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'53 Bowman (both sets, any condition)

59 Topps (Ex and better)

71 Topps (any condition)

76 Topps (Ex+ and better)



55/56 Parkhurst (any condition)

77/78 Topps (vgex or better)

84/85 Topps (ex+ or better)



54/55 Topps All American (any condition)



34-36 National Chicle Skybirds (any condition)





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Location:   Toronto, Canada

Set Builder: Baseball and Hockey

Teams: Maple Leafs, Blue Jays

Players: Wayne Gretzky, Dave Keon, Tim Horton, Auston Matthews

Bobby Orr, Connor McDavid

Sell and Trade only


· Trading within Canada and USA only

· PWE for trades - Bubble mailer upon request

· Trading only from my For Sale/Trade list

· Prefer to trade same era: 70s for 70s, 80s for 80s, etc

· Base cards for base cards, inserts for inserts, etc….

· Card Condition:


- PRE-80’s VARY FROM VG-EX - Please contact for condition.

Please, do not send any cards with creases, bends, corner dings, soft/rounded corners, chipping or any other surface defects.

· VARs:  Collecting VARs and ERRs. Check that you're sending the correct VARs and ERRs in a trade.

Working on completing these sets:

Baseball: 1977 Topps 
                 1978 Topps 
                 1980 Topps 
                 1983 Topps
                 1984 Topps
                 1986 Topps 
                 1981 Fleer
                 1985 Fleer
                 1992 Fleer
                 1982 Donruss
                 1983 Donruss
                 1987 Donruss

Hockey: 1971-'72 O-Pee-Chee 
               1972-'73 O-Pee-Chee
               1974-'75 O-Pee-Chee
               1975-'76 O-Pee-Chee
               1976-'77 O-Pee-Chee
               1977-'78 O-Pee-Chee
               1978-'79 O-Pee-Chee
               1982-'83 O-Pee-Chee
               1999-'00 Upper Deck
               2019-'20 Upper Deck
               2020-'21 Upper Deck






Anything is possible with a big hammer and the right attitude.


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I am a set builder, mainly baseball. Over a million cards to trade, 1982-2020, not listed here, were already listed on another site. I have listed some cards here for trade,  and most cards listed in the Sportlots collection are for trade/sale as well.  Thanks!

Bobby Leonard
5545 Willard Norris Road
Milton, FL. 32570-8817



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Atlanta, Milwaukee and Boston Braves, mostly Topps, Stadium Club, 90s junk and parallels



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01JUN24:  I'm shutting off trading for now to focus on other things.  It might be awhile...


PC: Kirby Puckett, Nolan Ryan, Mike Trout, Todd Helton, Nolan Arenado, Nathan MacKinnon.

Favorite Teams: Rockies! (and Broncos and Avalanche).  I'm from Colorado originally and still call Denver home even though I don't currently live there.

Current set building focus is on the following sets (so please be mindful of this when proposing a trade):


  • 1992 Topps (785 / 792 = 99.1%)
  • 1989 Upper Deck (259 / 800 = 32.4%)
  • 1983 Donruss (290 / 660 = 43.9%)
  • 2017 Topps (473 / 700 = 67.6%)


  • 2022-23 Upper Deck (587 / 750 = 78.3%)
  • 2023-24 Upper Deck (347 / 500 = 69.4%)

Looking forward to trading with you.



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Robin Yount, Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Braves. I especially like Brewers police cards -- all the varieties and municipalities are the kind of obsessive type of collecting that I tend to like. So, I'll take any of those variations that I don't have, whether they are on a wantlist or not.

Otherwise, I used to write blogs but I got too busy with work for that. I used to trade a lot more too, but my wife's health has declined lately so I don't have a ton of time for that right now either. She used to take my packages to the post office for me but now she can't.

My old "Off Hiatus" blog has a ton of want lists and the like that I'm trying to phase out by entering my collection here at TCDB. I spend more time on Twitter than anywhere else these days, and I'm also a member of the SABR Baseball Cards Committee.

Note: I'm starting over again from scratch with getting my collection entered here. I'm focusing on that as opposed to trading currently. I haven't had time to trade lately, so please understand that it's not personal if I don't respond. 



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1. Kirby Puckett PC - TCDB #10. He was my all-time favorite player to watch growing up, and there is no close second.

2. Twins flagship Topps base cards, including Traded/Rookies/Update. I've completed 1974-2022, and need just 8 more to finish the 1970's before I move back to the 1960's. 

3. All Minnesota Twins cards - TCDB #4. If I don't already have it, I want it. As I cross the 15,000 card milestone, I'm shifting focus to collecting one of each of the 961 players who've been on the Twins major league roster. Of those with a card on the Twins (*or minor league affiliate) I've collected 747 out of 848. 

4. Joe Ryan PC - TCDB #2. Hard not to like this guy - not only is he an impressive pitcher, but also a big Grateful Dead fan.

5. 2021 Topps Gold Label - Thus far I've completed Class 1, 2, & 3 base, Class 1 & 2 Black, and at least 1 SN parallel for Class 1. I need 10 more to complete Class 3 Black and have 433 of the the 900 [non-1/1] colored parallels. I don't expect to collect one of each SN colored parallel, but would like to get at least one SN card of each player in each Class - for this I need 22 more.

6. Misael Urbina PC - TCDB #1. After hitting a few of his autograph cards in team breaks in late 2021, I've gone a bit overboard and now have one of the most runaway TCDB #1 collections. I recently completed a "Royal Flush" - five consecutively serial numbered cards from the same parallel set. Since it appears young Misael's prospects of making the Majors is flickering, I'm slowly moving on from this PC - mostly now only acquiring low-priced/low-SN cards I don't have.

7. Junk Era set building (1987-1994). I've finished about 35 sets, working on another 7. Most are very close, just 1990 Leaf with quite a ways to go.

"We'll see you tomorrow night!" -Jack Buck


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I am one of the members that helps within the site.  I work closely with the IRs and can answer most questions.  Please send me a message if there is anything I can assist with.  If I don't know, I can certainly try to figure it out or direct you to a resource.

I am a player collector...collecting Robin Yount and Ersan Ilyasova

I like to trade!!  I mainly prefer PWE trades but am set up for larger trades too.  I have a scale at home and the wife works at the post office, so I rarely need to go there.  I like to get my trade list into the hands of members that could use them.  If this means that I give a lot more than I receive, this is fine with me.  You get the cards you need; I get the space back in my area.  I am open to buying and selling, but mainly, I am a trader.  I have mostly gone through and updated for the correct variations in my trade listing.  I also have a spreadsheet that I have documented my Glow vs Non-Glow backed '91 Topps.  Let me help you fill your collecting needs.

My primary collection is something regional, I really want to collect the old Brewer Police cards, they were issued for each community throughout Wisconsin.  But I have been especially looking for the Robin Yount cards.  I think there are over 825 different police sets issued between 1982 and 1993, with over 915 different cards that I am very interested in (He has two cards in the 1993 sets).  Currently, I have 339 different Yount cards.  It's actually been fun, but I have a long way to go.  Any of the other Brewers cards that I have would be available if you are interested but let me check on the condition.  Since I am getting a lot of them through thrift stores, eBay and rummage sales, some are pretty ragged.  I also have Packers Police cards that would potentially be available too.

A fun project that I have started is gathering information on Robin's 3,142 hits.  I have been putting a collection together of him and the pitchers that he hit off of.  This means that I am on the hunt for many, many copies of Robin's Topps cards, one copy for every hit within that year.  But also, many American League pitchers.  I plan to match up the pitcher's card with Robin's card and add a little write up of the at bat and the game.  I'm such a nerd.  UPDATE - Still need over half of Robin's Topps cards.  But I have done very well in regard to his pitchers.  I only need 1 (1976 Topps Catfish) and 1 other to have upgraded!!  Big thanks to everyone that has helped!!

I personally have a very small collection and wants, but recently made the decision to build the 1986 Topps football and baseball sets.  I know they aren't worth much, but it will be fun to try it out.  Maybe this will be the nudge I need to expand my interests and build more sets.



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UPDATE: Currently setting up (focusing on the bold):

1978 Topps – need less than 17 cards to complete

1988 Donruss – need 384 cards (any variation) to complete.  Not in my want list.

2002 Topps Archives – need 75 cards to complete.

2018 Topps – need 291 cards (most S1) to complete.  Not in my want list. 

2020 Topps Chrome – need 134 cards to complete. Not in my want list.

2021 Topps Chrome – need 60 cards to complete. 

2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary – need 381 cards to complete.  Not in my want list.

2022 Topps Archives - need 41 cards to complete.

2022 Topps Archives – 1988 Topps Big Mini – need many - 42 cards to complete.

2022 Topps Heritage - 1973 Topps Comics – need 4 to complete.  

2022 Topps Chrome Ben Baller Edition – need 138 to complete. 

2023 Topps Heritage – need 47 cards to complete.  

2023 Bowman Chrome – (need 4 Base & 33 Chrome Prospects to complete)

My favorite type of trade is a “mega trade” (20+ cards).  

Same set for same set or card for card in the same set.

I like to set build & mini set build..

The vintage cards I offer for trade are most definitely not Mint - FYI

I will do my best to provide descriptions - if asked.  If not, it's trade at your own risk for vintage.

·       Trades of 15 cards or less is PWE.  

Javy Baez, Kris Bryant, Nico Hoerner, Ian Happ, Ron Santo, Mark Grace, Ernie Banks, John Kruk, Kyle Schwarber, Bryce Harper, Clemente, Nolan Ryan, Tim Lincecum, Trout, Ohtani, Cubs.

Thanks for sending your trade offers.



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Focusing collection back down to Cubs and Bo Jackson mainly. Love trading, BUT please be realistic with your offers, I can't trade key RCs for a bunch of base! Also, really trying to get rid of most of my collection, happy to sell commons very cheap to any set collectors out there! Also, please be mindful that even though a card on my wantlist may be a 10 cent common...that doesn't mean I don't care if it's in beat up condition, thanks!



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These are the sets I am currently focusing on:

Starter Sets for 52-58 and 60-67 would be lovely.

  • 1954 Bowman  (197/224 - 87.9%)    Master Set   (216/264 - 81.8%)
  • 1959 Topps   (511/572 - 89.3%)    Master Set   (544/670 - 81.2%)
  • 1961 Topps   (520/587 - 88.6%)    Master Set   (526/596 - 88.3%)
  • 1968 Topps   (589/598 - 98.5%)    Master Set   (595/611 - 97.4%)
  • 1969 Topps   (552/664 - 83.1%)    Master Set   (557/698 - 79.8%)
  • 1970 Topps   (695/720 - 96.5%)    Master Set   (700/727 - 96.3%)
  • 1972 Topps   (723/787 - 91.9%)    Master Set   (729/797 - 91.5%)
  • 1974 Topps   Master Set   (676/678 - 99.7%)
  • 1975 Topps Mini   (654/660 - 99.1%)
  • 1976 Topps   (622/660 - 94.2%)
  • 1977 Topps   (654/660 - 99.1%)
  • 1977 O-Pee-Chee   (138/264 - 52.3%)
  • 1978 Topps   Master Set   (727/728 - 99.7%) 23a Bump Willis w/ marker circle
  • 1979 Topps 2   (725/726 - 99.9%)  Master Set  (726/727 - 99.9%)
  • 1979 Topps 3   (724/726 - 99.7%)  Master Set  (724/727 - 99.6%)
  • 1979 Topps 4   (709/726 - 97.7%)  Master Set  (710/727 - 97.7%)
  • 1979 O-Pee-Chee   (363/374 - 97.1%)  
  • 1980 Topps   (725/726 - 99.8%)  499 SF Team Card Also want 4 #577 Mark Lee variations
  • 1990 Topps   Master Set   (792/793 - 99.8%) "No Name" Frank
  • 1991 Topps   Master Set   (934/1160 - 80.5%)
  • 1992 Topps Winners   (701/792 - 88.5%)    Master Set   (702/840 - 83.6%)
  • 1993 Topps Gold   (805/825 - 97.6%)


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Primarily Baseball: Set Builder & Player Collector in the 80's and 90's and there a few sets that I am seeking to complete.  Really enjoy the odd-ball stuff upon my return to the hobby.  Many duplicates for trade.  Still working on cataloging many 1980-1993 Topps, Donruss, Fleer, Score, Bowman and Upper Deck cards as I built sets from wax/cello/rack packs with very little help via the trade.

Some Football:  Built sets in the 80's and have some duplicates to trade.

Some Hockey:  Built sets in the early 90's and have some duplicates to trade.

Some Golf:  Built 1981, 1982 Donruss Golf  and 1991 Pro Set.  Some duplicates for trade.

Some Basketball:  Not sure exactly how I acquired most of these cards and most are for trade.

Some Multi-Sport:  Not sure exactly how I acquired most of these cards and most are for trade.

Some Racing:  Built a few sets in the early 90's and have some duplicates for trade.

Some Non-Sports:  Built sets in the late 80's and Early 90's and there are a few that are incomplete.  Have some duplicates for trade.

It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up. --Vince Lombardi


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I like Twins, Broncos, North Dakota players (Travis Hafner, Darin Erstad, Matt Strahm, Chris Coste, Carson Wentz, ect), NDSU, and Iowa State players/cards.

Player collections: Carson Wentz, Lamar Gordon, Matt Strahm, Felix Jorge, Troy Davis, Phil Hansen

Sets:score football sets-mostly insert sets

topps baseball base and update sets (1989+)




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Location:   Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States

Sorry for lack of responses over the last could of weeks.  Currently not taking any new proposals as I handle things after my mother's death.  I will try to finalize everything currently, but please be patient.


Please, don't offer cards in a trade that are less than NM condition unless they are pre-70s or you tell me prior.  No creases, heavy wear on edges or surface, corners mashed, stains, cigarette smoke smells, writing on checklists.  And ship your cards safely, please.  I've gotten too many packages already with obvious damage prior to shipping then some because of loose, unprotected shipping.  It's gotten very frustrating trying to organize the set builds when your trades are going in the trash.

I collect a lot of various sports and non-sports cards. 

I PC mostly Harmon Killebrew, Bob Feller, and Griffey Jr. in baseball, plus stars from the Mariners, White Sox, Anaheim Ducks (Teemu Selanne is a favorite), Denver Broncos, all Boise State Broncos former players, and the 239 MLB players (a long way from adding that list to wants) that came through my hometown minor league system before the majors (1926-202x).  Huge wrestling fan from the 80's to the mid 2000s.  Modern wrestling, not so much.  Anything oddball junk wax from the 80s-90s including holograms and food releases are fun to add.

If I have something in my PC that you need, I may be willing to consider a trade/sell, unless it's part of a set.




Priority Wants:

To complete a 1979 Topps NFL set since I got a nice chunk from the LCS.

To finish up a full 1991 Topps baseball UV Glow Backs set.  Since the site doesn't differentiate that VAR, I can't note it on my want list.  But, if you have some I don't have, help is appreciated.  I have quite a few doubles for trade.



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I'm trying to liquidate the FST list, so let's trade with reasonable offers! It never hurts to ask for a little more.

I am building my 1971 topps baseball set right now. Looking for moderate condition (GD-VG-VGEX) and I will overtrade as I build my sets.

Yes: I'll sell (Venmo/Cashapp/Paypal).
Yes: I'll trade a huge pile of cards for a big ticket card.
Yes: I'll trade a big ticket card for a huge pile of cards.
Yes: I'll trade to Canada.
Yes: I'll trade vintage for new.
Yes: I'll trade new for vintage.
Yes: I'll trade between sports.
Yes: I'll probably throw that other card in too.

General Condition notes (unless otherwise noted. I'm happy to send photos if requested): 
• 60s-70s-80s (G-VG-EX-EXMT)
• 80s-90s-00s (EX-EXMT-NRMT)
• 00s-10s-20s (EXMT-NRMT-MT)

Cards come from a smoke-free/pet-free/Subway-bread/patchouli free home. I like to think I have all the (.) and (*) variations catalogued, but let me know if these are critically important to you. 

Sent trades to 46/50 states. All 50 before I die, maybe? Where are you, AK, UT, VT, WY?

PC is Miguel Cabrera, Spencer Torkelson and Cal Eldred.

My attic is insulated with shredded 1988 Topps.


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Kansas City Royals are my focus of collecting! 

2024 focus is on Bo Jackson and Yordano Ventura cards as well as Topps mini cards (206, Gypsy Queen and Allen & Ginter) plus Topps Living cards.  

Player PCs include: Bo Jackson, Bret Saberhagen, George Brett, Mark Gubicza, Dan Quisenberry, U.L. Washington and Yordano Ventura.

Always happy to pick up 1986 Topps Traded and 1987 Topps Bo Jackson cards!

Non-Royals PC include: Dick Allen, Ken Brett, Oscar Gamble, Bartolo Colon and Luis Tiant.

Hometown Heroes PC: Tom Browning, Mike Lansing and Mike Devereaux - 2 World Series winners and a CWS Champion!

Currently trying to make duplicate Royals cards and all my Non-Royals available for trade in order to grow the collection!

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not interested in the late 80s/early 90s Donruss or Topps variations.





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*** I just added many 1991 Topps Desert Shield to my FS/T and want list.  This is a new set build and I prefer to trade dupes for needs within this set.  Thank you for your interest! *** 

Hello!  I bought my first packs in 1973 and found a card of my favorite player Mickey Lolich.  I was hooked and started building sets each summer.  Took a few years off now and then but always found my way back.

PC baseball set builds I'm enjoying right now:

  • 1991 Topps Desert Shield  513/792   64%
  • 1959 Topps  559/572   97%
  • 1960 Topps  545/572   95%
  • 1962 Topps  459/598   76%
  • 1965 Topps   391/598   65%
  • 1970 Kellogg's  71/75   94%
  • 1971 Kellogg's  66/75   88%
  • 1972 Kellogg's ATG  12/15   80%
  • 2024 Topps   549/700   78%
  • 1972/73 Topps Hockey   174/176    98%
  • Plus many more sets on my want list...

I love trading so please don't hesitate to initiate a transaction.  Not much of a seller, really prefer to trade.

Trading Guidelines:  1)  Looking for EX or better in 1965 and earlier, need NRMT or better in anything newer as these are likely upgrades.  2)  I'm open to trades of all size, from 1 card to 1,000+.  3)  The number of HOF/Superstars and key rookies should be fair, not looking to trade my HOFs for commons.  4)  I try to accurately identify variations but check with me if you seek a specific version of a card.  5)  Condition of cards:  1979 & newer are mostly NRMT, 1978 and earlier include childhood cards and vary in condition.  I am in the process of entering grades for all cards in these years.  Feel free to ask about specific cards.  I always pull cards before accepting a trade and will inform you of any condition exceptions.

🇨🇦 I Welcome trades from my friends in Canada 🇨🇦 

P.S., I still have the original Lolich card from the summer of '73 and that dupe is not for trade.



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Location:   Mauston, WI, United States

Vintage Baseball

  • Just got done with my 65 set
  • Completed my 70 set
  • 80% done with a VG 66 set; wow those high numbers!
  • starting a 60 & 64 set
  • need a few more for my 74, 76, 2 77 and 3 79 and 80 sets
  • need 87 Topps Tiffany stars
  • Have lots of cards to trade just haven't put them on TCDB, all Topps: 74,83,84,85,86,87,89,91


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Location:   Mississippi, United States

New to!

I'll get cards added gradually.

Located in Southeastern U.S.



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Location:   Northport, Alabama, United States




New York Yankees from all years, but especially the championship teams. Have completed 2009, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1996, 1978, 1977, 1962 and 1961.

Current major projects: 1958, 1956 and 1953 Yankees championship teams; 1988 Topps; Hall of Famers; Any cards from pre-1987; Topps from any year;

All Hockey, Football, and Basketball cards are available to be traded for Baseball


I lost my Dad November 24, 2020. He was my rock and taught me to play ball.

Live Like Dad Today


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Location:   Auxier, KENTUCKY, United States

Cincinnati Reds collector

Looking to start making trades big or small!

Until I get established on here please checkout my 100% positive feedback rating on ebay or check me out on twitter to trade with confidence. I use Ky_card_guy on all platforms.

I travel for work most weeks so I mail out cardsand update trades on Friday, Saturday or Monday.



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Location:   Chicago, IL, United States

Junk wax enthusiast back in the day. Resurfacing in the hobby. Wisconsin native, Chicago based.

Mentored by: @zachandporter

Set cobbler. Revisiting and revamping the PC.

PC focus (as of 7/7/24): Paul Molitor, Robin Yount, Clyde Drexler, Christian Yelich, Brett Favre, Sterling Sharpe

Set focus (as of 7/7/24): 2024 Topps Series 2, 2023 Topps Heritage, 1992 Upper Deck Baseball, 1990-91 Skybox, 1992-93 Skybox, 1991 Score Football, 1991 Topps Baseball

US based trades preferred. PWE whenever possible.

**Willing to trade base/commons between eras. Prefer 2:1 junk wax to modern ratio. Inserts for inserts. SPs for SPs. Inserts for inserts.



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Location:   Gordo, ALABAMA, United States


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Location:   Maryland, United States

Always open to trade proposals. Baseball set builder.  Mainly looking to build Topps from 1980 on. Prefer to trade era for era, but willing to entertain other offers.

In the process of listing 1000s of basketball and football cards all for trade. Willing to trade any and all basketball and football for baseball on my want list. 




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Location:   Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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Location:   United States

I PC Nolan Ryan and Michael Jordan. I have a growing collection of beer and alcohol ads that appear in the background of cards. I'm also trying to finish 2020-2022 Gypsy Queen base sets with SPs. Everything else is for sale/trade. 



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Location:   Texas, United States

Always looking for a good trade. Let me know if I have anything on your Want list. 



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Location:   Grand Rapids, MI, United States

Main goal is to complete new Topps base sets. I am also working on collecting White Sox Topps (2005-present) base cards through trades.

Feel free to counter. I will withdraw unresponsive trade requests after 2-3 days.  I pull cards before I propose or accept a trade. Prefer PWE.

Go White Sox!



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Keep on keepin' on


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Location:   Atlanta, GA, United States


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Location:   Hurricane, WV, United States

Been back into the hobby for about a year now, got back into it with my 12 year old son.

We have been going after Ken Griffey Jr., Tony Gwynn and Nolan Ryan. He enjoys opening packs that I have started to record and put on youtube.



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Location:   Washington, United States

I collect vintage Topps. I will only trade, I do not buy on TCDB.



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Location:   Massachusetts, United States

Topps Red Sox Team Sets, PCs Jim Rice, Jazz Chisholm, Rafael Devers, anything Red Sox food issue (including postcards),1980s Food Oddball Baseball Issues, Red Sox minor league cards, off-condition vintage, 1930s thru 70s Topps Baseball inserts or oddball issues, Allen & Ginter minis, Topps 206 minis.

Ranked #7 Jim Rice Player Collection on TCDB

Ranked #3 Jazz Chisholm Player Collection on TCDB

For me, VG (1950-79) would be the bare minimum for my collection projects but will trade for cards that have ink or creases so long as the front of the card has good eye appeal and the image is in full registration (not blurry from printing). If there are card issues, please let me know in the trade prop.

I try to keep my FS/T list accurate incl. Donruss, Fleer, Upper Deck etc. (dots, asterisks, etc.) If that's important to you, just ask me to verify the variation. For cards vintage cards I have listed 1950s-1970s I have made an effort to note the condition as best as I can. I am not a professional grader but if there are defects, I will note.

I like big trades, and I like small trades, even if it's not worth the postage. For me, it's all about completing the team or set or whatever. It's still better than buying a 50 cent card on eBay for $1+s/h. 

Cards 1-20 I will ship PWE, over that I will ship BMWT and will message you the tracking info. Trading to any 50 states and Canada.



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Location:   Newtown, Connecticut


64 Topps Football in Ex+ to NM
65 Topps Football in VgEx or better
Trading on pause as of 3/4/2024


Most of my cards available are Vg+ to Ex but as usual some are much better and some will be worse. Writing on a card is a sin.  No card with writing should be graded higher than very good.

Baseball vintage $ > Football vintage $, that's just the way the world works.

And if you are looking to complete your 73 - 81 Topps baseball, I'm your guy!  Why I have almost 20,000+ doubles from those sets is beyond me 8)

I am looking to buy complete Topps baseball sets pre -1981 as well as HOF's PSA 7 or better pre-74.
I have multiple sets available for sale/trade post-1983 Topps/Fleer/Donruss/Score/UD.  Shoot me a message if interested.

People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring - Rogers Hornsby


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Location:   Katy, Texas

1968 Topps Baseball -trying to upgrade as much as possible.  Any 68s on my want list is likely to upgrade my existing card in that set.  Looking for centering, sharp corners and no creasing, stains or writing on the card.  Most other sets I do not mind the condition as much.

I rarely wish to trade vintage cards for newer cards--like to stick with same eras in a trade.  However, if you see some of my newer cards and have vintage to offer--I would definitely take a look at that.  Also if there is a GRADED card listed for Sale/Trade on my side--it is  For Sale.  

Vintage HOFer cards no matter what condition.  Looking to collect at least one card for every MLB HOF member.  Currently at 305/335 collected.

1Need help in 69,70,71,72,73

PC: Nolan Ryan TCDB Rank #128 ,  Freddie Patek, Yordan Alvarez TCDB Rank #12, Jose Altuve TCDB Rank #24, Kyle Tucker, Jeremy Pena, Jake Meyers, CJ Stroud, Astros TCDB Rank #599, Vintage HOF NFL Houston Oilers.  Astros minor league cards.

Will do trades of any size but prefer 3-9 cards PWE so that one stamp can get a trade done.


Gig Em


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Location:   BRISTOL, RI, United States


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2023 - Focusing on 1971 Topps Baseball and Gill Hodges Collection

Personal Collection Priorities

Vintage Dodgers (pre 1980)

Gil Hodges

Rod Carew

Hunter Pence

Darin Erstad

Hideo Nomo

Pitchers in Batting Stance

Pre-War Track and Field

Set collecting 1971 Topps baseball, Topps Archives and Stadium Club sets, and 1932 American Caramel 




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Location:   Nof Hagalil, Israel, Israel



Amare Stoudemire #8

Mike Mussina #12

Alex Ovechkin #26

Carter Baumler 

Colton Cowser #12

Justin Tucker #3

Ed Reed #11

Matt Stover

Omri Casspi #2

Anthony Parker #13

Dean Kremer #1

Deni Avdija #14

Joe Ingles #18

Jacob Steinmetz #21

Gal Mekel #5

Gunnar Henderson #10



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I am focused totally on Yankees base cards. My goal is a base team set from 1951 to present for Topps, all base Yankee team sets for Allen and Ginter, Gypsy Queen, Heritage, Archives. I am also looking for all Yankees in the odd ball food sets Kelloggs, Drake, Burger King and SSPC and any other odd balls that seem cool. 

For 2024 I have added O-Pee-Chee and Desert Storm Yankees to my Wantlist. 

I am open to all trades. I am loading cards almost daily to my For Trade/Sale list. I really prefer trade over selling. 
My for trade/Sale list is as accurate as I can make it with respect to variations, I find it tough to differentiate some of these. I check the photos on TCDB and do my best. If, at any time during a trade, you did not get what you expected, let's work it out to make it right.

My goal remains get rid of all cards so I can build base Yankee team sets.

I tend to ship on Saturdays and Mondays. 



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Matt Williams (#1 TCDB)

Still in the long process of uploading my current collection of baseball cards.

New to the site since 1/25/23 after a 20-year break in collecting and have just completed 670 trades on 6/11/2024!

ALWAYS looking for 1998 Topps Tek Diffractors Patterns for card #44!

Most wanted items:

1987 The Bon Pocatello Giants Team Set

1990 Phoenix Baseball Magnetables #54 Matt Williams

1991 O-Pee-Chee - Pre-Production Sample Sheets #NNO




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Zach and Porter here!  Father and son combining junk wax with a new age of collecting.  Base cards still matter and so does the love of the hobby.  We love the White Sox & Chicago Bears.  We operate on a budget so we try to focus on PWE trades to maximize our monthly trade allowance.  With that said we stick to trading in the US.  Thank you for understanding

Porter and I have a YouTube channel in order to share our love for collecting.  Please watch and subscribe here Zach and Porter 

Porter and I were featured on John Newman's "Sports Card Nation Podcast"  We've been long time fans of John, he is a great ambassador of the hobby -

Porter and I were featured in "Sports Collectors Digest” thanks to John Newman. You can read the article here.

Porter is trying to collect the following sets:

2024 Topps Series 2

Current (or now recently former) White Sox player cards. (Eloy, Yoan, Luis Robert, Vaughn, Cease, etc)  Porter loves anyone who played for the White Sox or Bears.

Jackie Robinson reprints (his idol)  Porter loves collecting reprints of the All-Time Greats!  Pee Wee, Duke, Stan, Honus, etc!

Jim Abbott (he fell in love with Jim's inspirational story)

Shohei Ohtani - what kid doesn't love this guy?!?

Players who turned into announcers and players featured in the Heisman House commercials.

Troy Polamalu, Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, Tony Gonzalez, Yadi, Trout, Terry Bradshaw, Bryce Harper, Tatis Jr., Justin Tucker, Tony Romo, Arenado, Goldschmidt, St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers Manny Sanguillen and many more.

I am trying to collect:

Frank Thomas, Carlton Fisk, Bo Jackson, Robin Ventura, and other JWE stars like Rickey Henderson, Harold Baines, Ozzie Guillen, Jose Canseco, Juan Gonzalez, Will Clark, Albert Belle, Eric Davis, etc...I also love collecting reprints of Negro League Stars, specifically Satch, Gibson, and Papa Bell.  

I PC the Chicago Bears with a focus on members of the 1985 Bears picking up cards spanning their careers.  I have a few other Football Favorites like Larry Allen, Deion, Rice, Barry Sanders, Lott, Greg Lloyd, James Harrison, Devin Hester, Derrick Thomas, Lawrence Taylor, Christian Okoye, Julius Peppers and other random stars from the past.

I like old Bulls players and other stars from the 90's.  Shawn Kemp, Penny Hardaway, Gary Payton, Larry Johnson, David Robinson, and many more....




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