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Just starting to get into the tcdb trading game. Been selling PWE style on eBay for years.

At this point, mostly looking to move my non-Dodger Topps parallels (mostly Golds) for Dodger Topps parallels.


**PWE** If we're making a trade and we both feel it would be best to mail in a bubble mailer, that's fine. If that's not something agreed upon before shipment, it will be a PWE coming from my end.


No trade too small.


**Please note, the base cards and junk wax era stuff on my want list is for my internal auditing purposes only. The trades I'm looking to make involve more recent flagship Topps parallels. Thanks**


August 2020

Finally back to work after 5 months. Trading processing will slow way down, unfortunately. I will try to get to the post office one weekday each week. But trades will mainly be mailed out either Saturday/Sunday.



Quote:   Junk Wax. Junk Wax as far as the eye can see.



Stars in weird uniforms by bigblue88
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