 Topps - Archetypes COMPLETED

2015 Topps - Heart of the Order COMPLETED

2018 Bowman - Chrome Prospects (8 cards needed)

2020 Topps - 1985 Topps 35th Anniversary (cards needed)

Football Sets:

2008 Upper Deck Icons


1994 Fleer Marvel Universe

1994 Ultra X-Men (15 cards needed)

1995 Fleer Ultra X-Men 




Member Since:   12/30/2019
From:   Great Falls, Montana, United States

NOTICE: As of March 10 I'm taking a break from trading for a bit. I'm working then going on leave so I won't be able to do anything. I then may focus mainly on sorting and entering my collection (unless I find something I really want to trade for) until we move in the summer. That will enable me to settle into the new location and hit the ground running with trades again. We'll see though. Thanks to all trade partners past, present, and future!


Occasionaly work takes me out of town for a week straight. I may have to disable matchmaking at times when posted out so I don't get swamped with requests.


I collect:

  • Any and all Mariners/Pilots/Affiliates
  • Will always take additional prominent M's RCs! If it doesn't show up on my wantlist (cuz I already have it) still ask!
  • Gold Cup cards.... Hard for me to add them all to the wantlist so feel free to ask if I have one or not.
  • Occasionally Trout/Ohtani


vvvv    Below is a link to my Reddit Profile. I have been active on r/baseballcards & r/sportscardtracker. Within Reddit I have posted a link to this profile as well    vvv



Member Since:   10/28/2019
From:   Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Texas Rangers, Adrian Beltre, Ivan Rodriguez, Joey Gallo, Tony Gwynn, Ernie Banks


Allen Browning

6708 Hardisty St

Richland Hills, TX 76118


Quote:   You spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time. Jim Bouton


Member Since:   6/22/2016
From:   Lapeer, MI

I deal with some health issues and I'm not always the best at responding to messages and getting slower pulling cards for trades. If you reach out and don't hear from me it's nothing personal. I'll be taking some time off from trading to put my trades and purchases into their final resting place. If you think we have a large trade that you don't mind waiting a day or two longer than usual send me a note what you are thinking about and i'll try to get back to you.



Member Since:   9/6/2010
From:   Fairborn, Ohio

I am set set builder strickly with baseball any and all sets are wanted.

Due to the limit on how many cards that can be placed on the wantlist, if you don't see it in my collection then I want it. 

I DO NOT trade from my Collection unless there are two of the same card that you are needing.





Member Since:   4/4/2018
From:   Fairfax, VA, United States

I like building sets.

I have Transactions turned off until I make sure everything looks good.  But feel free to shoot me a message if we have some common needs/wants and I can turn it on to work something out.

I will not accept trades where you're sending a bunch of common set needs for an auto or numbered card or big name.  Please message me first before proposing something like that.  (I will be slowly migrating all autos to "Have" from "For Trade" because of the offers that regularly come across.)

I collect Andy Van Slyke, Nats, and Cubs.  My sons collect mostly Cubs (all the big names - Bryant, Rizzo, Baez, Nico...)

I love big trades of common cards.

I've shipped to Canada, after proposing a trade in ignorance.  And I would do it again for big trades if I get some (re)coaching on how to do it best and we can keep it affordable.


RJ Smith

Member Since:   6/4/2018

Baseball - Football - Hockey

Quote:   “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.” ― Bernard M. Baruch


Member Since:   9/30/2019
From:   Quakertown , PA, United States

Collecting all Topps complete base sets.  Looking for 1972 and earlier if you have them.

Collecting all Fleer/Topps boxed sets (33/44 cards).

Looking for all Upper Deck insert cards and sets from the early 1990s.  Interested in trading for whole sets when they exist, not just single cards.

Collecting all HOF and "Greatest" base sets, like Fleer Greatest, or Upper Deck Cooperstown.

Collecting everything Mike Schmidt.

I have a few complete sets for Trade;

Conlon Collection 1-660;  1983 Donruss Action All-Stars (3x5 cards); 1990 Fleer, 1986 Fleer Mini; 1987 Fleer Boxed Sets - Award Winners, Exciting Stars, Record Setters, Baseball's Best, Limited Edition, League Leaders;  1993 Studio; Topps base sets: 1987, 1988, 1989, 1992; 1982 Topps Stickers; 1992 Upper Deck.

Quote:   Collecting for value is not collecting. That’s investing. Collectors collect because they love their subject; not because they love to see the value increase. If that happens, that’s a plus. But the joy of collecting has nothing to do with value.


Member Since:   1/20/2017
From:   Illinois, United States

St. Louis Cardinals



Member Since:   10/9/2011
From:   FL, United States

Baseball, Hockey and Football

Player collections:

Joe Sakic, Jim Thome, Larry Fitzgerald, Andrew McCutchen, Ichiro

John Olerud, Mitch Marner, Keith Tkachuk, Mats Sundin & Felix Potvin

Side collections:  Cards serial #'d/99 that are purchased for less than $2.50

If I have something on my trade list you want and you can't find something on my want list?  Serial #'d cards are always welcome.

Just added to the want list:  2018-19 O-Pee-Chee retro paralells 

2008 UD Baseball Heroes paralells (Black, Emerald and Red)

Quote:   It's the same, only different


Member Since:   11/23/2014
From:   Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

Detroit Tigers



Member Since:   12/6/2014
From:   North Dakota , United States


Member Since:   1/9/2019
From:   Dallas, Georgia, United States

Dale Murphy



Member Since:   11/23/2019
From:   Orillia, ON, Canada

Mostly Expos/Nationals, and OPC /Bowman baseball.

Also looking for Tim Raines, Gary Carter and Vladimir Guerrero (Sr!) on any team.



Member Since:   5/14/2009
From:   Watson, Sask, Canada
Collects:   Rockies, Redskins, Bruins and Sacramento Kings


Member Since:   9/7/2015
From:   United States


Royals, Chiefs, Razorbacks (All Sports), and Bowling cards. 

MAIN FOCUS:Base sets (including SP, Err/var) of the following:


1960-1962 Fleer Dallas Texans

1963 Fleer Chiefs

1964-2015 Topps Chiefs

2016-2020 Donruss Chiefs


1969-2020 Topps Royals

2001-2020 - Topps Heritage Royals


I love trade proposals, if possible please look at my main focus first when sending.  Still collecting everything else on my wantlist if my main focus is not possible.  Thanks!!

*** Concerning any Donruss Leaf inc period/asterik stuff.  I have NOT bothered separating them nor will I ever.  If you care about this sort of thing feel free to ask me and I will check for you, if not I will send whatever I have with no regards to periods, asteriks and other nonsense.  However any LEGIT error/variation is documented correctly***



Member Since:   7/21/2017
From:   Thousand Oaks, California

Kansas City Royals

Iowa State University Alumni

Kurt Warner

Kyle Korver

Tim Tebow

Gatorade Showers


Scientific Subjects

Cards with Fathers and their Kids


**Currently only making trades within the USA.**

**Not interested in the 1980s Donruss 'Variations' **

Quote:   Victim of the Zistle collapse; Despiser of Beckett


Member Since:   6/18/2018

(Football, Baseball, Hockey) Huge Pittsburgh sports fan


Going forward only trading for NM-M modern era cards.  Only exceptions to that are vintage.



Member Since:   12/26/2017
From:   Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Hockey, baseball, football and basketball, some Star Wars and soccer cards. I have 75,000 cards to add to this database. I’m a set builder, while I do current card sets I do go after vintage cards. Anything 50 years or older. I also speculate with autos



Member Since:   10/5/2016
From:   Minnesota

Baseball Set Collector

As of July 2020, starting a PC of Jeremy Hellickson

Quote:   Willing to trade or buy/sell


Member Since:   2/28/2018
From:   Oneonta, Alabama, United States

NY Mets cards for any and all years, including former and future Mets.  Giants, Rangers and Knicks as well, but main focus is on the "Amazing Mets". LGM

Also looking for any Cap Anson cards.  Just found out he is my boy's great great great uncle.

Trading cards from same subsets.  ie Rainbow Foil Team X for Rainbow Foil Mets, etc.

Quote:   It's like deja vu all over again-Yogi


Member Since:   5/25/2019
From:   Sandy, OR, United States

I collect way too much, but baseball cards are my number one collection. 


Always looking for Tony Gwynn cards, especially ones I don't have. Also look for Padres and Mariners cards. I will never be called a fair weather fan :)


Quote:   If we learn from our mistakes, why are we so afraid of making mistakes?


Member Since:   1/1/2013
From:   My Mother's Womb
Quote:   Chasin' The Bees...Get Out And Disc Golf...


Member Since:   8/16/2019
From:   Lawrenceville, GA, United States

Braves:  McCann, Freeman, Albies, Soroka

Former Georgia Tech players (Varitek, Garciaparra, Teixeira, Blackmon, Dietrich, Bart, etc)



Member Since:   6/18/2012
From:   Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Topps Base (all years), Topps Heritage (all years), Baltimore Orioles (1954-2000), MLB Topps Now, MLB Topps Living, Project 2020, Texas Rangers (2000-Present), Texas Longhorns, Golf

Quote:   Luck is the residue of design - Branch Rickey


Member Since:   5/3/2017
From:   Idaho

Topps flagship sets: MLB (1976-1983); NFL (1976-1982); NBA (1977/78-1981/82)

Seattle Mariners: Topps Master Team Sets; Food-Issues

Seattle Seahawks: Topps Team Sets, others

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Topps Team Sets, others



Member Since:   4/11/2017
From:   United States

Cody Bellinger Super Collector ... Cowboys, Lakers, Dodgers, Star Wars 

Quote:   Raising triplets, it's like being pecked to death by chickens!


Member Since:   4/5/2020
From:   CA, United States

My very first trading card memory was as a first grader in 1979 when a kid on the school playground gave me a 1979 Topps Jesus Alou card and one other card (which I don't recall) at the kickball court.  I started collecting in 1980 by buying wax packs of Topps baseball (4 packs for $1) at the nearby 7-Eleven.  In 1983 I started purchasing complete sets of the big 3, as well as older Topps sets as my allowance allowed.  Collected mainly complete baseball sets until around 1986 at which point I sold about 2/3 of my collection (~20,000 cards).   After graduating college I resumed collecting certain players.  Never got too serious about collecting at that time due to other things going on, but never completely stopped either.  In 1998 I started to PC Stacey Augmon, as I was looking for a new thing to collect.  I discovered TCDB when I was trying to find a way to inventory my Augmon collection, and picked up the hobby again during the pandemic.  Most of my collection is junk wax or ultra modern.

My main PC focus is Stacey Augmon, but I also collect some other players (football, basketball, baseball) who mainly played during the 90s (see favorites to the right).  I particularly enjoy modern cards of my favorite older players.

Prefer to trade or sell; not really looking to buy.  All cards for listed trade are NM unless otherwise specified; looking for same.  Condition is important to me, although I don't care about centering issues.  I am ok with trading cards from different eras and across different sports, trading commons for stars and vice versa, and trades involving uneven number of cards, as long as the trade is fair.  Cards will be sent PWE unless they are valuable or there is a large quantity involved.  Trades should be worth at least the cost of postage.  Except in the case of large trades, I do my best to pull cards before sending or accepting trade offers to make sure I have all the cards in question.  Prefer to make trades as large as possible (let's include as many cards as possible from our respective wantlists).  My goal is to get my For Sale/Trade list down to zero! 

If you trade with me, this is what I strive for:

  • Fairness - I try my best to make fair trade proposals.  I'm not interested in trying to get a great deal, I'm interested in building positive trading relationships.
  • Honesty - If my cards are not in NM condition, I will let you know beforehand.
  • Promptness - I try to send my cards out no later than the next business day.
  • Generosity - If I have more cards from your wantlist and there is room in the envelope, I usually try to add in a few extra cards from your wantlist.
  • Satisfaction - More than anything else, I want you to have a good experience trading with me.  I'd much rather build good relationships so we can do more trades in the future.  If you are not happy with the cards you receive, let me know and I'll do my best to make it right.

Have some complete sets available for trade or sale as well that are not listed on my sale/trade list: 1986 Sportflics Rookies - Trivia Cards, 1986 Topps baseball,  1989 Pepsi Mark McGwire, 1990 Donruss baseball,  1989 Pro Set Final Update football (x25), 1990 Action Packed football,  1990 Score Magic Motion Super Bowl Trivia Cards, 1994-95 Collectors Choice Basketball Series 2,  1997 Upper Deck Nestle Crunch Time basketball , 1998-99 Upper Deck Aerodynamics basketball inserts, 1991 Topps Desert Storm (x2).  I also have some empty  Panini Flawless briefcases.

For anyone reading this who is going through tough times: If you're going through some tough times whether financially, physically, mentally, relationally or whatever and want to make a trade with me but just aren't in a position to do so, send me a PM and I'll see what I can put together from your wantlist for a free PIF.  After all, in the end it's just cardboard.  I'd much rather lift someone's spirits with them than hold onto them.

My other collecting interests include sports magazines, sports autographs, and signed sports books.

April 2021 update: All of my basketball, hockey and miscellaneous cards have been listed. Still have about 7,000 baseball and football cards to sort and list on the site as I have time (mostly 90s junk wax).



Member Since:   6/18/2016
From:   Florence, AZ, United States


Now that my Do not trade list is growing and fast. If you want what I have or what I offer you. You better take it I am getting to the point where I am just going to trash all the doubles.  Which is around about 300,000 If you want to know it you are on the list ask me I will tell you.



New for this year I have a new job so shipping is going to go a little different then last. An I will need some time to pull the cards since I am going from days to over night job.  If you are cool with that then lets get some trades done.


I finally made the list this year. The Biggest Trade of The Year Tenlbpain and Shaggy69 4,247 Cards. Hell Yes!!!!! 

 Not buy cards for any reason if I need them or not.



Quote:   Trade card for card at least. O and don't send off cut or damaged cards or you go on my no trade from list again

Shaw Racing

Member Since:   2/2/2019
From:   GRAND VALLEY, ON, Canada

I am back trading  Life decided to get in the way but will keep trading to keep everything as fun as possible for my sons and I. I am making them help me with trades as to help with home schooling and cause we enjoy spending time and doing it together. Bright spot of the day is when trade comes in so they can pull the cards and help verify the condition and if the count is correct.


My 11 yr old son has got my passion back, looking for pretty much everything and have many duplicates that I hope you can use. Check back often as I buy and trade a lot. I am not opposed to any "FAIR" trade.

PWE's welcome

Fav teams:

Football - Packers & Raiders

Baseball - White Sox & Blue Jays

Hockey - Red Wings & Maple Leafs

Basketball - Raptors & Lakers

Nascar - JGR & really any!!!

Soccer - TFC & Man U

  Any Racing.

Fav players:

Football : All time : Bo Jackson & Reggie White            Now : Tom Brady & Odell Beckham jr.

Baseball : All Time : Frank Thomas & Cal Ripken jr      Now : Bo Bichette & Josh Donaldson

Hockey : All Time : Steve Yzerman & Ron Hextall        Now : Mitch Marner & John Tavares

Basketball : All Time : Magic Johnson & Steve Nash    Now  : Kyle Lowry & Pascal Siakam 

Nascar : All Time : Alan Kulwicki & Darrell Waltrip        Now :  Martin Truex & Kyle Busch

Soccer : All Time : Pele &  Lionel Messi                        Now : Sebastian Giovinco & Michael Bradley

Women's Soccer : All Time : Hope Solo & Mia Hamm   Now : Christine Sinclair & Ada Hegerberg

Women's Hockey : All Time : Cassie Cambell & Manon Rheaume Now : Kendall Coyne & Hayley Wickenheiser

Non Sport : All TIme : Marvel & DC                               Now : Marvel & DC

My son has deciding we are collecting any/ All Marvel D.C. and other comic cards

Jeff Shaw,  

66 Amaranth Street.E.

Grand Valley. Ontario.

Canada. L9W 5L2

Quote:   if it feels good do it twice


Member Since:   12/29/2018
From:   PA, United States
  • Bill Mazeroski
  • Andrew McCutchen
  • Joe Musgrove
  • Mario Lemieux
  • Arnold Palmer
  • Allen & Ginter Base Sets


Member Since:   3/22/2015
From:   Illinois, United States

All the colors of the rainbow.

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Shrimpy Sausage

Member Since:   12/18/2013
From:   Pennsylvania
Collects:   Basketball,Baseball,Football & Hockey
Quote:   It is what it is


Member Since:   10/29/2018
From:   AL, United States

Baseball - Washington Nationals, Trea Turner, Stephen Strasburg, Juan Soto, Sean Doolittle, Zack Greinke

USWNT Soccer - Carliy Lloyd, Julie Ertz/Johnston, Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, Abby Wambach, Kelly O'hara

Star Wars - Aayla Secura, Poe Dameron, Sabine Wren, full sets



Member Since:   12/27/2019
From:   SHEBOYGAN, WI, United States

Baseball Set Collector.  Modern and Vintage

My son collects Derek Jeter

I prefer cards with no writing, stains, trimmed, rips, tears, tape or multiple heavy creasing. VG or better, but I'd consider lesser grades on vintage to fill a collection hole for reasonable offers.



Member Since:   9/10/2016
From:   Lynchburg, Virginia, United States


I am shutting down trading for the foreseeable future due to school starting up again and me working a part time job in addition. So, Im going to be working around 75 hours per week which will pretty much prevent me from trading for now. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

About Me:

My name is Gabe Simmons, and I am currently a 22 year old 4th year student at the University of Virginia majoring in computer science. Unfortunately, due to COVID, I have decided to remain at home for at least the fall semester -- so much for my last year in college. But anywho, I am in Air Force ROTC and will be entering either the Air Force or the Space Force upon graduating next May. I'm very excited to serve this great country and am eager to get started! I am also a lifelong baseball player who did the whole shebang growing up: little league, little league all stars, travel ball (on 5 different teams!), middle school ball, high school ball, legion ball, showcase events, college summer leagues, and currently club baseball at UVA (NOT varsity. I am not that good haha). I love competition and will play pretty much any sport with a ball -- and you can count on me taking it way too seriously! 

While I did play basketball throughout my life as a secondary sport and even played in high school, I am not amazing at it. I excelled only as an "energy guy" (a nice term for bench warmer) and an occasional shooter who plays pesky, annoying defense. But, I may or may not have done a thing on live television. :)

I grew up in a military family, and as such, was constantly moving when I was younger. Thus, I quickly became a fan of all the Philly pro teams (and Penn State football) since that is who my parents rooted for. While my friends were watching spongebob, I was watching football, hockey, and baseball almost since I was 5 years old. I have since, obviously, become a huge fan of UVA athletics since attending. We've had a fantastic run in my time here, from bringing the football team back from irrelavance to ACC Coastal Division champions, and having a heart-stopping run to both the 2019 lacrosse and most notably basketball national championships. I will never forget winning the basketball natty -- what a crazy night that was!

As for my interest in the hobby, I started as a 9 year old after receiving a pack of 2007 Topps Opening Day as a gift. So, while my peers were spending their allowance on video games and such, I spent my allowance on a few packs of cards every few weeks or so. Even in 2007, it was very difficult as a kid to collect cards with the prices of packs being so high (back in the day, it was a steady $2 per pack of flagship Topps -- both retail and hobby -- and that was all I could collect.) That is why I am such a huge proponent of getting kids back involved with some sort of cheap sets in which packs are about 25-50 cents each for 10-15 cards. With the current state of the market, it is next to impossible to get kids involved if their parents are not buying the cards for them (my parents would never have done that for me).  Anyway, since 2007 I've been pretty consistently collecting baseball cards really only taking breaks for school, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.


Collecting Interests:

Baseball -- Typically Topps flagship, Update, and Chrome annually, plus any other sets I feel like collecting, trying to put a 1953 Topps set together, rookie cards (Especially 1950s-1995).

I also collect Aaron Nola cards. I'm always looking to add my my Nola collection! 

Beyond that, I know my wantlist is a bit narrow, but if you have some cool Phillies cards that I dont have, I might he willing to trade for those even if they aren't on my official wantlist. Message me and we can try to work something out. I'm always open to sending or receiving cash in trades if necessary.


My Collecting Goals -- last updated in late July. 

*Note: My goals are in no particular order, are very general, and have no real time frame for when I want them to be completed. Use these just as general guides for how I collect.


Trading Rules:

Rule 1: Like for Like

very much would prefer to trade like for like. This means I tend to not like trading one $10 card for 100 10 cent cards. In this case, from a monetary perspective, the $10 card is worth significantly more since it is much more liquid and can be moved much more quickly and easily then 100 commons. Obviously, we are often trading for our own collections, and there will be exceptions to this guideline, but I have observed that most people have a bias towards dumping loads of low value cards onto me in return for one or several higher value cards -- there is a reason for that. 

Rule 2: Relatively Fair Deals

Next, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep trades relatively balancedIt is not that hard to do some research to determine the price of cards -- I typically will use ebay prices for any cards over $10 in value, COMC for cards between $1-10, and common sense intuition for cards below $1 (Trust me, when you've seen enough cards, you know the difference between a 50 cent card and a 5 cent card). I understand that you might just not have very much in your trade list that matches with my wantlist, but that is no excuse to offer 10 late '80s commons to me for a Fernando Tatis Jr. Topps rookie card (yes, that happened). If you do not have enough cards to offer for what you want in return... CONTACT ME!!! I am happy to try and work something out with you, and you might even have something that interests me that I do not directly have on my wantlist. Or, if worse comes to worse, I am always open to selling cards, or doing a partial trade with half cards and half cash. But if you just make horrible offers like the example above with no explanation, that leaves me with a first impression of you that you either (a) are trying to swindle me or (b) did not bother to research the value of the involved cards or are just generally clueless about their value. Neither of those are a good look, so please just don't do it. 

Now, I'm not saying trades offers have to be like within a dollar of each other or I'll get super offended or anything like that -- just keep it reasonable. What I mean by that is if you asked a random informed collector whether the offer is lopsided, they should answer "No."

Rule 3: Overproduction era commons for current era commons

Look, let's not kid ourselves, overproduction era cards can generally be had dirt cheap. Now, that's not to say I won't trade for them if they are on my wantlist. Quite the contrary -- I'd love to trade for anything on my wantlist! However, I've found that most people now are not looking for overproduction era cards in return (for obvious reasons). That is completely fine; however, supply and demand must take effect. I will have a much easier time trying to trade 2019 Topps commons than 1989 Topps commons, right? Thus, it seems pretty logical that the '19 cards are worth more than the '89 cards. For that reason, I have a general rule of thumb in which I will trade 2 for 1 in favor of whoever is receiving the overproduction era ccmmons, whether it is you or me receiving the overproduction era cards is irrelevant. For example, if you offer me 100 1991 Topps commons in exchange for 100 2020 Topps commons, I will ask you to either reduce the number of cards you want in return, or to increase what I am receiving. 

Again, this is a very general rule of thumb, and there are exceptions, as always. Common sense rules the day.

Rule 4: Condition

Based on the previous "rules" you probably think I am a huge stickler who gets easily offended by my pet peeves... I mean you're not wrong. ;) But seriously, I'm not too big of a stickler for condition -- especially of older cards. The term I often use is "presentable." If these cards are going towards a set, especially an older set, I want the cards to be presentable. If I had to put a grade on the cards by era that I am willing to trade for, I'd go with this:

From when God created the heavens and the earth through 1970 (pre-1970): ALWAYS communicate condition. Condition matters so much for vintage cards that, even for commons, the condition must be communicated before accepting a trade.

1970-1985: VG or better

1986-1993: EX or better

1994-2005: EX-NM or better

2006-present: NM or better

Again, I am not a huge stickler though. If your cards don't fall within these grades, let me know and we can probably still work something out.

Shipping Methods: 

I have no preference in regards to PWE or bubble mailer, I am open to both. My general rule of thumb is this:

- Bubble mailers will be used if any card involved in the trade exceeds $10 in value.

- Bubble mailer will be used if the total value of the cards being traded exceeds $20 in value.

- Bubble mailers will be used for any trade of more than 80 cards or so, no matter the value.

- Anything not meeting the above three criteria will be sent in 1-3 PWE(s) with a max of 27 cards per envelope. Cards will be placed into 9 page pocket at a max of 3 cards per pouch, folded over each other, and placed between thin pieces cardboard (typically cereal boxes or the like) taped together.

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Member Since:   1/6/2019
From:   Marietta, GA, United States
Collects:   Baseball Cards

Southfield Neal

Member Since:   9/13/2020
From:   Southfield, Michigan, United States

--Updated 3/31/21--

Hi! I am currently collecting cards from 2020, my personal "Pandemic Collection." This includes my favorite sets:

  • '20 Panini Prizm Draft Picks (51/188)
  • '20 Stadium Club (128/350) | Bash & Burn (6/15) | Power Zone (11/25)
  • '20 Topps Allen & Ginter (302/350)
  • '20 Topps Archives (320/324) | '55 Bowman Rookies (18/30) | '60 All Star Rookies (17/18) | '60 Combo Cards (6/6) (COMPLETE) | '90s Rookies (1/15)
  • '20 Topps Chrome (164/225)
  • '20 Topps Fire (188/200)
  • '20 Topps Update (300/300) (COMPLETE) | Turkey Red (50/50) (COMPLETE)
  • '20 Topps X Steve Aoki (50/100) (Need to update)


I am also interested in Detroit Tigers players and autograph or memorobelia cards of young players with HOF potential. I don't always update my want list. If ou have Tigers, Lions, Pistons, or Red Wings cards that I don't have, I'm probably interested in them.

My For Sale/ Trade list is not always up to date, but I do try my best. If I have something you want, there is no harm in asking about it; send me a message and let's see if we can work something out.

Please discussing shipping options ahead of trading.

Finally, I do the bulk of my communication and mailing during the week. I typically reserve weekends for family, but will respond to any weekend offers or messages on Monday.



Member Since:   10/2/2016
From:   Texas, United States

***The ONLY exceptions to my 18-card minimum each way in trades are those that include ANY vintage from ANY sport***

Trading priorities are:

  1. 1959 Topps Baseball
  2. 1962 Post Baseball
  3. 1975 Topps Baseball
  4. 1976 Franken-set of Crane, Isaly, or any brand baseball discs
  5. 1966 Philadelphia Football
  6. 1999 Upper Deck Ovation Baseball
  7. Any 1980-89 subsets, inserts, boxed, food, or oddball issues

I'm willing to buy your lower grade vintage matches up to 1969 as a last resort. Not really buying modern cards except at bargain bin prices and only as sets. 

I collect. I DO NOT invest in cards and it is reflected in my trading. I don't trade using price guides, if you do, then look elsewhere please. I do attempt to value cards based on player and era and am always open to back-and-forth negotiations if needed. I always send up to 27 cards securely in a plain white envelope (PWE), and please stay within eras; I consider vintage through 1979, 1980-1987 post-vintage, and 1988-present as modern;  I can gladly go as big as you want. It's all about economy. I trade regularly with my foreign friends, mostly to Canada, and since I'm able to send them up to about 180 cards securely in a large business envelope, depending on where I am on my budget, that's how I'll trade within the US. Trades larger than that will most certainly be sent with tracking.

On vintage on my Trading List from 1958-1979 assume a Bell Curve with the majority between Gd to Vg. As far as my expectations for cards I'm receiving I honestly am unconcerned with creases, rounded corners, slightly off-centered, but if you are unlike me, then I can happily provide scans as needed. I do not expect you to be as flexible as me on condtion.

My Derek Jeter and Albert Pujols cards not in other subsets, inserts, or sets I'm collecting are available for trade. Their particular RCs are available ONLY for higher end vintage cards on my Want List.

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Member Since:   6/11/2012
From:   PA, United States

Topps baseball, Pro Debut, Qypsy Queen, and Stadium Club.



Member Since:   4/22/2017
From:   NJ, United States

I PC - Don Mattingly, I do have a lot of his cards but odd balls, numbered cards, and some from 2020 that I've slacked on I still need.

Topps Base Sets 1951-1972

Variants, Variants, Variants, all brands. I'm looking at "junk era cards right now".

Also check out my football card wants. Especially 1990 Pro Set Variants.

Thanks for visiting my page, I've got a bit of a problem, I'm trying to collect any set that I have more than 50% of the set collected already. So if you see that we have a match on a rather weird card, or sticker, yes I do want it. 

I try my best to list my doubles for what they are, meaning, variants or errors. However, sometimes I'm not 100% right. Please ask first but they should be right.

I try to keep up with my list now, so everything should be up to date. I did send some rookie cards off to be graded so if you request one, I may come back with I just sent it off. Just started listing all my doubles, so..No matter what card you need, big or small send me a message. If it's a 1988 Score Steve Jeltz and you need it, let me know, lol.

I'm happy to trade or sell. If you see something you need please don't hesitate to reach out. I've got boxes of doubles I'm ready to move.

I've traded through facebook previously, but was convinced to list my doubles here so here we go!



Member Since:   11/24/2020
From:   United States

Collecting Atlanta Braves, especially: Glavine, Smoltz, Maddux, C. Jones, A. Jones, Albies, Acuna, Freeman, Fried, Soroka.  Interested in any Braves autos, relics, serial numbered cards, and prospect cards as well.  Doesn't really matter of who.

Also former NC State Wolfpack alums in all sports (some notables: Trea Turner, Philp Rivers, Torry Holt, T.J. Warren, Carlos Rodon, Mario Williams, Nyheim Hines, Russell Wilson)

Always up for a fair trade, so if I have something you like, send me a proposal.  Prefer PWE deals but can make any work.  Happy to trade from my standard collection too if the deal is right.   

IF POSSIBLE, please try to line up similar cards (year for year, base for base, insert for insert, etc.).  I love Tom Glavine, but I've been getting a lot of 0.10 base offers from the 90s seeking Robert and Bichette rookies in return.  I don't really care much about value, but within reason.  Thank you! 




Member Since:   6/6/2019
From:   ORLANDO, FL, United States

                       I collect all baseball cards. I can do team sets of certain players, I have Yankees, Mets from 75-present, I also have team checklist from 1973-92, I have 1989,90 NFL pro set of New York Giants and New York Jets. I don't list all cards on my want list of trade list. If I don't have it on the list (want, trade) I can get it. I work at a baseball card shop.                                                                                                                                                                                           You can email me at Thanks to all who I have traded with for the positive remarks.                                                                                                                                                                                 I have Orlando area players. They are Johnny Damon,  A.J pierzynski, Brian barber, Danny miceli, Joe Oliver, Ron karkovice

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Member Since:   10/13/2016
From:   Kansas City, MO

I am currently not accepting trades, because we are moving back home to Omaha!  



Member Since:   6/1/2019
From:   South Salt Lake, Utah, United States

Most Current sets as well as some sets from 2000-2010 mostly topps and topps chrome.





---And All Pinstrips from 2000 and up




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Member Since:   4/5/2020
From:   Fishers Island, NY, United States

NY Mets Topps (base & updates) & diving into Heritage as well.

I'd like to do the same for the Miami Dolphins as well (Topps & base Donruss).

As for player-specific, I'd like to focus on Bo Jackson & Darryl Strawberry to start.

Both my Want Lists & For Sale/Trade lists will be growing as I log more of my collection (5% done so far).



Member Since:   2/28/2017

Currently focusing on finishing 1969 and 1971 Topps sets and last cards for Hall of Fame members.  Also, Topps base of Washington Nationals, but really open to anything.  For smaller trades, tend to go with PWE.



Member Since:   3/5/2019
From:   Twin Cities, Minnesota, United States

Henrik Lundqvist, Alex Gordon, New York Rangers, Kansas City Royals, a few other odds and ends.

And kind of obsessed with O-Pee-Chee hockey from 2008-09 to present.

My traders on here have unfortunately gotten out of date, so I have trades turned off for now. If there's something you're dying to propose, shoot me a message and I'll take a look.



Member Since:   1/19/2019


Member Since:   11/24/2017
From:   Collinsville, MS, United States

Ozzie Smith, Darryl Strawberry, Mike Piazza, Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd, Anthony Rizzo, Hunter Renfroe & 1980 Topps

Quote:   Deep down, everyone is a Mets fan.


Member Since:   2/10/2018
From:   Nacogdoches, TX, United States

Nolan Ryan, Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken, and other HOFers and Rookies. . First come first serve trades so if you were the first person to send me a trade you will be the first person I will agree or counter offer the trade. 
I will trade football for baseball

I am home May 17- May 28th send those offers for a quick responce

when working i am away from home for 2 weeks I will accept trade offers during this time but I will not be able to agree or ship until i can get home to pull and pack the cards. First come first response on the trade offers

I work May 2nd -May 16

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Member Since:   9/23/2016
From:   United States


Member Since:   3/8/2017
From:   Canada

O-Pee-Chee (All Sports and Non Sports) + Soccer and some oddballs

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Member Since:   8/27/2020

I am a big Redsox fan.

I collect Topps and Topps Chrome.  I have collected for years, but just got back into in January of 2020.  Within Topps Chrome I build the variety of sets that are possible.  I am always up for a trade or very willing to help someone out with theur needs list.



Member Since:   8/27/2015
From:   South Burlington, Vermont, United States

I am going to focus on larger trades for the time being, and only 1 or maybe 2 at a time.



Member Since:   3/10/2017
From:   Winchester, California, United States

All SN numbered baseball cards, Any purple, pink, black, clear or negative baseball cards. Unusual sets, the ones hardly anybody else has. Certain non-sports cards: Supernatural Cards, Walking Dead Cards, Vintage Garbage Pail Kids, Vintage Wacky Packages, Rat Fink Cards, etc...

Quote:   I am not trading right now. I need to fix my For Sale or Trade list because I gave away a lot of my older cards. I'm still working on getting some more cards ready to send out to people who asked me for some of the cards I'm giving away. .


Member Since:   5/30/2015
From:   DFW




Member Since:   7/2/2017
From:   Alanson, Michigan, United States

Detroit Tigers roster past and present, Tigers prospects and rookies. Building Tigers team sets 70's to current. #1 player collection is Miguel Cabrera. I will buy Miggy cards on my want list. Also collect current hockey, Detroit Red Wings, and Northern Michigan University Wildcats hockey alumni gone pro. Players are on my favorites.

Quote:   I will be back to trading this year. I miss you all!


Member Since:   10/12/2016
From:   United States

New York Mets, Mike Piazza (all teams), any card with a dog

Quote:   TCDB Ranks:

#1 Mike Piazza collector (over 1,800 cards)

#2 NY Mets collector (over 15,000 cards)


Member Since:   3/28/2020
From:   Ohio, United States

Hello, and thanks for checking out my page! Please feel free to check out my blog as well if you'd like to read some subpar writing about sports cards.

I'm happy to entertain trades of all sorts.  Don't shy away from proposing a trade just because you don't have anything on my wantlist. I keep my wantlist very small and I'm happy to browse your collection to see if we can make something happen. Futhermore, you'll find some details about me as a collector below. Please feel free to shoot me trades using that information!

Teams I collect:

  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • New York Knicks
  • Columbus Blue Jackets (2015-Present)
  • Syracuse Orange basketball
  • Syracuse basketball players in the NBA

Things that I love:

  • Pittsburgh Pirates black parallels, as well as gold parallels, especially refractors
  • Serial numbered cards

Things that I avoid: 

  • Non-liscened products (Not a firm rule, but I tend to shy away)
  • I try to keep the sheer volume of my collection to a minimum, so I tend to avoid loads of junk wax, commons, and so on
  • Baseball cards from the 90s

Players that I collect...

Current Pirates:

  • Bryan Reynolds
  • Colin Moran
  • Ke'Bryan Hayes
  • Mitch Keller
  • Kevin Newman
  • Cole Tucker

Former Pirates:

  • Gerrit Cole
  • Josh Bell
  • Starling Marte
  • Austin Meadows
  • Tyler Glasnow
  • Francisco Cervelli
  • Andrew McCutchen

Steelers (Current and former):

  • Joe Haden
  • T.J. Watt
  • Leveon Bell
  • Hines Ward
  • Jerome Bettis
  • Kordelle Stewart

Blue Jackets (Current and former):

  • Patrik Laine
  • Jack Roslovic
  • Max Domi
  • Cam Atkinson
  • Oliver Bjorkstrand
  • Vladislav Gavrikov
  • Seth Jones
  • Zack Werenski
  • Artemi Panarin
  • Sergei Bobrovsky
  • Joonas Korpisalo
  • Elvis Merzlikins
  • Josh Anderson


Member Since:   9/11/2020
From:   Vandalia, Illinois, United States
  • WWE/Wrestling
  • Baseball
  • Oddities
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Member Since:   5/5/2019
From:   Verona, NJ

Main collecting focus: Tino Martinez, Ty Hensley, Gleyber Torres

Also collect: Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Garrit Cole, Gary Sanchez, Clarke Schmidt, Yankees Prospects, Syarcuse Orange cards

#TeamPWE and prefer quick PWE trades



Member Since:   8/15/2020
From:   Las Vegas, United States

I PC Kyle Lewis, Ken Griffey Jr, Mark Grace, and Nico Hoerner.

My favorite teams are 1A Cubbies and 1B M's

I am looking to hit every variation and insert I can for 2020 Topps Chrome.

I pack all trades up to 12 cards PWE, and bubble wrap with tracking if over.

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Member Since:   1/3/2019
From:   Hartselle, AL, United States

Currently working on putting together the 2020 Allen & Ginter Mini A&G Back complete set.

Things I pick up for my PC:

  • Atlanta Braves
    • Freddie Freeman
    • Ronald Acuna, Jr.
    • Ozzie Albies
    • Dansby Swanson
    • Mike Soroka
    • Max Fried
    • Ian Anderson
    • Christian Pache
    • Fred McGriff
    • Greg Maddux
    • John Smoltz
    • Tom Glavine
    • Chipper Jones
    • Austin Riley
  • Nashville Predators
    • Craig Smith
    • Filip Forsberg
    • Viktor Arvidsson
    • Pekka Rinne
  • Topps flagship base sets
  • Upper Deck Hockey Series 1/2 base sets
  • O-Pee-Chee Platinum base sets; Nashville Predators OPCP rainbows


Member Since:   10/13/2016

Cincinnati Teams, especially Reds. Trying to fill my Cincinnati Stars Binders, Reds, Bengals, and Bearcats (FB/BB). Also, Reds certified Autos+Game Used Cards from 2006-Present. If you have something that I need, shoot me a message. I'll find something for you.

If you see something that you want, my link to Sportlots is below. If it's not on there, I can put it on there.

Quote:   "At some point, something good has to happen. I keep telling myself this. I'm starting to not believe it." Mo Egger on Cincinanti Sports

Thick McRunfast

Member Since:   11/28/2018
From:   New York

My goals: I'm trying to complete a few sets from the 1980s and early 1990s. Please have a look at my goals list for details.

Your goals: If you need any cards from my trade lists, feel free to send a trade proposal. Even if you don't have anything on my want lists to send in return, let me know anyway. I'm always willing to try and figure something out.



Member Since:   5/2/2013

Topps sets & Detroit Tiger team sets. HOF & ROY winners



Member Since:   12/7/2018
From:   Waterloo , Ontario, Canada

Baseball: Hall of Famers, Sandy Koufax, and Blue Jays / Expos .... 

‘53 Topps

’84 Topps

’87 Topps


Basketball: Raptors, Penny Hardaway, Shawn Kemp, and Hall of Famers



Member Since:   6/12/2020
From:   United States

I like to build my Ozzie Smith & Ray Lankford collections.  My Want list is mostly updated on this site.

I also like to build team sets of the St. Louis Cardinals.  My Want list reflects mostly base cards I need, but I'm also looking for any inserts, etc, that I havent taken the time to add to my Want list. 

Current focus- Topps & Topps Traded/Update Cardinals base card team sets from 1980-present

I'm most likely going to use a PWE (Plain White Envelope) to send trades unless the trade is for >28 cards or higher in value or you let me know otherwise before the trade is agreed.  Thanks!   




Member Since:   1/5/2020
From:   Sarasota, FL, United States

Ryne Sandberg - Bo Jackson - Roger Clemens - Nolan Ryan - Carlton Fisk 

Joe Montana - John Lynch

Modern Tampa Bay Rays - Tampa Bay Bucs

Open for Trades or to sell from my For Sale/Trade list.  Shipping within USA only currently.




Member Since:   3/27/2014
From:   Akron, Ohio, United States

just Cleveland Indians

Quote:   Don't knock the Rock (Colavito that is)


Member Since:   10/29/2019
From:   San Francisco, CA, United States

May 12, 2021 - Turning off trading for the time being to reorganize.



Member Since:   10/29/2017
From:   Mt.Olive, NJ, United States

I collect The Mets. Mostly base cards, all years all sets. Check my wants and trade lists.

Also intestested in Wacky Packages, Kiss, anything Military/War. 

Trading is currently turned off but should be back trading in 2-3 weeks.

Mets = I want it.

Not Mets = You can have it.





Quote:   It's hard to be a Mets Fan.


Member Since:   12/14/2019
From:   Saint Charles, MO, United States

2019 Dakota Hudson, recent Cardinals and Cardinal all time greats.

St. Louis Browns, 1968 The Game, & finishing out several sets from 2019 & 2020

I am also looking for Women's autos for a PC for my daughters.  If you have anything please let me know.




Member Since:   10/14/2016

Select Sets (see wantlists)



Green Bay Packers

Former BYU Cougars

All-Decade Teams--1980s, 1990s, 2000s

Heisman Winners



Chicago Cubs

All-Star Game MVPs

Rookie of the Year




Member Since:   7/23/2018
From:   Greeneville, TN, United States

Topps Baseball, Football, and Basketball Sets...Yankees, Braves, Red Sox (for my nephew who will inherit my Collection)...49ers and Steelers...Lakers...Hank Aaron, Cal Ripken Jr, Chipper Jones, Ken Griffey Jr., Nolan Ryan, Deion Sanders, and any Card of a Great Player Past or Present. Tennessee Vols Football, Texas Longhorns Football, and Kentucky Basketball. After all of the previously mentioned I really collect anything that peaks my interest. It is hard to nail it down.

I am trying to complete the 1972 Set. My 1972 Traders are really only to trade for 1972. 

I have a lot of Parallels in my Collection from 2010-2013. I entered those in my Collection but will pull those out to trade for things on my Wantlist. I have been entering Parallels for my PC and would like to trade Parallels for Parallels. 

Currently looking for 2020 Topps Holiday VARS and Metallic. I am only trading my VARS and Metallic for like. I will trade Parallels from my Collection for these.

Quote:   I have failed over and over and over again. That is why I succeed...Michael Jordan


Member Since:   7/25/2017

Parallel Sets, Broken Minor League Team Sets

Quote:   Looking to make trades to complete sets. Not buying. Will gladly sell. Please have the courtesy to respond to emails. I'm sure you would want the same courtesy if the roles were reversed.

Please no off center, bent, or dinged cards.


Member Since:   8/27/2017
From:   United States

*Baseball Hall of Fame

*Bo Jackson

*1991 Topps Desert Storm Baseball

*90’s Era Comic Cards


** All Cards will be shipped via PWE **







Member Since:   2/28/2017

When making trade offers, please have similar amount of cards and value for both sides.

In most cases, vintage for vintage only.  I'll accept VG or better.


Quote:   .


Member Since:   5/6/2008
From:   Topeka, KS, United States

My name is Travis True. I live in Topeka, KS. I collect KC Royals team sets and memorabilia. 

I've been away from trading for a couple of years while I obtain a Masters degree. Now that I'm finished I'm ready to get back into the game. Can't wait to make some trades with you all.



Member Since:   4/10/2019
From:   Lynnwood , Washington , United States

I am a Seahawks, Mariners and Sounders fan. Looking mostly for rookie cards but I have interest in serial numbered ,piece materials & autographs especially Russell Wilson, D.K. Metcalf, Raul Ruidiaz and Edgar Martinez. Willing to trade from my collectin for the right deal. I have mostly baseball but little bits of most other sports.

Quote:   A wise man will hear,and will increase learning;and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.


Member Since:   12/20/2016
From:   Greenbrier, TN, United States

Topps Baseball & Football and any former Mississippi State players. 


Quote:   Praise GOD and go DAWGS!


Member Since:   3/18/2019

Miguel Cabrera Supercollector



Member Since:   7/12/2020
From:   Montana, United States


I collect Billings Mustangs cards and former Mustangs players who had prominent MLB careers (George Brett, Aaron Boone, Reggie Sanders, Joey Votto, etc.). Top players still in the minors include Jeter Downs, Hunter Greene, Taylor Trammel, Aristades Aquino, Nick Lodolo, and Nick Senzel.

I am also a Red Sox collector. I like to focus on Pedro Martinez, Nomar Garciaparra, Dustin Pedroia, and Xander Bogaerts.

Other players I look for are Randy Johnson, Matt Chapman, and Troy Tulowitzki.

I prefer to make trades PWE unless the cards are high value.



Member Since:   9/23/2020
From:   FAYETTEVILLE, NC, United States


Member Since:   4/20/2019
From:   FPO, AP, United States

New York Yankees

****Currently mailing to / from an overseas US military address**** I will ship and receive USPS from a Fleet Post Office (FPO) at standard USPS rates and procedures, however, anything larger than a PWE coming my way will require a customs declaration to be completed by the sender at no additional cost. 

**All PWEs must have a valid return address or they may not be delivered per DOD guidance**

Looking to trade for / collecting objectives of Yankees cards in order of priority:

  1. Topps flagship 1952-present including Traded / Update, parallels and inserts
  2. Heritage, Archives, Allen & Ginter and Gypsy Queen base, parallels and inserts
  3. Auto / relic / serial numbered / memorabilia cards
  4. Stadium Club, Chrome, Finest, Gallery etc.
  5. Any vintage issues such as Bowman, Play Ball, Exhibits etc.
  6. 1980s-2000s licensed brands
  7. Memorabilia or other oddities, food issues, coins, stickers etc. 
  8. Modern Bowman
  9. Unlicensed Donruss/Panini etc. as a last resort

Any Yankees cards not on my wantlist are also welcome provided they're not dupes. 

Please keep offers like-for-like; years, commons, inserts etc. Not looking to deal newer cards for older "junk" while I still have newer, harder to get needs on the list that will require like in return. I'm willing to work on deals if you don't have the matches.

Any cards from 1985-present should be in Near Mint condition. I am not interested in trading for placeholders or damaged cards. 

>99% of my listed cards are pack pulled as of my TCDb join date from retail, hobby or repack products.

If you have specific mailing requirements or requests please let me know when proposing or accepting a trade offer. 

I have not catalogued the inc inc. * ** *** etc. Vars in my collection closely. If it matters to you please ask. When trading for these cards I do not care which version is received.

Quote:   “Have faith in the Yankees my son. Think of the great DiMaggio.” ― Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea


Member Since:   5/26/2015
From:   Florida

Minnesota Twins



Member Since:   2/8/2018
From:   Denver Area

Nolan Ryan, Ken Griffey Jr., Cal Ripken Jr., Rickey Henderson, Nolan Arenado, Charlie Blackmon, Frank Thomas, Baseball HOF Rookies, Vintage Baseball PSA Graded

Quote:   Holding off on trades at the moment. Happy to work on selling anything in my for/sale trade


Member Since:   1/21/2017
From:   Texas

Topps Chrome Baseball, Bowman Chrome, Nolan Ryan, Adrian Beltre, Justin Verlander, Alex Bregman

Quote:   I work one week on and one week off. I’m usually down to trade, but it may take me a while to respond so please bear with me.


Member Since:   4/22/2020


Member Since:   5/12/2019
From:   Wisconsin, United States

**Update as of 3/17/21. I will be shutting down trading for a few weeks and hope to be back to trading around the end of April. 


Trying to build the 2021 Topps set in the royal blue parallel. 

Willing to trade vintage for current, depending on what I'm currently building or which way the wind is blowing that day. Don't be afraid to throw something out there, I might surprise the both of us!

Base set Topps baseball is my main focus, but there's a few oddball baseball and non-sport sets that I'm looking to build as well. 

2021 goals:

1. Get to 40% complete on 55 Bowman

2. Get my hands on some 82 Galasso Turkey Red reprints

3. Complete 10 sets (currently sitting at 8 that are 95% or more complete, so should be attainable)

4. As always, add the Reggie rookie to the collection

5. Build 2021 Topps in the Royal Blue parallel

Primary player collection focus: Reggie Jackson, Mattingly, Griffey Jr, and Barry Sanders

Secondary player collection focus: Kirk Gibson and Michael Jordan

Condition is important but not essential. Definitely don't want pin holes, writing, or missing paper. I will do my best to verify and alert of any condition issues on my end, I ask that you please do as well.

If you're planning on vacationing in the Wisconsin Dells, I live nearby. Check out my for trade list and maybe we can work something out in person. 

Quote:   Too high? What does that mean, too high?


Member Since:   12/8/2016
From:   Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

Looking to complete OPC and Upper Deck master sets for hockey including Young Guns and update sets. Actively back-filling my collection with OPC sets from the 60's & 70's. My trade/want lists are up to date.

Quote:   I take it back. You're not in trouble; you're dead where you stand.


Member Since:   1/1/2018

A set builder. Looking to complete mostly Topps sets starting in 1981 through present. 



Member Since:   1/1/2018

A set builder. Looking to complete mostly Topps sets starting in 1981 through present. 



Member Since:   5/9/2019
From:   Lake Stevens, WA, United States

US Army Combat Vet. (Iraq x 3, Afghanistan x 1) Originally from Brooklyn, NY. Older than I look.

Trades have been officially shut down as of 8:30 PM (PST) on 9/19/2020 so I can get caught up. I have 550K cards and only 145K catalogued. Need to get caught up so I'm not trading for stuff I actually have. (It's happened twice. Lol)

UPDATE: Health issues are much better. Finally getting some cards cataloged. Will be redoing the for trade list soon. Organization has happened! (5/10/21)

Collecting since 1984.  Everything baseball that I don't have--I want. Cards listed under the "For Trade" collection are available for trade. (There will be a lot of Basketball and Football listed soon.)

Set collector. Trades only...  Not in this to make or spend money.

-Baseball: 1948 Bowman and everything from then on in Baseball. PC: Don Mattingly, Rick Cerone, Cal Ripken Jr, Tony Gwynn, Phil Rizzuto, Yogi Berra, Ozzie Smith, Nolan Ryan, Derek Jeter, Aaron Judge, New York Yankees

-Football: 1977-2011 Topps, 1986-1995 for everything else PC: Phil Simms, Jeff Hostetler, Eli Manning, Blake Bortles, New York Giants.

-Basketball: 1977-78 through 2009-10 Topps, 1986-1995 for everything else. PC: Stephen Curry, Patrick Ewing, John Starks, Detlef Schrempf, New York Knicks.

-Whatever Hockey I happen to come across. Focus on Topps and Upper Deck. PC: Mark Messier, Mike Richter, Marc-Andre Fleury, New York Rangers.

-Various Non-Sport sets including: Marvel, 80's Batman, Jurassic Park, GI Joe, 80's movies, Desert Storm, etc. (Will update soon)

-Multi-sport sets if they include baseball.

-Mattingly Doubles PC collection are doubles based on my main collection. (If it's not in the main, collection I don't own it.)

I also write Science Fiction. If you get bored, go to my website and read some of the short stories.

Happy to be here and excited to find a tool to catalog my cards. I have wanted something like this for 36 years.  


Quote:   Got to thinking... maybe I'm the Dragonborn and I just don't know it yet.


Member Since:   12/1/2012
From:   New York, United States

Priority of my want lists:
1 - Any and all Phillies cards
2 - Various set ventures (baseball - 1972 Topps, 2014 Topps 1989 die-cut minis, Archives, Heritage sets, then hockey sets)
3 - Baseball HOFers (1980s)
4 - Baseball HOFers (1970s)
5 - Baseball HOFers (1990s)
6 - Baseball HOFers (other decades)

If there are any other categories of want lists, they would fall between set completion and HOFers.

I have 60,000 - 80,000 cards available for trade that still are not listed yet. If you have something on my want list, please drop me a note and we'll see if I have anything you're looking for.

Quote:   More years in the hobby than I care to admit.


Member Since:   11/29/2012
From:   Pennsville, NJ, United States

Top priorities:

2020 Bowman Sets .. BPs, BCPs

2020 Heritage High Series Set

2021 Heritage Set

Recent Phillies teamsets

2000-2005 Topps Traded/Updates

I love to trade, don't sell, will buy if price is right!  Phillies is my team, and I do Topps and Heritage base sets and Phillies team sets, all brands.  100s of references available - here, Facebook and online groups (Bench, TradingBases).  PWE trades are great - bubbles used if worth the shipping costs!  Slowing down though - the old body won't let me hoss those 5000 count boxes too much - thanks in advance for your patience with me!!

Quote:   Take time to smell the bubble gum!


Member Since:   8/31/2019
From:   Wintersville, OH, United States


Member Since:   9/7/2020
From:   Springfield, Missouri, United States

In general - STL Cardinals

Players in order of priority for me:

Allen Craig

Dylan Carlson

Trea Turner

Jack Flaherty

Luke Voit

Juan Soto

Yordan Alvarez

Alex Reyes

Kolten Wong


Topps flagship sets (S1, S2, US), currently working on 2010-2020, intend to work backwards at least to the 80s after that.  

Cardinals Topps Chrome team sets from 2000-current, including rookie autographs. 

Topps flagship Cardinals photo variations from 2009-present, especially interested in legend variations (Musial, Gibson, Ozzie etc). 

Always updating my want list and available for trade list, if I have something you want feel free to send me a message or a blank trade offer and I will do my best to find a match. 



Member Since:   7/22/2015
From:   Aurora, IL, United States

Chicago Teams, Andre Dawson Cards

**Taking a break from trading for a couple months. I'm getting ready to move and need to focus my energies elsewhere. I'll be back!!



Member Since:   5/6/2020
From:   APO, AE, United States

On-again, off-again, primarily baseball card collector. Living abroad with access to only a fraction of my collection, unfortunately. There are no extra shipping charges to my location for trades from the US. 


Tier 1

  • Cal Ripken (1981-2001)
  • 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter


Tier 2

  • Orioles (Brooks, Frank, Boog, Palmer, Murray, Blair, Mussina, Machado, Mountcastle, Rutschman)
  • Derek Jeter
  • Vladimir Guerrero (Expos)
  • Ichiro (Mariners)


Tier 3

  • Possible Starter Sets (1997 Bowman, 1998 Stadium Club)
  • Stars of the 80s and 90s (Reggie Jackson, Nolan Ryan, Ken Griffey Jr., Frank Thomas)
  • Unique baseball or football cards of players from Hawaii


Member Since:   6/3/2020
From:   MN, United States

Washington sports teams with a heavier forcus on the Washington Nationals and Washington Bullets/Wizards. I collect Redskins QBs (former and present) and a selection of other players/former players (Adrian Peterson, Earnest Byner and Gary Clark to name a few)

I also collect players from my childhood hometown of Billings, Montana (namely Jeff Ballard and Dave McNally). I casually collect Montana college athletes as well as Billings Mustangs cards (especially cards released outside of SGA teamsets)

I'm relatively new to trading, but have a perfect 100% ebay profile that has almost 1500 feeback. I can send items in bubble mailers or PWE dependant on your preference (though fairly cheap singles I'd prefer to do PWE in top loader or card saver) 



Member Since:   5/27/2020
From:   Chattanooga, TN, United States

I started collecting baseball cards as a kid in the mid to late-80s and collected them through the early 90s. I started out collecting them with my old man, and I look back on those days wistfully. We'd sit up at night and put together sets and lists of our missing cards and that was a great thing to share with him. At some point, though, I outgrew wanting to share that experience with him, choosing instead to share the hobby with my friends. Then I started to notice girls and found other things to spend money on. I boxed up all the cards and traded the innocence of collecting baseball cards for other, less wholesome pursuits.

At some point over the course of the next 2 and a half decades, I somehow outgrew the nomadic life, became an adult, got married, found a permanent place to live, and jumped on the wildest ride of my life: fatherhood. In a fit of cleaning out my old room to make space for her new grandkids (my sister's kids at the time), my mother transported all of the cards from my childhood bedroom and brought them to live with me. To the attic they went, and in the attic they stayed for the better part of the last decade, hidden away and silent.

While working from home during quarantine, I repurposed the attic into a makeshift office to hide from my two kids, who were also at home, and who, despite my and my wife's best efforts, have no conception of privacy or quiet, and care very little for anyone else's productivity--especially when it comes at the expense of their most immediate desire. Stuck in the attic, armed with a laptop, and facing long days of working in solitude, there sat my baseball cards staring back at me, summoning me from a place and time long since gone. In a moment of sports deprived weakness, I answered their call and opened up a couple of boxes to look at my old collection. Glorious!

Within days of our local economy's soft reopening, I found a local card shop, escaped my attic, drove to it, donned a mask, and walked in to buy some new cards. I quickly learned that the days of the $0.50 pack had passed me by--quite a while ago it seems. Undeterred by the effects of what seemed to be hyper-inflation in an economy I had ignored for some 27 years, I left with not one, but two BOXES of baseball cards. Upon opening up the many packs of new cards, I discovered the advent of the insert card's prevalence, and that, unlike unicorns, autographed cards actually DO exist in packs (helllooo Pete Alonso!). Fascinated, and in need of boxes in which to store the cards and toploaders in which to protect them, it was back to the card shop for me. A couple of carboard boxes, a few bags of penny sleeves and some toploaders just couldn't be the extent of my second excursion. So, much like an addict in search of a fix, it was another box of cards for me. 

But, this new lifestyle of big spending on cards I knew nothing about would prove to be unsustainable as my wife and I are also tasked with feeding, clothing, and sheltering (in place) these two children we created. Alas, it was back to the attic for me, and back to shuffling through all of my old cards, sorting out the commons from the hall of famers, sorting out the steroid users from the clean players. Thus, a new collection was born. Hall of Famers. Those are the cards I want to collect.

But, I needed a mechanism for organizing what I had, and what I wanted to get. When I bought my last pack of cards as something other than a novelty back in 1993, the internet was not yet a thing, at least not one to which I had access. I thought: Surely there is some mechanism online to help me organize these cards, and give me reason to continue sorting through this mess. And, after minimal searching on the worldwide web, I discovered TCDB. What a brave new world this is.

I look forward to getting back into the hobby. But, for now, I am going to stick to trying to collect Hall of Famers, mostly vintage (which, I have learned, is now a word in this industry that describes me). I'm less concerned with a card's grading, centering, corners, or condition than I am with the name and face on it. I'm not in this as an investment; I'm in it for an escape. Hopefully when this little 2 year-old ages a few more years, he'll begin to enjoy collecting baseball cards as much as his old man did once upon a time. If so, I hope to bequeath to him a worthwhile collection and to share the experience with him for as long as he'll have me.



Member Since:   9/16/2019
From:   Billings, MT, United States

I like the Cincinnati Reds and I PC Joey Votto. Most of my collection is wax and low end. I re-started the hobby in 2019, and I particularly focus on Topps flagship.

Lately I've taken an interest in building some throwback sets. Currently working on

  • Cards Your Mom Threw Out (both base and original back parallels) from 2010 Topps
  • All-Rookie Cup from 2017 Topps Update
  • Iconic Card Reprints from 2019 Topps
  • 70 Years of Topps from 2021 Topps
  • Double Headers from 2021 Topps
  • History of Topps from 2021 Topps
  • Topps Through the Years from 2021 Topps




Member Since:   2/7/2020
From:   New Hampshire, United States

Tony Gwynn Player Collection

Carlton Fisk Player Collection

Trying to complete a 1961 Topps Baseball Set.

Trying to complete a 1970 Topps Baseball Set.

Working on a 1975 Topps Football Set with lots of tradable cards also.

Also trading 2020 Topps, 2020 Topps Update, 2021 Topps and all Topps inserts from 2020/2021.

Open to all trades. Prefer to mail in PWE. For vintage trades, I am looking for cards in EX condition or better.



Member Since:   12/14/2011
From:   Lenexa, KS, United States


Quote:   Everything happens for a reason


Member Since:   11/9/2018


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