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Mainly looking to make PWE trades of 9 cards or less. I will accept more than 9, but anything over 9 I send bubble mailer or by other means usually so I'd like to keep shipping costs to a minimum.  May be interested in bigger lots Open to selling but will not sell any of my PC guys. Not all of my cards are in good condition. A good amount of cards pre-2005 cards were handled regularly and enjoyed. However, if a card you ask for is damaged severely (creases, paper loss, markings) I will let you know and we can substitute it out or you can have it if you're looking for a placeholder. If it takes me awhile to respond to messages or trade propositions, please be patient. My daily schedule changes nearly every day so sometimes it's tough to get cards pulled and sent out. I will not ghost anyone ever, if I haven't responded, I will. 

Mainly looking for the players below in the order listed. 

Ronald Acuna Jr.

Bobby Witt Jr. 

Robert Puason

Luis Robert

Mike Trout

Hank Aaron

Bob Gibson

All Royals

If sending trade proposals and basing them off of the above players/teams, I'm working backwards from newest to oldest, unless it's something pricey. I will sell but Paypal G/S only. Mostly interested in trading at the moment but would prefer to sell the autos. 





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