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Last Login:   5/27/2022
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From:   Hoboken, New Jersey United States
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I strive for a 100% positive rating. I believe being a good trading partner is the right thing to do, and it means I have creditibility to continue making deals with new people. If we trade and something is wrong, please let me know so I can fix it.

I will try to give you as much information as possible on the cards you would receive, regardless of who inititates the trade. I'll send pictures and explain any issues. I don't believe in trading modern cards unless they are sharp near mint. I do list every card I have for trade regardless of condition, so I can see who might want something. If it's a bad card, I remove it from the trade screen but will often give it away in case you can use it.

I ask that you hold high standards for what you send me. Please don't send me cards with soft or dinged corners. Just let me know before and we can try to find subsitutes to complete the deal.  

I am always interested in buying cards on my want list, especially harder to find stuff like VARs, Broders and team issues.

If I have something you like, send me a message even if we don't have matches. I can always look to see what you have. I really appreciate this site and community and believe in helping people with their collections as others have helped with mine.





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