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LA Dodgers, LA Kings

Eric Karros, Orel Hershiser, Brett Butler, players for 1988 Dodgers (yes... Tracy Woodson and Danny Heep), Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Chipper Jones, Kenny Lofton, Adam Deadmarsh, Wayne Simmons, Jason Witten, Emmett Smith, LenDale White, Mike Alstott.




Small trades for things such as SNs, autos, relic, etc are welcome. I prefer larger trades for straight up commons/base set stuff. I typically like to trade similar quality and quantity. Generally speaking, quantity for quality trades will be declined.


**PWE** I've had very few issues shipping PWE. This is my preferred method especially for trades involving commons and base set cards. If we're making a trade for higher end cards and we both feel it would be best to mail in a bubble mailer, that's fine. If that's not something agreed upon before shipment, it will be a PWE (sometimes multiple) coming from my end. I feel comfortable sending 24 cards in a #10 PWE, so for larger trades you may receive multiple PWEs from me. In this scenario, I will clearly number each envelope on the outside and provide you with a list (in a transaction message) of what is in each envelope.


**(8/18/2021)Adding a significant amount of cards to my for trade list over the next few weeks. My wantlist is a mess right now and I apologize for that. A lot of stuff on there that I already have. Working on getting it updated.


I generally try to get to the post office one weekday and one weekend day each week. But, due to the nature of the demands of my work schedule, trades will mainly be mailed out either Saturday or Sunday.



Quote:   Junk Wax. Junk Wax as far as the eye can see.



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