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Collects:   Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon


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From:   Virginia, United States

Matt Kenseth (NASCAR) is main priority. Attempting 100% completion of known cards. Primarily collecting racing, basketball, and unusual cards that grab my attention.


Kenseth collection is currently over 2,200 different cards and slowly nearing 50% completion.



Note: If proposing a transaction, please inform me at the beginning of the transaction if you do not have a US address for shipping.

Quote:   It never hurts to ask because you just might be successful.


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From:   Hancock, MN, United States

I started collecting NASCAR trading cards in the mid '90s and kind of phased out of it in the early 2000's. In late 2021, my son was telling me about the prices that vintage Pokemon cards were fetching. So, out of curiosity, I started digging out his old cards--most of which were 1st ed. releases that went from pack to Ultra-Pro pages and haven't seen daylight in about 20 years. While recovering those, my NASCAR collection also resurfaced. Then I found this site at the beginning of 2022, and decided to start working on my collection again. My focus is putting together master sets from the '90s and will continue forward with newer releases as I complete the ones I'm currently on. I wouldn't reject a trade involving cards newer than early 2000s, but currently, I would prefer them to be '90s releases.

Sets I'm currently concentrating on are: '94-'96 Maxx; '95 Crown Jewels; '95 SP; '95 Images; '95 Upper Deck; '95-98 Press Pass, VIP and Premium; '96 Classic Series One; and I have about 94% of the bleeping '96 Wheels Crown Jewels Elite release. I'm not interested in trading out of my collection, but there's a slight chance I could cave if the right cards are involved from my priority wants. 

Like many of you, I'm trying to fill my collection via this site. But when I do make a purchase on eBay, etc., I often try buy lots instead of individual cards in order to replenish my sale/trade stock. So it wouldn't be a bad idea to check my trade stock monthly. November-April is when I'm most active on here.

Happy trading! 



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Collecting: Brad Keselowski (2677/3531 - 75.81%), Will Power, Sebastian Vettel, RFK Racing & Brad Keselowski Racing

Also Trading For: Common cards of non-star drivers/personnel I can use for TTM Autographs

I'm new on here, but come with: 300+ Feedback on SCF400+ Feedback on NUTS2000+ Feedback on eBay

Quote:   If I have something you want, send me a message! I'm sure we can work out a deal.


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From:   Virginia Beach, VA, United States


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From:   Virginia Beach, VA, United States


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